Balancing the Ledger with MUFON

As I have been unhesitatingly critical of the MUFON organization and their nonsensical focus on chasing lights in the sky – while they know and actively suppress knowledge and information about the singular authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case – it’s truly nice to be able to say that there are those in the organization who are more than willing to openly discuss it.

In much the same way as I enjoyed balancing the ledger, so to speak, in regards to acknowledging the two UK skeptics who interviewed me on their show, I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to discuss the Meier information with MUFON member Lorien Fenton on her show.

While Asket’s information to Meier, in 1953, foretelling the coming existence of MUFON and its very adversarial role towards him, has been absolutely accurate, it’s a hopeful sign that there are more independent freethinkers like Lorien in the organization who are sincerely searching for the truth.


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  1. MUFON, being the largest and one of the oldest major Ufology organizations in the world has had US government involvement and shady financial dealings with Bigelow Aerospace.

  2. English is my native language and I also know Lao. Although I briefly took German in my middle school. Dyson, what is the best method to learn German, based off your experience? I have plenty of time to learn. What are your thoughts on Rosettta Stone?

    1. Dear gchamp.

      Since you ask, based on my own personal experience, first, while still a teenager, try to fall in love with a pretty German girl who doesn’t speak a word of English, then suddenly get sent TDY “temporary duty” to Belgium for the summer, buy a small German/English dictionary, from which, to get started, you literally memorise about a hundred most important German words (“who, where, why, how, when”, etc.) and from which you spend evenings in the Air Force base library laboriously writing love letters in German. Then be shipped back to Stuttgart and go as native as your circumstances allow. And since I spent 3 years doing “24 hrs. on, 48 hrs. off” shifts as an Air Traffic Control Radar technician (where I watched high-speed UFOs on my search screens and learned about the cover-up) I soon got to the stage when – 6 months after my European discharge, and once safely on the migrant ship to Australia – I discovered to my surprise that I could just barely speak my native tongue, being American “English”.

      These exact circumstances may be a little hard for you to emulate, gchamp, but suffice it to say that everybody tends to learn best in her/his own individual way and there are a lot of free resources on the net which would make the task easier for you in the 3rd millennium than it was for me back in the dark “Viet Nam era”. Try searching “free German courses” or something like that.

      I’d like to add that I’d warn against computer translation programs. I’m NOT a Luddite. But going down that “easy” road can lead to a dependency and a severe retardation or even an ongoing incapacity to ever learn the language sufficiently yourself. As with everything, the road to real success in German is narrow and stony, “hemmed with wound-tearing thorns”, but I guarantee that your accelerated brain will ultimately love you for it.

      I hope this has helped, and I wish you all the best. I almost envy you your discovery of the delights that await you within the Meier material.


      1. Sorry, gchamp – the Rosetta Stone – I’d forgotten you’d asked.

        I actually was fortunate enough to get up close and personal with it when I was in London in 1972 and it was a little like seeing a famous movie star in the flesh who’d previously always only been an image on the silver screen and magazines. I knew how big the inscribed surface was, but somehow I had childishly imagined that it was just a flat tablet, not a huge thick lump of stone like a broken boulder.

        I was very impressed indeed and I can still see it clearly in my mind’s eye some 40 years later. The single archaeological discovery of that big black rock resulted in revolutionary changes in our understanding of the historical record, filling in a LOT about ancient Egypt, when the long-lived ET “gods” (and their hybrid Earthling offspring) were still on the throne, as historically described in Herodotus’ accounts.

        Imagine how the historians of the distant future will have to rewrite the books when Billy’s info is finally accepted!


        1. Just going to add, we also find out some really small information regarding devastation of bronze age civilization collapse which Egypt was forever changed by the “Sea Peoples” where many other civilizations went to dust.

          Also, for modern history David M. Glantz has done a good review of the German-Soviet War doing some very detailed analysis. A very very small piece of his voluminous work is here on a youtube lecture:

          I think no one seeing the full picture and scale of Soviet Operations could EVER doubt the Russian capabilities in the Henock Prophecies.

