Fukushima: Saving Face May Finally Yield to Saving Lives

More than 2 ½ years after Billy Meier warned that the Fukushima disaster was already a super worst-possible-case-scenario, the world is slowly beginning to learn the incomprehensible truth. And quite possibly the tradition of saving face, which has assumed suicidal if not possibly genocidal proportions, is giving way to the truth.

Saving face, like diplomacy, is merely glorified lying; lying that is dressed up, ritualized and institutionalized, but it’s lying just the same.  The Plejaren long ago explained that lying is simply illogical, as it only compounds the negative consequences of trying to suppress the truth.

Could there be a more poignant and painful example of how true this is than the way the officials in Japan have handled this monumental disaster?

Here is the headline that just made the front page of the Japan Times. Hopefully it’s a sign that people recognize that the disaster itself was bad enough and that, while it’s long past due, they can finally admit the pressing need to reach out for the best international help available.



Please also support the efforts of this environmental group to eliminate the use of nuclear energy plants entirely. And investigate the one readily available, inexhaustible supply of energy -deep geothermal energy, as explained by Meier in as the time fulfills.

Special thanks to Chris Lock for the headline.

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  1. And to think Japan is one of the countries with an abundance of potential geothermal sites. How long will it take for the collusion between nuclear authorities world-wide and the world’s governments that are mostly sold on the nuclear business to realize and admit the errors of their path and engage in a massive geothermal investigation and commitment for the sake of all humanity? May they turn over a new non-nuclear leaf and engage the geothermal opportunity ASAP.

  2. Basically with the people who are in power, want to keep their power, (read money}. Let them keep their damn money, if the investment is made into geo thermal energy it is reasonable to expect a profit. I would rather pay exorbitant sums for clean energy than for the,dirty, planet killing sources we currently use. If this is not done soon, I can only wonder if there is some other agenda in place

  3. Thanks for the news from Japan, Chris. I hope you’re safe up there.

    From all I can gather – with my professional background in electrodynamics, and association as a Disclosure Project military whistleblower – I see several simple historically suppressed so-called “free energy” domestic technologies just waiting in the wings which will instantly make ALL the giant machines of the centralised power corporations costly white elephants. And the oligarchy know this, which would be one decisive factor in the shyness of potential major investors in conventional renewable energy technologies. If you think the many enemies of truth are busy clouding the ET issue, it’s even WORSE with “free energy”. But they get away with it even more than they do with UFOs, largely because normal folks are deliberately left uneducated about electrons, etc. – not to mention the non-falsified versions of electrodynamic theory as described by Tom Bearden (@ http://www.cheniere.org) and publicly acknowledged since the 1950’s by the Noble Prize committees.

    As usual, Billy has some intriguing things to say about this inconceivably dangerous topic.

    (Please see http://www.theyfly.com/concealment-vs-lies for context.)

    In his Q&A session of June 16th, 2004, in reply to questions about the feasibility of hydrogen fuel cells powering homes and cars, thus replacing the need for thermonuclear power plants, etc., he said:

    “Hydrogen technology is dangerous (explosive). The following energy sources/methods are positive for our future: solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, tidal energy and (much) later: electron energy, sub-atomar [sic.] energies etc., energy drawn from Black Holes.”

    Naturally my attempts at informing my fellow FIGU friends, that these “electron energy” systems, and so forth, are currently illegally weaponised (think “9/11”*) and are – for DOMESTIC use – gathering dust on the Order of Darkness’ “Black Shelves”, has been greeted with antagonism because Billy comfortingly said “much later”.

    In April 29th, 2005, in response to a Q&A about the weapons he mentioned repeatedly in 1995 contact 251, he had this to say: “Included are all kinds of new weapons, like radiation weapons, electron weapons, the HAARP system, etc.”




    So, for those folks who are too psychically disturbed about the past and present criminal use of these nightmare machines, they can still comfort themselves with Billy’s “much later” comment.

    But there are ample historical precedents for the heinous use of secret super WMD’s.

