Back to the Future with Egg on Their Faces

In another example of going back to the future, science is once again slowly catching up with the information published by UFO contactee Billy Meier.

Simply rotate the image presented in the new article in the international science journal, nature, wherein scientists propose a curved model of the universe and, voila – it’s egg-shaped.

Of course, Meier LONG ago (1989) explained that the universe indeed is actually egg-shaped.

Meier also states that the universe is INFINITELY older than our scientists have even dreamt possible. But let’s not rush that quite yet.




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  1. I admire your noble motivation on this one, Michael, but not your science.

    The “egg-shaped” appearance of “the universe” in the science journal Nature is actually the result of just an egg-shaped MAP of the entire sky. Naturally, it’s hard to map the whole sky onto a flat plane, so this oval is the way it’s customarily done to represent any sort of sky-wide phenomenon. It’s not meant to be like a snapshot of how the universe would look if we could stand outside it and see it. It’s just a customarily configured map of the distribution of cosmic background microwave radiation over both side of the sky, divided by the wavy line. Maps of the globe aren’t spherical, they’re flat, but we don’t therefore believe that the Earth is flat too.

    But I personally think it’s a leap of faith that the resemblance between even the magazine MAP, and the FIGU drawing of the double-spiral universe, is anything other than very superficial.

    Here’s a copy of the ET version of the egg. (I frankly don’t understand any of this, and I’m sure that goes for earthlings in general, but let’s hope some scientists are influenced someday.)

    This abstract level of the Meier debate reminds me of the old theological arguments about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

    But having read all the contact notes (and Billy’s other books) pretty carefully, and with my semi-educated background in science, I’m one of only few English-speakers who have even an inkling as to how much terribly important scientific information still exists untranslated within the long-published material.

    I just read and very highly recommend a very important and timely book on the sad history and current status of what we laughingly call “science” here on Planet Suicide. It’s called “The Science Delusion”.

    Written by Rupert Sheldrake, an author whose uniquely iconoclastic work was endorsed by Billy a decade ago.


    I sometimes wonder how many of these “new” scientific ideas, which happen to align with the existing copyrighted Meier publications, are the results of independent research, and how many of them were actually sparked by the beneficent unconscious-thought-impulses provided to all the “innumerable” thousands of Earth’s scientists, sci-fi writers, and so on. My guess is that without the the exceedingly discreet help of the Plejaren Federation members working thanklessly behind the scenes, we’d all be history long ago.

    Or so the story goes: )

    But this idea of an egg-shaped universe is certainly not new:

    Anyway, fuller translations of the 1989 Quetzal conversations linked above, can be found here:


    1. Good thoughts!

      Also, not the only discovery, at least with regards to the age of the Universe, some scientists are finally entertaining the idea that the sky doesn’t contain all the information they think it does.

  2. it’s interesting, though, that this theory about the universe’s curvature has been proposed to explain a lack of uniformity in the “cosmic microwave background radiation”…

    unless i’m mistaken, this phenomenon is described in the contact notes, not as remnant waves of a big bang, but as the “gentle” tapping of our universe by its twin…
    seeing as, they express their theory in terms of negative curvature, they may be nearing a more egg-shaped model… of course, if that is the destination to which this path takes them, they may very well find that their “cmbr” fluctuations are being exerted on this universe from an outside source…
    however, i’ve learned to be wary of new ideas in physics; especially when they sound like what i’ve read in the meier materials, because more often than not, they seem to take a wild turn at some point, as if the intention is to distance the theories from resemblance to anything in the notes…

  3. The egg shaped universe theory is thousands of years old and can be found in the hindu Rg Veda, description is brahma anda.

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