Sometimes Stupid People just Can’t Be Helped

and they’re often the ones who think they’re the smartest

We all know that today children barely able to walk and speak are already playing with computers and even cell phones. Kids 10 years old and younger know how to operate computers but of course it doesn’t mean they understand everything that they have access to.

But willful stupidity on the part of adults who use computers is another thing. Case in point, you guessed it, the brilliant skeptics who attack the Billy Meier case. But wait, am I not talking about a real scientist, Stuart Robbins, and his sidekick, the anonymous “Nereid”, who simply also must be some credentialed scientist?

Yes, precisely. These two have raised a lot of commotion in yet another vain attempt to discredit the authenticity of the Billy Meier case, specifically his information (and my claims) pertaining to Jupiter, its rings and its moon Io. In this Orwellian doublespeak, kangaroo court spectacle, where I – and anyone else who dares try to insert reason and supporting evidence into the discussion will be told, overtly – or just by being censored – that their contributions aren’t “pertinent”.

Because these blogs can get simply too complicated, I’m going to offer a few “thinking person’s” suggestions. Then, if there’s enough interest, I’ll explain more and, perhaps, Dyson and others will chime in.

Since I am no scientist, I had to learn to think my way through the information I was finding. So, today’s suggestion is that you read the information here and notice a few things, including:

  • The copyright dates on the page for A Preliminary Investigation Report
  • That Wendelle Stevens had the October 19, 1978 115th Contact notes as of March 9, 1979
  • His focus on the specific predictions that were contained within the 115th Contact
  • The information about the two at the time still undiscovered planets beyond Pluto
  • His mention of the moons of Jupiter also being in this same contact
  • His specifically not referring to any information about Jupiter’s rings, Io, etc.

Now, also find the information here regarding the 10 predictions from Contact 115 that were ultimately fulfilled.

We’re going to put some pieces together using the very “common sense” that Nereid derides (hmmm, a lot of the same letters in those two words.

Now I know that there are some scientifically minded folks that read this blog and they may want to know that this has to do with answering those “tough” challenges posed by the skeptics. And they may want to know why I’m so willing to engage these obvious scientific geniuses in a true, open and very public, live debate on the Meier case and this information.

They may also perhaps wonder why the skeptics have gone to such great lengths to try to impose ridiculous restrictions on the evidence I would present.

So, please take a look at the information and the suggested points of contemplation. And see if you can start to put the pieces of the puzzle together yourself.

And please also review Dyson’s truly brilliant contributions, which are deservedly thus referred to, as they explain many things in detail that the skeptics are simply too stupid and inept to have found and for considered themselves, as well as information pertinent to putting the puzzle pieces together.

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  1. I find it interesting how people (though I agree with them completely) are so into proving the case to the world. It will prove itself to the world as we eventually have our own UFO’s to fly around in in the next centuries. Then it won’t be such a big deal. But because there’s UFO’s attached to it now, naturally most of the world won’t get it. It’s just too much to ask of most people to contemplate the existence of life elsewhere and that they might not share any one of our planet’s dumb religious views. But here we find ourselves in this time looking around ourselves wondering when people will get it. I can point out all the reasons in the world why this case is real to a religious person and they won’t get it because they don’t understand what evidence is. Again, like I’ve mentioned so many times before, the argument starts with epistemology (what is knowledge and proof and how do we know it?) and since people don’t study that subject and instead run their idiotic beliefs into the ground (which is a good thing because it shows them eventually that the universe has boundaries and doesn’t care what they believe), until then, they won’t get it. They just won’t. That’s why our planet is run by insane people. Literally insane people. They are literally insane… They don’t understand that reality exists so they don’t know that everything in reality has a nature and a way of acting (a cause and an effect). They refuse to know it! I don’t know what it’s going to take but I’m skeptical that continuously telling them might work…

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