    Here’s what Billy said (to Ptaah) in their 238th contact on May 18th, 1991:

    “Du sagtest, dass die Amerikaner damit geliebäugelt hätten, dass die Japaner damals am 7. Dezember 1941 ungehindert und ohne Gegenwehr die im Hafen liegenden Schiffe der amerikanischen Pazifik-Flotte angreifen und zerstören konnten, um dadurch einen Grund zu haben, um japanische Städte mit Atombomben zu vernichten, um dadurch einerseits notwendige Tests an lebenden und toten Objekten durchführen zu können, und um andererseits militärische Macht zu demonstrieren.”

    (You said that the Americans had thereby toyed with the idea that, then on December 7th, 1941, the Japanese, unhindered and without defence, could attack and destroy the ships of the American Pacific fleet lying in harbour, to thereby have a basis to annihilate Japanese cities with atom bombs, and thereby, on one hand, to be able to carry out necessary tests on living and dead objects, and on the other hand to demonstrate military power.)



    The pivotal words here are, “to be able to carry out necessary tests on living and dead objects”.

    This is nothing new, and there are many literally unbelievably examples reported even in the mainstream media.

    “Within this book’s thick catalog of horrors is the story of how the Atomic Energy Commission and the Quaker Oats Co. co-sponsored a secret program in which radioactive oatmeal was fed to orphans in Waltham, Mass.”


    Now this from Ptaah in 2007:

    „Dann kommt der zweite Fakt, der darin besteht, dass Angst, Schrecken, Hass und Rachegefühle in den Erdenmenschen erzeugt werden, worauf dann die Waffenindustrie aufgebaut werden kann, und zwar insbesondere in bezug auf futuristische Waffen, von denen die normalen Erdenmenschen keine Ahnung haben und nicht einmal davon zu träumen wagen. Das Ganze ist dabei ein wohldurchdachtes psychologisches Netzwerk, auf dem der Fortschritt der gesamten Waffenindustrie und die Macht der Militärs, der Staatsführungen, der Finanzhaie und der Industriekonzerne sowie der Geheimdienste immer weiter aufgebaut werden kann.“

    (Then comes the second fact, which exists in the fact that angst, terror, hate and feelings of revenge is produced in the Earth humans whereby then the weapons industry can be built up and indeed especially in regard to futuristic weapons, of which the normal Earth humans have no idea, and of which they do not ever dare to dream. The entirety is thereby a well-thought-out psychological network on which the progress of the entire weapons industry and the power of the military, of the federal leadership, the finance sharks and the industry businesses as well as the secret services can be built up ever further.)


    So, all this leads me to the ambitious point I’m trying to make here.

    In spite of the fact that Ptaah was naturally careful to maintain the requisite semi-plausible deniability (www.tjresearch.info/denial.htm) which would foster necessary disputes (http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/gaiaguys/meier.56.ratgeber.htm), he does use the present tense about our (lack of) comprehension about existing futuristic (“futuristische“) weapons. This is consonant with what I know from the Disclosure Project testimonies, (http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/gaiaguys/DPBriefingDocument.zip) and suggests that we actually DO have, hidden (by the Dark Order) right around the corner, a bright, happy and peaceful future of decentralised wealth – the tide which lifts all our boats – and we can have this as soon as we become intellectually courageous enough to collectively realise that we can have it NOW, not “much later”. It’s up to us.


    * “Where Did the Towers Go?” (new video about the book) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4N3Y4Jj6WU

    1. Well, after Ptaah’s remark that somethings can be spoken freely after 2007, some other folks out there have no qualms about expressively returning a favor with this technology. Mr. Putin is one of those folks.


      “In the near future, he wrote, military strength will rely on a country’s prowess in space and cyber warfare, but further down the line, weapons will emerge based on “new physical principles,” such as “lasers, geophysics, waves, genetic engineering, psycho-physics and etc.” Not only will they be at least as deadly as Russia’s nukes, Putin wrote, but they will be “more acceptable in a political and military sense.”

