First, I’m going to assume that the author quoted here, Mr. Boghossian, is also a skeptic. It’s probably accurate since, in addition to his being an atheist, he’s also a member of the Center for Inquiry, those fine chaps and chapettes who have fumbled and blundered their way in their efforts to debunk the Billy Meier UFO case, its evidence, prophecies and predictions, etc., often with results that they certainly didn’t expect.

Nonetheless, in response to question number five from Sam Harris, Mr. Boghossian has put forth three very good “core commitments of a healthy epistemology” for dealing with beliefs and the people who hold them.

As a matter of fact, I would recommend these three points be studied and applied by every…skeptic in approaching and examining the Meier case and its evidence. It’s as simple as that. Should they take Mr. Boghossian’s very good advice and apply those guidelines, I think that they will be in for a very enlightening, educational experience.

On another related note, just so you know, I have some pretty strong skeptical tendencies myself. So I have to question if the name of the contributing editor to this article is really Mr. Sosnowski (So snow ski). Considering the weather, I’m sure you understand my skepticism.

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