Spineless Skeptic Still Can’t Handle the Truth

It seems that no matter how many times it’s been pointed out that skeptics are unscientific, prejudiced belief pushers, they still can’t resist the temptation to, well, just keep on doing it.

Current case in point is that of the desperate, celebrity and significance seeking Stuart Robbins, who long ago declared that the Billy Meier case and its contents were simply a hoax. Having been silent on the matter for some time, Robbins has popped up again with another brilliant bit of pseudo-science, theorizing that a great many UFO sightings can be explained by quadcopters with lights on them.

It seems that Robbins has figured out though that the UFO topic will draw some (the most) traffic to his site. He erroneously also thinks that it’s an easy target overall for debunking, such as the myriad, flimsy New Age and paranormal subjects he goes after, and that he’ll look brilliant in taking it on. Well, ooops to that.

But the worst part of dealing with unrepentant wimps and poseurs like Robbins is that they are shameless in their blatant cowardice and complete lack of intellectual honesty.

Here is the comment that I submitted on Robbins’, complete with Billy Meier’s famous Hasenbol UFO film, as seen in this screen shot (click on image to see all of it):

Pseudo Blog

As of this writing, it actually doesn’t appear on Robbins’ blog. Nor did I receive an explanation why it wasn’t posted. The fact that it absolutely shreds his nonsensical claim before it can…get off the ground was obviously enough to prevent it from being posted. Robbins is known to reject posts that strongly dismantle his prejudicial, unscientific and inaccurate claims, especially regarding the Billy Meier case.

While Robbins’ blog actually relies on the Meier case for generating any kind of serious interest, it’s a wonder that he hasn’t developed some spine, something even remotely resembling…integrity. Again, defining oneself as a skeptic is an indication that one simply has prejudices that they rely on when they can’t handle the truth.

The article on the Hasenbol film can be seen here. And the still irreproducible film clip, from 1976, showing the lights on the UFO flashing on and off, is here.

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  1. Shame on that pseudo-scientist! Lame, spineless, completely uninterested in truth, something that an actual scientist lives & breathes for.

  2. Not all skeptics are created equal.

    I was once a skeptic as most people were who now know the Meier is real. The difference between us and them is we allowed the facts to change our minds and not have our minds already made up that Meier is a fraud. That is a skeptics loss, and us true truth searchers who have honestly investigated and researched the Meier material have been rewarded with the greatest gift a human could ever receive.

    Thank you Billy Meier and all those who have helped to get the information out for the future skeptics like I once was.

  3. I reckon Stuart’s really onto something this time! (Ha ha!)

    I’m surprised he hasn’t found this, which would help him try to explains away the Druanians’ cylindrical spaceships*:


    “Fill the [$5.75] UFO Solar Balloon with air, attach the line and watch it magically rise! Thermodynamics in clear view! Bright direct sunlight warms it in a few minutes and it soars! 10′ LONG! x 2′ wide 60′ of string and instructions!”

    *The Druanians, a “nice peaceful people” who recently joined the Plejaren Federation, seem to be the ones in the big featureless cylinders filmed (and publicly released) from the USSR’s/Russia’s Soyez spacecraft and their fighter aircraft, etc. FIGU has provided photos of the Druanians’ craft in the Contact Notes books where we’re told that these people seem relaxed about having their craft observed. Most of the similar-looking UFOs, featured on Youtube lately floating along on the prevailing winds, seem to be the abovementioned $5.75 variety, which should help Stuart and his xenophobic sycophants sleep a little better.


  4. Stuart Robbins would make more money and fame if he came out here to my acreage home and debunk my septic tank. I know there is one here and it is hidden underground because when I flush my toilet I can here the greys-water run into it. Yes I said Greys they are down there too. Stuart where are you when I need you? This could go viral on your You Tube channel and make both of us rich men, 50/10 I’ll take the 50.

  5. I think that tolerance persistence pointing out the obvious logical flaws in whatever appeal to belief driven laziness there might be is the best bet at getting through to people.

    Stick to the higher grounds of integrity, honesty, patience, love, harmony, objectivity, logic, wisdom, empathy, science, clarity, simplicity. Don’t fight frustration with anger rather use patience and remember not to take littleness or ignorance to heart. If you are on a forum and you are accosted by more than one turn to the most logical of the participants. For there is where you’ll do the most good. Most things on the internet are in a state of perpetual presents, someone someday might decide to read what you have said and it will make sense to them. Getting your self stuck in a mud slinging quagmire can only result in a loss.

    Remember all we/you want to do is create the correct condition for growth ample sunlight, enriched soil, and water. This will be enough for needed change. The life behind the ego craves truth, true freedom and the Creational. That is what you can provide with the higher ground(virtues).

    Also when you read or hear what someone has to say it is not them who is having the internal conversation but you with yourself.

    Things like I received today if you are interested it is here.

    I had a simple logical reply but was not allowed to post anymore on that youtube video. However, I have written to youtube about this hopefully they will understand my point and change their rules. Letter below:

    Hi YouTube People,

    First let me say I enjoy using your product.

    I’d like to make a suggestion if I may that will help keep it’s integrity

    I don’t think it is right to block users on public channels forums and/or to allow moderators to block people from leaving comments. Unless of course it is a private channel, a threat, or a spam abuse.

    When a moderator does this based on personal prejudice, biased or agenda they are actively participating in the shut down of the free-flow of Ideas.

    Allow for the spread of information that will encourage growth through dialects. Even if someone doesn’t want to be told that they have egg on their face.

    If I come across a degenerate video of something I want to be able to chime in. And not be blocked because I turn out to be a buzz kill for the people reading the comments.

    Perhaps an alternative would be to allow for the Moderator or User not to be emailed when a response or reply is added to in the comment section and or to hide or collapse those replies from the respondents for those users which they have blocked.

    Kind of like your “this response was hidden due to too many negative votes.”


    1. The best comment on this thread. You are a true Jedi. Fight the good, logical, winnable battles. Leave the morons alone to fall on their own faces. Truth wins and the nonsense will be confined to Watto’s junk pile, eventually.

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