Fukushima: We Were Warned but Didn’t Listen

There is no need for many words to point out that the latest news from Fukushima, calling it a “worst case scenario”, is just beginning to reveal the terrible truth.

However, the still as yet unrevealed, real magnitude of the situation was first told to Billy Meier on March 19, 2011, just days after the event occurred.

To be clear, at that time the Plejaren told him that the “super worst-possible-case-scenario has already occurred”. He was then told that the “ultra super worst-possible-scenario” was only a matter of time.

What we still aren’t being told, and refuse to realize, is that that time is now upon us and will continue to manifest the still incomprehensible consequences of the human insanity that knows no limits – the use of the inevitably catastrophic, super-ultra-deadly atomic energy.

We were warned but didn’t listen.

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  1. Despite this still baffling “Scientists” today…


    …the following, full explanation, was provably published less than two months after the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station disaster:

    “And it is also the case that the emerging radiation and radioactive water from the reactors will not just pollute large parts of the district, rather perhaps entire tracts of land, and the sea, and that the emerging radioactive particles will also be driven by the wind around the world, thus also to Europe.”

    Source: http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_M…/Contact_Report_517

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