Well (no pun intended), just when you may have thought that human beings in certain positions of power had actually learned a few lessons, such as from the BP disaster, they’re on the verge of another insane oil drilling venture.

It’s insane not only because any extraction of the petroleum and gas from the Earth contributes to an increase in frequency and intensity of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and sinkholes, as Semjase told Billy Meier…in 1976.

It’s additionally insane because, as Meier clearly pointed out in as the time fulfills, developing and expanding the use of deep geothermal energy is the safest solution to the great majority of our energy needs. And since it’s virtually inexhaustible, with no danger of spills or contamination, is non-polluting and doesn’t require any combustion, it’s obviously too sane and sensible for the “profits uber alles” crowd. I for one wouldn’t mind if Chevron Oil suddenly became Chevron Deep Geothermal, so why are they avoiding it?

In regards to this in the Bloomberg article:

“Engineering innovations enable them to drill five miles into the earth through waters more than 10,000 feet deep, where temperatures are more than hot enough to boil water and high pressures approach the weight of four cars resting on one square inch.”

…I submitted this comment:

“Note that they’re going to drill into/through very hot areas. The deep geothermal energy of the Earth is inexhaustible, clean, non-polluting, etc. It’s the way of the future and avoids contributing to the increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and sinkholes…all of which are intimately connected to the continued foolishness of petroleum and gas extraction.

We are very slow learners and we’ll continue to pay the real price of our reliance on this outdated ‘energy’ source.”

But hey, we’re by no means done making sure that every long foretold, still avoidable, manmade catastrophe is indeed fulfilled, so we can of course wail and scream…”Why didn’t somebody warn us?”


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  • Hi Pro Astro,

    It appears you have not made the connection, or did not read the multiple instances of over population from the Meier material, between population issues that cause folks to be in dispair for their lives and the intercession of outside forces creating what the alleged Plejaran extraterrestrial Semjase literally means as “religious slavery”. In the case of the Meier material, outside forces literally involved themselves and caused it.

    Outside the Meier material, 10K years ago, at time where Earth Humanity over populated the planet and resorted to cannibalism appears to have spurred on had what has been termed as the “Neo-lithic” revolution. At some point in time after that is some of the earliest notions of what we could generally describe as ‘religious behavior’ though no solid “organized religion” can be said to be around this time that we would recognize today.

    I hope this clears things up as right now Earth Humanity is going through a Golden Lemon period.

    • Hi Duke,

      You said,”the alleged Plejaran extraterrestrial Semjase “. What do you mean alleged? Semjase is totally real, does exist and is truthful.

      Look, with all due respect, you and I are miles apart regarding what you call facts.

      I have read all of the available in English Meier material. I have been studying it since 1988. I am fully aware of the over-population catastrophe, but what I am relating to you, is the fact that the CA– — USE of most of the evils in this world, including the over-population problem, is the mentality that has been produced by the changing of the Ages. I’m sure this is not easy for you to understand. You are not an astrologer, and it would take an essay to explain it. Maybe you will be inspired by this discussion to investigate this fact for yourself. I strongly suggest that you do.

      Have a great day.

      • Boss,

        I have nothing to prove to you.

        Unfortunately, you come across as demanding other people to believe in something you feel to be true and thereby calling it facts. If this was factual, can you actually prove it truthfully?

        Not trying to sound too harsh and only trying to point out that there is a distinct litereal difference between belief and the truth. If you follow both words literally or by definition, you won’t mistakenly use them to communitcate what it is you are trying to say.

        Also, I don’t just read what is in English thanks to some one else’s translation. I do my best to learn what is said in German and figure it out as well. The English translation is really helpful and did show sincere appreciation to someone directly for it as I do value the input, but that does not mean I should stop there when the original German language variant is there available as well. It is a desire to accurately ascertain what is directly being said, wie es eigentlich gewesen ist.

        • Hi Duke,

          I never demand anything. I simply present the truth as I know it. But all truth is self-evident. So, it takes a personal investigation, there is no other way. And in these times, only few will do that.

  • Here’s a post from Dyson that didn’t upload for some reason:

    Hi again Tony,

    Thanks for the background and the kind words. A picture is forming!


    You discovered Billy 22 years before I did. How’s your German coming? (dark humour)

    I submitted my reply to your quote of September 24, 2013 at 10:51 pm just before I saw your comments of September 24, 2013 at 10:02 am.

    To believe is to accept as true something for which there is no logical evidence. You take it “on faith”.

    The Age of Belief draws to a weary close as the Age of Knowledge begins. Nobody HAS to “believe”. This is not semantics. You can have confidence in the integrity of someone (for example) simply because of your logical deductions based upon your pertinent experiential insights, knowledge, wisdom, cognitions and understanding, etc. This is called “trust” and need have nothing to do with belief. This is the central plank in the message of The Mission.

    I seem to post this here every other day:


    It is in this booklet, where I quoted Billy about not believing:


    I mean no disrespect at all, Tony, but for someone who says he’s been studying the Meier material since 1988, that’s one CHF5 booklet (translated by the USA people long ago) which I would have thought would be one of the first and most informative things to study for anyone who’s then gone on with Meier for the next quarter of a century.

    And I’m frankly puzzled as to why you would first say that “Muslims” did 9/11, and now, “9/11 was a CIA op with many components.” (That’s why I like the short quotes – complete with source references and, most thoughtfully, the German original – because there are a lot of questionable translations around these days, and it’s nice not to have to do so much digging.)

    Not to mention that you then go on to say, “I am very familiar with the powers behind the scenes who call the shots”.

    “Very familiar”? It really doesn’t seem to be the case at all with some of your comments here.

    For what it may be worth, for a long time I also mistakenly thought that I was fairly familiar with the Bafath’s puppets too, but I was naive. It’s worse than normal (“ignorant”) people can even imagine, and I’ve discovered that only in the last few years.

    Happily, as it says in OM, “Unknowingness is impermanent, as cloud driven before the wind.” (32:507)

    Please note: some of my current activity here is because there’s been a short pause in our current translation work on Art zu Leben due to the FLAU Infostand and presentation in Melbourne last weekend, so now that our work on The Way to Live is picking up again, I’ll have to be more scarce here. So if I’ve overlooked anybody’s questions, etc., I apologise.

    All the best, Tony! (& Jim, et al)


    • Believe means to accept as true or real. I don’t mean blind faith beliefs.

      Read more carefully, you tend to confuse what I say. 9/11 had many components, including Muslims.

      I am aware of many things that I will not disclose online. I think you understand that.

      Good luck with your work.

  • Hi Michael,

    Excellent speech, 100% truth, but what is to be done to stop the corruption in the world? I have my opinion, I would like to hear yours.

    Thank you.

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