  3. For some reason a comment that Dyson was trying to submit regarding the Rosetta Stone language program didn’t appear, so here it is:

    Ummm. DUH! “Rosetta Stone” … not “THE” Rosetta Stone.

    Sorry, gchamp. Please forgive my baby-boomer stupidly. :-/

    I don’t know anything at all about it except what I just read here:

    I’m not now so much a typical German-learner as an impoverished, self-taught, amateur translator – two very different species – so the idea of spending that enormous amount of money on a language-learning program like Rosetta Stone, as opposed to spending the same amount on a stack of thick dictionaries, just seems silly. Similarly, as I’ve already related here, I’d rather work (learn) alone at my own idiosyncratic pace.

    On my cursory examination, it seems like a trendy rip-off to me.

    Sorry I couldn’t offer a more informed opinion for you.


  4. Hi gchamp,

    I have used Rosetta Stone. It is a good aid in learning a language. Of course, the best way to learn a language is to live in a country where it is spoken.

    All the best.

  5. Billy: This time, you have really let yourself wait a not very long time, my child.
    Semjase: 1. I assured you, nevertheless, that I would already visit you again in a rather short time.
    Billy: I meant that, yes. But may I ask you some questions right away?
    Semjase: 2. Sure. 3. You’ve probably dealt with the numeric values?
    Billy: Exactly, and at the same time, I’ve encountered some things that somehow cannot be right.
    Semjase: 4. That I already imagined. 5. It was, indeed, inevitable, that you had to find the source of error.
    Billy: You know about it?
    Semjase: 6. But of course, my friend. 7. But I wanted you to recognize for yourself how illogical your question was regarding the numeric values, when you asked for the values of the letters of the Latin alphabet.
    Billy: Then it is really true that the numbers specified by you exclusively apply directly to the German alphabet and that fundamentally different values apply to each individual language?
    Semjase: 8. Sure.
    Billy: Good, because I found that out myself, but I just wasn’t sure.
    Semjase: 9. You can now be sure of that. 10. For my part, I found it right to let you recognize this fact yourself, because you thought illogically and, consequently, also directed a very illogical question to me. 11. For this reason, I also did not deal with your explanations in greater detail. 12. But if you now agree, then I will gladly mention the numeric values for the German language to you, because you basically wanted to get to know these from me in our last conversation.
    Billy: That’s right, girl, but I have endeavored myself around this and, at the same time, have also found out that the method of calculating various things with these numeric values cannot be calculated uniformly. So for example, for the destroyer number, 666, there arises a calculation procedure that runs completely counter to the calculation formulas, as they were stated by me in our last contact. I also found that there is only a numeric value difference from the Latin alphabet’s numeric value of about one-fifth, which is, nevertheless, of tremendous significance. If you don’t mind, I would like to lay these things before you, for which I have brought along six handwritten sheets of paper. I have worked for not less than four days and four nights, in order to find these results. Now, I would be curious to see to what extent my calculations are correct.
    Semjase: 13. You are not alone in that, because curiosity also drives me to know what you have calculated. 14. Please give me your results.
    Billy: Happy to do so. Here, you see, I’ve let the following be written down here by Beetle: Numeric Values for the German Language By that, I mean, of course, the kabbalistic numeric values for the German language, where the values are valid exclusively for the vocabulary of this language, in connection with words of foreign languages, which have become pure German-speaking words, terms and values. In this list and calculation, the following values arose in my calculations for the individual letters: …

    I enjoyed the radio show. It really picked up at the end. Chasing lights in the sky like a dog that chases after cars… what would the dog do if it ever caught the car???