      Anyone thinking Putin is not serious should take a second look and think it out what that means when generally the Soviet Union made no effort to give clues away like that. Then contrast that with a neat comparison of the publicly available GAO reports on various US military non-projects and see how much more ‘advanced’ it is from the 80s and early 90s like DU Armor on the Abrams tank for starters. You won’t see that much of a difference.

      Though there is a neat documentary done by Australian news agency on the topic of the F-35 project:

      Then comes the Russians followed by the Chinese:

      Can you say Arkhangelsk five times fast?

    2. Dyson,

      As always, a very interesting post. What do mean “It’s up to us” though? Is it really? How can we “have it now”? What is an individual or group of individuals really to do in effecting this kind of change? Sincere questions. Thanks. Regards.

      1. Thanks Andy.

        I’ll take your sincere and thoughtful questions sequentially, and do my best to point in the right direction.

        Q “What do mean ‘It’s up to us’ though?”

        If you look back and see the context in which I wrote “us” and “we”, you’ll see that I was referring to all of us earthlings COLLECTIVELY. Sadly we remain a warring planet of opposing camps far from thinking – let alone acting – as one people. The P’s tell us that humans don’t emotionally mature until the age of 70, so we’re behind a big eight-ball. By the time I get there, I’ll have forgotten why I went. So I guess we’ll have to do something about our ET-engineered “terminator gene” which gives us congenital progeria. Given that our behind-the-curtain powers-that-be are already cloning fake “ETs”, that shouldn’t be so hard.

        Q “Is it really?” (up to us)

        Yes. Obviously. We’re not (since May 1978) in the telenotic thrall of malign alien overlords. But our functional collective “we-form” inescapably has to start with each and every individual waking up to, and firmly embracing, the idea that each one of us must take personal responsibility for every one of our (mighty) thoughts, (and their resultant feelings) words and deeds. Steering your own car instead of being taken for a scary ride by the ruling elite sounds crazy and undoable until you try it and see how liberating it is – to be able to have some control over what goes on up in your own skull, instead of traditionally foisting that adult responsibility onto people, places and things beyond your control or influence. I speak from some personal experience. (And of course when I say “you”, I don’t mean Andy, so much as I mean all of us. “One”, in the Queen’s English.)

        Q “How can we ‘have it now’?”

        As above, “we” can all have that bright, nuclear-free future of “free” quantum zero-point energy and antigravity superluminal propulsion and so on as soon as we collectively face the truth that this technology is already all ready to go but is being criminally kept from us by that powerful taxpayer-funded minority who has a vested pecuniary or psychical interest in the appalling status quo. And we HAND them that criminal power by accepting their evil, ether tacitly by being “a good person who does nothing” or actively by supporting all those fake, gigantic “charities”* we’ve learned about, the fake gigantic churches (and secret societies) and their political lapdogs, and so on. A new superpower is emerging. And it’s called, “The Grass Roots”. Walk, then run. Support the Disclosure Project (not CSETI!!!) before you try to introduce Billy to the ET-unenlightened.

        Here’s a little article:


        Q “What is an individual or group of individuals really to do in effecting this kind of change?”

        The Plejaren have told us that AS SOON as we collectively acknowledge that we are not alone in the universe, then our richly deserved sub-human categorisation will change, we will become fully human and thus become eligible for the sort of widespread social, etc., assistance which other developing peoples enjoy from our planetary siblings and cousins. (Giant vegetables! Yummy!)

        In more practical terms, simply studying, learning and applying the renewed teachings of the truth is the way to start, in my opinion, and the exercise of learning a foreign language – especially in adulthood as I did – especially German – is also a really good way of getting your brain fit for the hard work required of it. It’s a little like working out in the gym before you head off to climb a mountain. There are no shortcuts, and if you’ve been trained by television, etc., to have the sort of short attention span that old men like Michael and I complain about, then the task will be that much more difficult – to learn to read books. Lots of them. I think it’s only when you get down to that laborious level of detail can you really “get it”. I have friends who believe they can absorb all they need by watching documentary videos, but I think they’re dead wrong. In these revolutionary times you can use your credit card to buy an ebook of revisionist history on line for the cost of a cup of hot coffee and have it delivered to your device in less time than it takes to comfortably drink one.

