The danger posed by the still not contained radiation, as well as the continued release of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, is now even being reported in the mainstream news.

There really isn’t much more to be said. Of course Meier warned about this long ago:

56.) Through atomic contamination of the environment – through atomic explosions, atomic power plants and radioactive waste from industry and hospitals, and so on – the entire life of fauna and flora as well as of humans will be ever more injured and disturbed in health, while also mutations of fauna and flora as well as of humans will appear in terrible ways.

Maybe it’s time to reread that document, from 1958, and all of the rest of the information freely offered by Meier and the Plejaren.


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16 comments on “ABC News: Fukushima The Biggest Ticking Time Bomb in Human History

  • Dear Allen,

    Thanks for your welcome views and ongoing efforts. For many years I’ve been mysteriously unable to contribute at all to forums, on-line news services, etc.

    You wrote, “It seems as though once people realize that the public forums on the mainstream media news sites have little regard for the 1st amendment of the USA constitution when it comes to the public and their desires for the truth and to be able to discuss it with themselves, they get a little bothered.”

    That’s the whole idea, Allen, isn’t it?



    Suggested further reading:

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