New Study Confirms Stress Reducing Benefits of This Program

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A new study confirmed the anti-burnout, stress relieving benefits of mindfulness meditation programs.

In 1990, Michael Horn created just such a program, which he has taught to individuals and groups internationally in a Consciousness Awareness Workshop, also known as Standing in Spirit.

Derived from his more than two decades of Chi Gong practice, the program includes processes to help dissolve subconsciously held patterns, influences, behaviors and beliefs that, as Prof. Bruce Lipton has said, control 95% of our lives. The easy-to-follow instructions are available on a DVD that also includes a bonus segment with information on the Billy Meier case.

Billy Meier and FIGU have specifically recommended that Michael provide this workshop at the end of his lectures, so that the audience can consciously experience their thoughts, beliefs, fears and inner processes, etc., and regain conscious control over them.

The technique taught by Michael is based on self-observation and Neutral-Positive Thinking, which is explained in full detail in the brilliant masterpiece, The Might of the Thoughts, by Billy Meier. Meier’s book is the most in depth explanation about the functioning of the mind, the psyche, the unconscious and subconscious and of course about the unknown, actual might of thoughts, which can alsobe called one of the…secret sciences.


Purchase the Consciousness Awareness Workshop  and you’ll also receive another highly informative, professionally produced, DVD on the Billy Meier contacts absolutely free!

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  1. Good one, Michael.

    In the first English translation excerpt from Arahat Athersata – which I consider to be one of the MOST important pieces of information EVER provided through Billy – more about the “secret sciences” can be found here:,149-50.htm

    Ptaah: 465. “Doch auch dabei ist noch immer äusserste Vorsicht geboten, denn noch immer existieren die verschiedensten Geheimbünde, die sehr grosse Geheimnisse der Geheimwissenschaften wahren – oder wenigstens glauben, diese zu wahren -, die sie mit allen möglichen Mitteln der Gewalt in ihren Kreisen bewahren wollen.”

    (Yet also thereby, still always extreme caution is called for, because the most varied secret societies still always exist who keep the very great secrets of the secret sciences – or at least believe that they keep these – that they want to keep in their circles with every possible means of force.)


    1. “Or at least believe that they keep these” is probably the best line in that. Belief is right considering what the prophet Jmmanuel spoke of.
      TJ 11:27-28 27But at this time Jmmanuel began to speak, “Praise be to Creation, maker of the skies, the universes and the Earth for keeping the knowledge and power of the consciousness hidden from the unwise and the misguided, who spread the erroneous teachings, and for revealing this knowledge to sincere seekers now. 28Yes, it has been good of Creation, and of El and his celestial sons as well, that they have thwarted until now the misuse of power among human species.”

  2. I have recently made great strides in overcoming a long-standing, life-potential-robbing alcoholism by the very means articulated in said workshop. For that, and your otherwise tireless efforts, a big warm thank you Mr. Horn.
    Best regards.

    (As fun as it is to talk about ones own success, I also share the above to implore the casual reader of this blog… buy the DVD. Also…buy the ‘Might of Thoughts’ – my how gloriously uplifting, inspiring, and empowering. Shucks, it would be difficult indeed to be hyperbolic in praise of this magnificent work).

    1. Dear Andy,

      Warmest congratulations for your creational-evolutive progress!

      And, “gloriously uplifting, inspiring, and empowering” was also just what we saw in the original German, Macht der Gendanken, but it’s the nature of producing a big translation that we are much too close to the work to have perspective about the hoped-for impact of our translation – especially into the weird “Figuish” dialect of “British English” Billy wants us to use – so your generous review is enormously appreciated. Thanks very much.

      And all the best for your bright, self-created future.

    1. Actually the prweb link is a red herring as it does not prove anything and relies on an insistent view of history, something that should carefully looked at as insistence is dogma without a comittee when there are no factual information discussed, that would remove the discussion of Jmmanuel from coming to fruition. Here is a key line here:
      “Was Jesus based on a real person from history? “The short answer is no,” Atwill insists, “in fact he may be the only fictional character in literature whose entire life story can be traced to other sources. Once those sources are all laid bare, there’s simply nothing left.”

      So, in light of this vacuum of an actual physical person missing that was mistaken to be called Jesus, the author inserts a Roman Emperor in place of Jmmanuel right after that quote. Of course, some key questions of why a Roman Emperor in the 1st century would decide to do that would require a massive leap in logic when the basis of the argument has the cart in front of the horse.

      All I am suggesting is that a finer eye is placed on sources used to substantiate a point of view as it can run contrary to the intention of sourcing it in the first place. The Meier material is voluminous in of itself and more specific than other sources where the other source material’s help is actually not needed.

      Unfortunately, the modern day trend with materials, sources, and logic in the media has been more casual logic with regards to history than some hard headed analysis based on sources that normally would be expected with the reader ultimately left to ascertain the truth for themselves. It makes the Meier material on Jmmanuel stick out more profoundly considering the massive influx of ahistorical life stories of Jesus, the religion based on it, and shift in logical relevance of the material into something with a profoundly different meaning but ultimately just as flawed and, in most cases from my perspective, worse off than before requiring more dogmatic belief in the “New” interpretations.

      1. I think the key points here, is one should question any source that seems to contradict what is said in the post. Also telling is many websites seem to not require the same level of sourcing in themselves as they do for their opposing viewpoint. And as you said, with posting a link that goes against the viewpoint.

        Ufology as a topic in general, seems to have gotten pretty muddied over the last few years anyway. Without having a source to a topic, is very hard to tell where they are getting their information from. This goes for anybody IMHO.

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