No, It Didn’t just Go Away

As we close out 2013, because of the mainstream news largely blacking out the real situation at Fukushima (read: Nukushima), it’s easy to think that the problem is “over”, that it just – magically – went away.

Nothing could be further from the truth, something that humanity is often allergic to knowing and disinterested in seeking.  I suggest watching this informative interview with Prof. Michio Kaku, and reading information that comes from other highly knowledgeable people, like Arnie Gundersen.

Please also note the similarity between what Prof. Kaku said about the use of seawater to try to cool down the plant and what Ptaah said about it, in the 517th Contact, March 19, 2011. Of course we may want to look at what Billy Meier himself warned about in…1958 regarding the extreme dangers of atomic energy:

56.) Through atomic contamination of the environment – through atomic explosions, atomic power plants and radioactive waste from industry and hospitals, and so on – the entire life of fauna and flora as well as of humans will be ever more injured and disturbed in health, while also mutations of fauna and flora as well as of humans will appear in terrible ways.

You can also refer to radiation monitoring sites like this one and this one.

Due to the nature of the situation I am including the following information. In the simplest terms, it’s recommended to keep the level of iodine at sufficient levels for the thyroid gland so that radioactive iodine isn’t absorbed by it, which can lead of course to cancer, etc. There is basic information here about the dangers of radioactive iodine.

Modifilan is an FDA approved, cold-processed form of the highest safe, natural, uncontaminated source of iodine – and contains all of the various nutrients and trace minerals – so it’s my preference over potassium iodine tablets.

I have made an arrangement with the manufacturer of Modifilan to make their product available at the lowest price that they offer, which also includes free shipping (in the U.S.). This also applies to case prices, since the Fukushima situation is a very long-range problem, you may wish to have a sufficient amount of this product on hand.

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5 Replies to “No, It Didn’t just Go Away”

  1. Earlier this week I read an article about Japan recruiting people from the homeless population to help clean up Fukushima. Seems like its an easy way to gain a labor force without feeling as guilty if they get sick from radioactive poisoning. There is another article about US Navy members blaming the Fukushima incident on their degrading health.

  2. Fukushima will be spoken about decades from now. It’s like 9/11. There was a time before 9/11 and after. The question is how safe is seafood from the West Coast and the Pacific in general now? Can one still eat it?

  3. And we can expect many more “Fukushimas” because Billy also said in “58:

    “29.) The most severe earth and seaquakes will take effect with primeval-like force and demand millions of human lives, as also will deluge-like masses of rain that evoke monstrous flooding and cause mighty destruction as the human has never before collectively experienced or seen.”

    Many reactors are built on or near major fault lines.

    Also the following Meier prediction is coming to fruition.

    40.) And it will be that even before the time of the Third Millennium, and indeed in 1993, a political and commercial European dictator will arise that will be called the “European Union” and, in evil, will carry the number 666, as through this the citizens of all member countries will finally be brought under total control through biometric data in identification devices and in the form of small data chips in the head or body inserted in a “biometric identification system” that would be overseen and controlled through a “central data bank” whereby finally the whereabouts of every human can be exactly determined to the meter. First the USA and later the European Union will introduce this modern human enslavement, thereafter, then other countries will also follow, all preceding the Swiss, whereby, through this process, the personal and national citizens’ human rights will be drastically trimmed, which fundamentally will be originally already planned at the construction of the European Union, whereby the citizen is finally deemed fully incapable of managing his own affairs, and should be governed only by the authorities, without having a right to a say regarding certain government things and decisions.

  4. Thanks, Michael, for including those two links to websites which show radiation counts/minute over the U.S. In western Oregon we haven’t had any significant rainfall since early October, so I will be able to check, now, if the counts per minute should suddenly rise substantially after our next good rain finally appears.

  5. Nukushima did not go away because it was already the ultra super worst case scenario when it was destroyed and then blew up. However the Apophis meteor does go away and it also comes back because it is caught in a pin ball machine called the inner solar system. I got the free App for my android cell phone S4. The App is called Asteroid Watch and it can show me where Apophis and the other known meteors are at any time frame in the past, present time, or future with times and dates and animations. Happy New Year Michael.

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