        For instance:


        And, over the years, of course Michael’s often been asked, “What can I do?”


        But nobody’s put it as well as Quetzal back in 1987.

        13. “It must come to an end that earth humans as a whole face all their enormous problems helplessly and powerlessly because all the profit-greedy, irresponsible and unscrupulous ones are able to conduct their criminal affairs unrestrained without being held accountable for them, as are also the governmental persons of responsibility who are incapable of administering their office within the framework of a just and appropriate leadership in order to resolve the mounting problems.”
        14. “Most urgently, the earth human must learn to bear his own responsibility and consciously act in a progressive manner in accordance with this. It can no longer persist that the responsibility is simply shifted onto someone or something else, because the individual is responsible for all of his own thinking, feelings and actions. The individual must recognize and adhere to his responsibility, because only when the individual begins recognition of his responsibility and adheres to his responsibility will the next person be prompted to do the same, whereby others, in turn, will join in, and finally the whole of Earth’s mankind will be taken up by it.”


        I hope this has addressed your good questions, Andy, and thanks to you for providing me the impetus, and thanks, as ever, to Michael for the opportunity.

        (If you’re the same “Andy” who was getting his hands dirty over at Stuart’s bad science blog, you have my thanks and admiration for that unpleasant but necessary work.)

        Warm regards!

        *http://www.futureofmankind.co.uk/Billy_Meier/gaiaguys/specialbulletin16.htm (scroll down to “profit-greedy aid organizations”


        (scroll down to “Greenpeace”)

  4. Dyson,

    Thanks for the patience, diligence, thoroughness. ““[F]ree” quantum zero-point energy and antigravity superluminal propulsion…” Well that sounds exciting. (And yes, I am the same Andy).

    Since you’ve demonstrated such a willingness to be helpful, two follow up questions:

    1) Are you suggesting it is something of a moot endeavor to promote, as Michael does, deep-geothermal energy in light of the already existent super fancy stuff noted above? Or are these efforts worthwhile, and Billy mentions the geothermal option in light of the likelihood that we will not “have it now” (or any time soon)?

    And, unrelated,

    2) You made some comments on a different page of this blog about language learning. (Haven’t found my German lover yet). I recall reading–I think in “Questions to Billy”–that playing tapes while sleeping can be used to accelerate the acquisition of the foreign language. Are you familiar? Do you know how this works? What the content of these would look like? Something like “Madchen-girl…Junge-boy…etc-etc…”? Or maybe just a conversation in German? A sentence in German followed by the translation in English? I am well aware that, in any case, learning the new language well take hard, persistent, efforts. On the other hand, as with anything, proper tools and methods ought streamline the process. Was just curious then if you had any knowledge/thoughts on this learn-while-sleeping thing…?

    1. I see now my first paragraph above might be interpreted as a little catty/skeptical. Wasn’t intended. Was just that, so over my head, and so futuristic sounding… the terms were kinda humorous to me…
      Anyways. Thanks again.

      1. No worries Andy, thanks as ever for your pretty flowers, and good onya for taking on the sophists on their own turf. (I wouldn’t, even if “they” LET me!) And don’t worry about me hearing any sarcasm in your text, ‘cause I never do. And ‘free quantum zero-point energy and antigravity superluminal propulsion’ does indeed make an exciting sound when you say it. That’s half the problem!

        Right – German: I never tried (nor wanted to) learn it in my sleep, and it sounds a little like an example of ‘the wide, smooth road to the bad place’ to me, but I’m sure Billy is right, given that the hypnagogic and hypotropic states of consciousness are well known to be very suggestible (this a good time to meditate, Billy says) But I already spend most of my waking/working hours trying to learn, and I value my ZZZZ’s too much to try to also do it in my few hours of R&R.

