Walkin’, Talkin’ and Quackin’…like a Liar

Now that we’re getting a replay of every phony build up to every phony war, let’s consider that this time the flag waver is none other than the overly wealthy, Mr. I-Married-into-Ketchup, Skull and Bones, Lyin’ Through My Teeth, John Kerry, who’s trying to push us into another dead-end debacle in the name of all the rest of the greedy power grabbers, who just can’t wait to fulfill the last drop of damage and destruction, as foretold by Billy Meier in the Henoch Prophecies.

Sure, we mentioned some of this just recently but…this is the age of the very short attention span, which is exactly what those, for whom too much is never enough, count on.



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  1. Syria and Russia adamantly deny the use of chemical weapons, our source for the chemical attack was an Israeli intelligence agency. With the majority of America agreeing that there is nothing to gain from the Syrian civil war, it leads me to believe that Israel has had some tinkering to do with the chemical weapons. They are the only ones, once again in the middle of the continent, surrounded by their ‘enemies’, but call on the US army to deal with the conflict.

    Seems strange to me, but i am only assuming with no clear evidence.

    Kerry seems to believe that they did use chemical weapons, but is unwilling to provide the public with actual proof.

    1. Child of Love

      There’ve been those throughout the ages
      who have come here to enslave us
      offering promises of power without love
      and though only love can save us
      it is looked for by the bravest
      inside of us as well as from above

      When divided into nations
      we fell into desperation
      forgetting there has always been enough
      some believed their kind was better
      but the truth will stand forever
      each one of us is but a child of love

      Child of love who is your mother
      do you recognize each one you see
      as part of your own family
      child of love sister and brother
      what will it take for you and me
      to be loving one another

      Now we’re sailing to the threshold
      where the golden age will unfold
      and the stormy seas we sail will be rough
      but we’re helping one another
      one with compass one with rudder
      on a ship of freedom called the child of love

      Child of love who is your mother
      do you recognize each one you see
      as part of your own family
      child of love sister and brother
      what will it take for you and me
      to be loving one another

      Michael Horn

  2. We are at the doorstep of world war. Humans are repeating the same mistakes over and over. USA will become ruins, as well the rest of the world.

  3. In a time in Earth Humanity’s history where a global peace-fighting corps is not available or present as specified for securing world peace part of the Meier material, someone has to be held responsible for not securing weapons designated as ‘mass destruction’ if they fall into the hands of terrorists and are used. Generally speaking, if a state fails to ensure the safety of such weapons it is without a doubt a stronger state would respond rather than let the situation escalate to more deadlier and destructive results. In this case, the due course appears to have prevailed and two stronger states appears to have taken measures to resolve the issue without actually taking action.

        1. A face lift just so he can get laid??? LOL I doubt it. Wouldn’t he simply hire hookers if his face is a detriment? His previous black eyes and broken nose caused by a hockey game? LOL I guess if he fell face first on the ice and didn’t bother putting his hands out to stop his fall…but who does that? Preservation of self is always at the top of one’s list. It is more likely that he was replaced by this person:

        1. No, more likely an overdose of power and money.
          Here he is in 2013: Among lawmakers on Capitol Hill, John Kerry has the most money invested in defense contractors, up to $38,209,020. This includes the significant investments in Raytheon and in General Electric, both of whom are major players in the U.S. war machine. Kerry decided in January to set aside his stock in these companies as a prerequisite to becoming secretary of state. Additionally, Kerry’s support for chemical companies such as Dow Chemicals and Monsanto (who manufactured the Agent Orange Kerry said he knew was being used while he was in Vietnam) is now well known (see Humanrightsinvestigations.org for more).

  4. Yes Sheila I have noticed the complexion changes .
    Did you read the article I mentioned previously regarding ; George Bush Sr. (Schreff) – 4th Reich in the USA – Deathbed…

    The deathbed confessions of Otto Skorzeny regarding , George Bush Sr. as alleged George H Scherff Jr. see the Scherff family photograph on the front page of the article . Wow ! have fun .

    1. I read about that a few years ago, very interesting for sure. Lovely “family” photos and who doesn’t like a deathbed confession? Also Nicola Tesla’s family who sued the FBI to get back almost 300 inventions, except about a dozen that were never returned.

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