New UN Report Confirms Billy Meier’s Information from…1951

The headline is simple enough IPCC climate report: humans ‘dominant cause’ of warming.

And so is the undeniable fact that Billy Meier went even farther than the new UN report when, in 1951, he plainly stated that it was overpopulation that was at the core of the “unnatural climate change”.

In 1958, he reiterated the connection between overpopulation and climate change, as well as “climbing climatic warning”. It appears that Meier was actually the first person to predict both manmade climate change and global warming.

Meier elaborated upon the consequences of the climate change due to our ongoing, unchecked overbreeding, in 1964. He not only foretold the melting of the glaciers but also the enormously destructive effects of the combined climate change and global warming on the oceans…and all of nature.

Will the mass of human beings on Earth now pay any more attention to the UN report than they did to Meier’s original warnings…62 years ago? And even more importantly, will the stubborn, arrogant denial of Meier’s contacts with the Plejaren finally yield to reason and logic, so that their intended assistance to us can be recognized and acted upon…while there’s still some time left to do so?





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    1. Maybe, and maybe.

      The actions on Syria have garnered a lot of attention – the actions of Iran are garnering attention too. Its not too much of a stretch to imagine that they could take notice of the U.N. warning – what isn’t certain is how people will contest it – a lot of people are idiots without an imagination who can’t see how something might work if its outside their experience.

      The second occurence is ultimately linked to the first.

      So, my advice is to not think so purely negatively about the possiblity – be ever reasonable, but acknowledge what must be done, instead of being guilty of inaction through pessimism.

  1. Of course Billy and the Ps were correct.
    No, the UN is a NWO organization, and will never accomplish any good.

    From the Meier material:

    Prophecies & World War 3 – 45.126-137

    “There remains nothing left for earthly humans to do except to use their power of force. For far too long a time, people have allowed themselves to be fooled by those responsible. So now, nothing more can be achieved by peaceful means. The force on Earth is embodied in politics, religions, and the scientists. It is exactly this power that must be broken, otherwise humanity faces a very wicked end, not only by war and eradication, but by the atomization of the entire planet. The new bomb delusion has great cosmic consequences and other star systems could be affected in addition to the Earth being destroyed in a firestorm.

    Fortunately, humanity still has some time for consideration and to take back the control of power and to live according to natural law. But, humanity will not be able to avoid suffering the consequences of their actions because the Earth is already hurt, inside and out, and it is reacting. Huge earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climactic alterations, storms, tidal waves and accidental events will make their appearance in the future. A hellish war will roar over the Earth, whole countries will sink into the sea and numerous human beings will find an evil end to their lives. These coming events are already irreversible.”

    1. the reason is, as I understand it, that the translation is being updated, revised, improved, etc.

      So it’s best not to promote the one they are correcting.

    1. My contract with FIGU is to represent them in the media voluntarily, i.e. for free, gratis, at no charge, etc. It also allows me to have the freedom of my own opinions, questions, etc.

      There is no “franchise” involved, of course. FIGU is a true non-profit group operating under very strict Swiss laws governing such things. Franchises are usually about making money of course. FIGU isn’t and I’m not…though I’m glad to be able to make money in order to be self-supporting, etc.

      I hope that answers your questions.

  2. In my opinion, the materialistic world in which we live in, with all its man made illogical, and unreasonable distractions, will still create a barrier that will continue to make the majority of the citizens on this planet refuse to acknowledge the truth that hides in plain sight. Earth humankind still insists on a belief that he is the be all end all when it comes to an intelligent species. Until we realize that we are but kindergarteners when it comes to the evolution of human spirit embodied by our material existance, the cognition that is necessary will not be ripe for quite some time. While I hope I am wrong, I just have not seen enough effort by the masses to make my opinion change, maybe because I feel like I am living in the land of dillusion here in the USA, but even the conversations I’ve had with people around the world, there just is not enough willingness to buck the false information that has been promoted for so long.

  3. Hi Allen , I think you are right about materialistic distractions and I feel that it’s all been engineered by those that take the deluded attitude that they alone should be the self appointed ruling-class .

    These mongrels have been covertly working away at constructing their grand plan for world domination and that has been a long term plan !
    Part of which is to dumb down and pacify the population , so that it can be effortlessly manipulated at will .

    Of course the control of information is a tool in their arsenal too .
    I think they think that the time is just about right for the picking of the fruit . Just look at your Republican politicians behavior at the moment . .

    1. Hi Jacqueline, some of us yanks, are particularly annoyed by the petulant children that have been placed into positions of power and control here. What is astonishing is the fact that their actions may prohibit up to 800,000 government employees from being paid during this farce, and yet those that are in control but refuse to do their jobs are still drawing a paycheck. The fact that these criminals accept zero responsibility for their wrong actions, does not seem to bother them in the least, but more disturbing is that there is so little action by the citizens to demand the replacement of these “employees of the people”.

      As far as the republican party and their psychopathic members, they keep acting like spoiled children that refuse to play fair, and threaten to take their ball and go home, the difference between them and everyday spoiled children is that they have a gun in their hand and are holding it to the proverbial head of the average citizen threatening to “pull the trigger”, yet they insist that they are the ones that hold a monopoly on correct decisions and actions. The politics are bad enough without the emphasis on stupidity.

      It seems that at least here in the USA, if you don’t have millions of dollars, you are not the right person to lead a nation of people, while I have held the position of the exact opposite view, that if you are consumed by materialistic vision, then you are most deffinately NOT the right person for that position.

      I guess we will just have to suffer through the prophetic visions and do our best to make changes AFTER the revolution that at this point seems unavoidable.

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