        Since Tasmanians speak a form of English, I have nobody in my life anymore with whom I can practice my form of German, so I strive to create opportunities to at least HEAR it spoken well. (And of course if I didn’t talk to myself while working among the trees, I’d go crazy, right? Right.) For instance the Deutsche Welle news service here on SBS-TV, the only TV service I can reliably get, is a regular for me and it’s also is a little less anglo/americo-centric that the UK/US news. (The whole world IS actually VERY fed up about being spied on like that, and the very real repercussions have yet to start. Cause & effect.)

        Anyway, I recently found a free (German language) talking book version of this:


        which uses all sorts of bizarre and interesting words spoken by a young lady with lovely razor-sharp enunciation and perfect unaccented Hochdeutsch diction.

        Of course the only thing better, for honing your skills, than READING Billy’s insanely complex German is trying to translate it … once you’ve learnt how to read it.

        To your 1st question, Andy: 1) “Are you suggesting it is something of a moot endeavor to promote, as Michael does, deep-geothermal energy in light of the already existent super fancy stuff noted above?”

        A: In a word, yes. (Michael and I agree to disagree about this, so I take every opportunity to put in my 2 cents.) I’m not merely NOT “suggesting it is something of a moot endeavor” – which sound like a gross British understatement to me, except for the spelling – I’m stating unequivocally that it is as sorely misguided as believing Billy when he says crop circles are “made with ropes and boards and other primitive means”. Not unlike the ENORMOUS windmills – which blight the (formerly) most peaceful and beautiful parts of our landscape, screw up the local weather, kill 600,000 bats a year (I read this morning*) scramble our minds and ruin our health through insomnia-inducing infrasound, and are built by the aircraft arm of the same military-industrial (Big Oil/Big Pharma) complex President Eisenhower warned us about – these same oil-addled arsonists who suicidally preserve the crumbling central power grid (which causes MOST of our unnaturally hot-weather wildfires through sagging and short-circuiting powerlines), are doubtlessly fiendishly clever enough to figure out some damned diabolical way of doing SIMILAR mischief with gigantic, high-tech geothermal power plants! Did you know that NO thermonuclear power plant, anywhere in the world has EVER turned a penny of profit? They are primarily plutonium manufacturing plants for the vast stockpiles of thermonuclear warheads belonging to the abovementioned crazies whose child-sacrifice religion demands that they destroy their own planet in the most sadistic ways they can dream up. No joke. And plutonium is even better (more lastingly deadly) than the assassins’ polonium.

        Q (part 2) “Or are these efforts worthwhile, and Billy mentions the geothermal option in light of the likelihood that we will not “have it now” (or any time soon)?”

        A: No. See above. Read the Disclosure Project testimony. Study http://www.cheniere.org and accept what Billy and the Plejaren say about the high-tech fake “ET” antigravity craft of MILAB infamy. (Think about the power source for THEM!) Watch the Twin Towers turn to dust and blow away, particularly the MASSIVE steel 70 story tall central “spire” on Building One, which took two goes to take out.


        Think about it logically and open-mindedly, and try to understand that the lunatics running this asylum are the Bafath’s homicidal maniacs, and no matter how crazy and horrible you think it is, it’s worse. But – to close on a happy note, their power structure is pyramidal, with the capstone now (1978) arrested, deported and incarcerated for life, and the minions and most of the myrmidons don’t WANT to be evil, so as soon as the few hundred (at most) of the Order of Darkness are removed during a strictly-defined period of general amnesty, good guys like Obama – they DO exist – can take the reigns and the small fry will just keep going to work and coming home again like always. And don’t forget that Q.Z.P. “motionless/solid state electromagnetic generators” are so simple and cheap that all our electrical devices and appliances will be wireless and contain within them their own inexhaustible little, zero-emissions power source. So everything with wires will be replaced ASAP.


        Imagine what THAT will do – immediately – for our world’s unemployment crisis in the manufacturing industry!