    1. Hi again curlymoses,

      It just struck me that there’s actually a real answer to your witty rhetorical question about what they’d do if the dog caught the car. They’re all ready for it:

      (quotes directly from the article)

      Popular Mechanics February 2004.pdf (648kb)

      “When UFOs Arrive What Will You Do?”
      “The U.S. and other world governments already have detailed secret plans for first contact.”
      “Within the scientific community, the question is no longer whether extraterrestrial life exists, but if ET is smart enough to do long division.”
      “With little public fanfare, governmental officials have begun preparing for the single most important event in human history first contact.”
      “The broad-brush outline for Earth’s response to the first alien encounter is set out in an international agreement called the “Declaration of Principles Concerning Activities Following the Detection of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.” Written by a committee of scientists organized by the SETI Institute, the Declaration spells out that after first contact, astronomers agree to keep secret news of imminent contact “until authorities have been notified.”
      “In 1972 NASA “sent out an invitation for extraterrestrials to visit Earth. A … map showing the location of Earth was attached to the Pioneer 10 spacecraft”, sent towards the star Aldebaran.
      “If ET turns up at NASA’s doorstep bearing that invitation, it [sic] is in for a surprise. Instead of getting a handshake from the head of NASA, it will be handcuffed by an FBI agent dressed in a Biosafety Level 4 [moon-]suit. …[T]he alien will be whisked away to the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Disease Center on Plum Island off the coast of New York’s Long Island. Here it will be poked and probed by doctors from the National Institutes of Health. A Department of Energy (DOE) Nuclear Emergency Search Team (NEST) will tow way its spacecraft…, moving it to a DOE facility, most likely in New Mexico, where it will be in close proximity to the Sandia and Los Alamos nuclear laboratories and the White Sands Missile Range.”
      “Skeptics often ask why UFO sightings seem to take place in remote locations instead of on busy city streets. Perhaps ET knows what earthlings have in mind when it lands.”

      linked from:

      No wonder we don’t see them visiting very often.

      Billy says that, on the exceedingly rare occasions when Earth folks and non-Earth folks DO happen to bump into each other, both parties usually run away in sheer terror.


      1. The Popular Mechanics article is reflective of the present day American civilisation – good and bad.

        Earth folks are not yet all acquainted with one another. Interesting few Q & A from

        What are ‘undiscovered’ or ‘lost’ tribes?

        This is empty sensationalism. It’s extremely unlikely there are any tribes whose existence is totally unknown to anyone else.

        What do you mean by ‘uncontacted’?

        Peoples who have no peaceful contact with anyone in the mainstream or dominant society. There are about 100 uncontacted tribes in the world.

        Does that mean they have no contact with anyone else at all?

        No. Everyone has neighbours, even when they’re some distance away, and they’ll know who they are. If it’s another tribe, perhaps also uncontacted, they may or may not have friendly relations with them.

        Will they ever have been in contact?

        In some cases, probably. Some may have been in touch with the colonist society in the past, even in past centuries, and then retreated from the violence which that brought. Some may once have been part of larger tribal groups, and split off and moved away, fleeing contact.

  6. What’s wrong in chasing lights. As the most theories on aliens say that those people come from other planets in UFOs, then where else to chase them. There ‘ve been very few incidents when somebody has actually caught them on the ground and that is no more than couple of accidental pictures on camera. But, i do agree on point that there shouldn’t be too much of obsession of that because there are many possibilities in sky and not every shining thing is UFO. In past, as history shows us that there have been incidents where these UFO people not only arrived on earth but mingle with them as well. There is this book which tell some of its tales here:

    1. I certainly have been known to point people towards the Meier material in my many posts all over the internet. Technically, to promote a book that you’re selling is spam. However, I’ll allow this…once.

      1. Sure Michael,

        But you point people towards the Meier material in your many posts all over the Internet BECA– — — USE the Meier material is NOT another tiresome example of twisting the truth into vile, falsified, mendacious religious/racist agitprop.

        It just doesn’t seem right (fair and even-handed) to all the OTHERS of that ilk if you exclusively allow THIS one – which reads a lot like common DDT* to me – onto your blogsite.


        Thanks mate.

    2. There is “this” book? You mean, there is a book that you wrote in order to profit off the gullibility & credulity of human beings.

      At least you use the word “tales”, however “tall tales” would be even more honest and forthcoming.

      noun \ˈtāl\

      : a story about imaginary events : an exciting or dramatic story

      : an exciting story that may not be completely true

      a : a usually imaginative narrative of an event : story
      b : an intentionally untrue report : falsehood

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