Preliminary Event to Revealing Huge Cover-Up of Billy Meier UFO Case!

Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials go on the Record LIVE on Thursday,
September 5, 2013 @ 2:30 p.m. PDT / 5:30 p.m. EDT!

Today there will be a special online event regarding the UFO cover-up.

While those who already know about the Billy Meier case also know that there’s no comparison between the significance of anecdotal reports of lights-in-the-sky and the scientifically proven, still ongoing contacts between Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrials, it’s necessary to have a preliminary introductory event for an international, online audience.

By supporting Phil Harper’s event and helping to spread the word, we also help to accelerate the worldwide awareness of Billy Meier’s over 70 years of face-to-face contacts and the over 26,000 pages of vitally important information from Meier and the Plejaren. Meier is the single most abundant, accurate source of specific, prophetically accurate scientific and world event related information in history.

With this international breakthrough, we can make an exponential leap in awareness of the vitally important information from Billy Meier pertaining to how we can put an end to our insane, greed driven wars, and help to stem the enormous, manmade environmental damage…while there’s still time.

Please also let Phil know that you support and look forward to his efforts to effect the historically unprecedented international awareness of the Billy Meier contacts: PHIL.HARPER@ITN.CO.UK

Link to the Truthloader YouTube Channel:

For more information on the ironclad corroboration of Billy Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate scientific information see this blog, this documentation, this website and those linked from it.

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