  5. Dyson,

    Sorry, if you will, allow me to make it three questions. You wrote “Naturally my attempts at informing my fellow FIGU friends, that these “electron energy” systems, and so forth, are currently illegally weaponised (think “9/11”*)…”

    I clicked on the link asterisked (is that a word?) to “9/11” … and saw that it was an hour-ish long video. Being myself one of those short attention spanned young folk you speak of, and, contrary to the teaching, I’d like to ask you to spoon-feed me a bit. I am aware you take a view on 9/11 that implicates the U.S government even beyond Meier’s statements on the issue. Fair enough… but you’re suggesting “electron energy” was involved in the take down of the towers? This is new to me. The question then is, would you please offer a few words speaking towards the basic premises and conclusions forwarded in the video above that you cited and apparently agree with? I ask this for my benefit and for the that of the causal reader. You tease us with your casual, in passing, statements of such tantalizing and deliciously conspiratorial notions. Please then, just offer a few more statements to convince us that said video is worth watching?

    One more time: thank you.



  6. And, at the risk of appearing like I just like to hear myself talk (4th consecutive post), thanks Michael for allowing me to get so wildly off topic here.

  7. Dyson,
    Okay, fifth consecutive post. (Perhaps I do enjoy hearing myself talk). I just clicked on Michael’s most recent blog and saw your further statements on the 9/11 stuff. Since you “BEG[GED]” us to listen to Dr. Judy, I’ll take you up on it and feel free to disregard my third question above.

      1. WOW. Angry. And feel so duped. What the hell. So seemingly obvious now. Such gall…to pull such a fast one, with the whole world watching… and get away with it. Unbelievable. Paradigm shifting stuff. Thanks for sharing.

        1. Above comment refers to the two and a half hour Dr. Judy Wood presentation I just watched. Where did the towers go, indeed. Again, WOW

          1. Yes. WOW, Andy.

            Billy Meier doesn’t represent the only elephant in the room going unnoticed.

            Now you might start to realise why we call this place “Planet Upsidedown”.

            Think of the traditional heroes like, Charles Darwin (criminal fraudster who filed off fossil ape teeth to make his erroneous theory fit), Mother Theresa (criminal fraudster who stole and sold babies, peddled decades of gratuitous death and misery and sent billions of $$$ of contributions right off to Rome), the Dalai Lama (misogynistic NAZI-sympathiser and CIA tool) the Apollo 11 & 13 hoaxes, the NASA photo-falsification teams, the MILABS, fake “ETs”, this list goes on and on.

            And then go into the material less well covered by Billy. Think of all the MJ-12 assassinations since Roswell to cover up truth about ETs! Jack Kennedy, Bobbie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, CIA Director William Colby, this list goes on and on.

            Think of all the wars started by the US. Easy – ALL of them at least since the Spanish American War if not earlier.

            Think of all the planet-saving technology being ruthlessly suppressed and all the totally unnecessary environmental damage committed because of it! Think of all the animals and plants that have become extinct. (At least the Plejaren are saving examples of them for us, presumably to be returned when we’re mature enough to keep from killing them.) Think of all the unnecessary anthropogenic global-warming/climate-catastrophes, prime agricultural land buried under needless airports, roads, clearings, streets, highways, parking places. Dammed rivers, hydroelectric schemes, power lines and power plants of all kinds, oil wells & spills and oil transportation accidents, RADIOACTIVE WASTE, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima and so on and so forth!

            “Plutonium has 15 isotopes. The longest-lived is plutonium 244, which takes 80.8 million years to decay to half its level of radioactivity. The most commonly-used isotopes — and those found at Fukushima — are plutonium 238, with a half life of 88 years; plutonium 239, with a half life of 24,000 years; and plutonium 240, with a half life of 6,500 years.”


            Mind boggling! And THAT’S the problem. Nobody wants to have their mind mucked with like that. “So what’s on TV tonight?” Zombies, murder, horror, zombies, sex/violence, murder, zombies, murder, death, hate, sex, zombies, murder, war, murder ….

            No wonder ET thinks we’re insane.

            “I don’t know if there are men on the moon, but if there are they must be using the earth as their lunatic asylum.” – George Bernard Shaw.


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