Pavlov had nothing on the Church fathers for programming the masses

I think that very few people have ever – consciously – realized the subtle, Pavlovian effects of church bells ringing, such as the triggering of unconscious associations and memories that are evoked by this age-old conditioning. Who stops to ponder all of the connections to some imaginary, fearful deity that is not only supposedly judging your life but also reminding you of its (imaginary) existence with such…clocklike precision and predictable regularity?

Yes, I know how well this may be received by those who feel so comforted by the commanding, annoying clanging. But do we really need some invasive public “reminder” of just what time it is?

Perhaps we actually do – if that reminder served to alert us to how asleep we are to the ceaseless unfolding of long foretold and forewarned events…as the time fulfills.




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  • I have read all of Sitchens books. Some of what he has written has been in line with Meiers accounts, some has not. But the events I have always wondered about were the genetic manipulations he describes that were performed on humans by other travelers, to lower their life spans, and make them more vulnerable to the influences of religion. This was supposidly done to elevate these E.T. humans to a self created God level on Earth. Did this actually happen and if so, is this the answer to your question?

  • Posted for Dyson (computer issues) in response to Tony:

    Thanks, Tony.

    I see the problem.

    When Billy said “Al Qaida”, you just unconsciously registered, “Muslims”.

    Yup. You’ve drunk the damn koolaid.


    As a concerned official translator, I tend to see a responsibility to act whenever someone wittingly or unwittingly puts (false) words into the mouth of the Prophet. In this case even more so, since Billy, as the living Mhadi (!!!), also has a personal interest in the escalating sectarian media agitprop against Islam.

    On July 2nd, I replied to questions by Boromir



    And Al Qaeda is not all it appears to be on the surface either.


    I had hoped that you had come to terms with that information a bit more before you started contributing, my friend.

    As you are probably becoming increasingly aware, Tony, one of the main problems with the Meier material is the huge amount of truth it conveys.

    So, understandably terrorised by unprecedented world events seemingly far beyond any real comprehension and control, a (perhaps young) good, honest, gullible, naïve citizen of the West reads one of our translations:

    Billy – “When one thinks that, since as long as anyone can remember, never has collectively so much harm, death, murder, torture, destruction and disaster happened on the Earth as it has come about through the fault of the USA and will further come about, as it has resulted and results since the USA interferes in the interests of other countries and started and starts wars, as well as revolts and revolutions, as well as murder and other crimes through the US secret services and US military, then, regarding USAmerica, the devil incarnate can be spoken of.”

    “What? ‘The devil incarnate*’?? How can this BE? This is insane!”, might be a typical reaction. [*”leibhaftigen Teufel” – lit. “living devil”]

    Do your homework. Do you accept the truth of what you quoted?

    They don’t call the USA “The Great Satan” for nothing, nor does Billy refer to the “Order of Darkness” the way he does in his intro to The Goblet of Truth for no reason.

    But in the same way that religions look a little like the renewed teachings of the truth, not the other way around as is often claimed, it’s not Billy stuff that’s insane, it’s the faux “reality”, subconsciously absorbed by the hallucinatory realm of the increasingly brainwashed, mind-controlled, poisoned, exploited and duped naïve citizen, which is TRULY insane, illogical, antilogos, 666.

    So in order to make sense of the newly discovered truths delivered by Billy, you simply inescapably MUST take make the effort to first make sense of the other contextual truths (about geopolitics, etc.) which Billy has either not directly articulated, or you remain unaware of.

    So it would be good if you could at least dig down (working into the past) through Michael’s blog archives for the last few months anyway, and follow some of the links I’ve provided. Maybe end up reading books and getting a little closer to the bottom of the High Cabal’s “big picture” (phantasmagoria), which not only vilely paints the entire “9/11” scandal as the coordinated work of “Muslims”, but also vilely paints our Prophet as a mere cunning criminal fraudster. And, with 22 assassination attempts and counting, they keep trying to KILL him!

    The loving plan of the Plejaren Federation is working nicely.

    In one of her first contacts, Semjase explained that she and her co-workers were coming to Earth to cause controversy.

    Billy wrote: “Tatsächlich ist das Gros der Menschen in ein Stadium verfallen, in dem sich das kommunizierende Sichauseinandersetzen mit dem Nächsten sowie das Diskutieren ebenso kaum oder nicht mehr finden lässt wie auch nicht das Sichauseinandersetzen mit den globalen Geschehen, denn diese Notwendigkeiten sind bereits vielen verlorengegangen.”

    (Actually, the majority of humans has fallen into a state in which disputes participated in with neighbours, as well as discussions, are just as rarely or no longer to be found, as neither are quarrels with global events, because these necessities have already been mostly lost.)

    As always, references for your quotes* here are very greatly appreciated, since – here among the translation readers – that’s not the quasi-impossible task for you guys that it is for me, trying to pin down all these obscure things I’ve read, while wallowing in a quantity of unindexed German books which literally outweighs me.


    Anyway, please, Tony, do try to make the effort to look into the true origins of “Al Qaida” (or howeverthehell it’s spelt), and try to understand that this whole post-Roswell, MJ-12/CIA era of history has become a Hollywood action drama, where even the biggest and strongest buildings in the history of the world – steel beams 4 feet thick!? – can literally turn to DUST and BLOW AWAY – along with any identifiable trace of the physical remains of more than a thousand human beings – while the whole world looks but does not see.

    Jay Jonas (Captain, Ladder Co 6 Department of New York), “And right around the three-hour mark, all of a sudden, a beam of sunshine hit the stairway. I looked and said, “Guys, there used to be 106 floors above us and now I’m seeing sunshine.” They’re like, “What?” I said, “There’s nothing above us. That big building doesn’t exist.” . Tommy Falco leaves the stairway and then he comes back in. He pokes his head in and he says, “Hey, Cap, wait until you get a load of this.” So I make my way up to the hole. I poke my head out and I couldn’t believe what I saw. I couldn’t believe it. The first thing I saw was that corner facade that was still standing. And I was looking at it. I said, “I can’t believe this. This is unbelievable. . These are the biggest office buildings in the world and I didn’t see one desk or one chair or one phone, nothing. The only thing you saw was steel, some reinforcing rods and this dust. That’s all that was left. There was nothing that was recognizable, no carpets, nothing like that.”

    Muslims with boxcutters? As we say up here in Australia, “Pull the other one, mate. It’s got bells on it.”

    Good luck with your research Tony.


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