Battle of the Brains

I’m creating this blog for those who are passionate about the meaning of the words and terms in German and English especially pertaining to the Spiritual Teaching.

I prefer to not take up a lot of space that drifts a bit far afield of each blog topic, instead to provide a…semantic sandbox, bookish boxing ring, wordsmith’s workshop, etc., wherein the discourse can take place and, hopefully, also result in succinct posts (on the specific blogs under discussion here) that reflect some progress, resolution, mutual understanding and agreement the benefits of which would thereby be bestowed upon all the readers.

To be clear, this is not in any way intended to dismiss or ignore the importance of the various words, meanings, etc., that are critical to fully understanding the Meier case. But I think it’s worth giving a separate space to for those who are passionate about clarity and resolution of ambiguities, misunderstandings, misinterpretations and any and all other meanderings, misdemeanors, or miserable mangling of meaning.

So please feel free to…work out the disagreements over here regarding any topic or element thereof. Please just make it clear what post and/or topic you’re talking about and to whom you are addressing your comments, whether they are directed to specific persons or to all concerned. I’ll leave it to the cranium crankers to work it out with each other so tell your friends and…

Let the games begin!


The Management




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Jim Deardorff

How about the word for spirit: der Geist. Starting with the TJ’s 2007 edition, Meier often preferred to use the word “consciousness” rather than “spirit” in the translation of Geist. But sometimes either word was OK.

I have always thought of “consciousness” being one’s awareness of things, which one is seemingly in contact with unless daydreaming or going by habit. So to me “consciousness” has seemed different from “spirit,” which one only comes into contact with through listening to one’s conscience on unexpected occasions, or through proper meditation.

I understand that the two can be synonymous during, say, a near-death experience in which one may remember some things that went on around you when you were brain dead for a while. But, more generally…?


Hello Jim,

Billy uses the words spirit, consciousness, psyche, etc with different meanings and explanations, and have different functions than what we are usually used to. Based on my understanding of the teaching, the consciousness is the one creating the thoughts and also the one deciding which thoughts get to stay and grow, and which thoughts get to go. The consciousness and its thoughts are displayed outside through the personality, and Billy doesn’t really make a distinction between consciousness and personality. Based on what thoughts are being nurtured also character and morality result from the consciousness and its thoughts. The thoughts have feelings associated with them and these feelings create the psyche.

The impulses coming from the spirit, apart from always being neutral-positive-equalized, are very faint or quiet, and are easily superimposed by the more noisy psyche.

One must learn to pay attention to the impulses of the spirit, while the consciousness and its thoughts as well as the psyche and its feelings are much more noisy and observable than the impulses from the spirit.

This is MY understanding of the teaching regarding the consciousness.

Jmmanuel was probably always talking about the consciousness and rarely referring to the spirit. Just like Billy is doing now.

Tony Vasquez

Hi Prunc,

So, you agree that the spirit and the consciousness are two different things. What else do you know about the spirit?

Thank you


I think that what Semjase said in the Contact Report 10 is as far as we can get at this point. I think that our focus should be on the Consciousness and its Thoughts at this point, and not the Spirit.

Tony Vasquez - Professional Astrologer

Of course, you have a right to your own opinion, but I disagree. I think that we should focus on all three. They do work together at all times.

Jim Deardorff

Thanks, Prunc, those were helpful comments. I may learn more of the distinctions between spirit and consciousness, as Billy uses the German words Geist and Bewusstsein, upon getting farther into the TJ’s 5th edition.

Perhaps it can be said that one’s consciousness is shared by both the spirit and the personality/brain. While one is conscious, the personality is in control of the consciousness and its generation of thoughts. When unconscious, as in a NDE, the spiritual side of the consciousness remains aware of its surroundings, such that, after the NDE, it may choose to share its memories with the survivor‘s consciousness/personality. When unconscious and asleep, I can’t guess what the brain’s consciousness is doing, but on rare occasions the spirit may insert a prophetic dream or a past-life fragment into the sleepers consciousness.

In an OBE, perhaps the personality side of the consciousness can temporarily take over the spirit’s side of the consciousness.

Regarding creativity, as I see it, creative thoughts can be generated by one’s consciousness, but a creative impulse (or creative impulses) may also stem from the wisdom of one’s spirit. This would mean that a highly evolved soul tends to be more creative.


You are mixing them up. The books “The Psyche/Die Psyche” and “Might of the Thoughts/Macht der Gedanken”, both written by Billy, explain this in detail. You should read them.

Jim Deardorff

Yes, I need to read them.

Tony Vasquez

Hi Jim,

I agree with you. To me, according to what I have learned, they are different.

Semjase, who I consider to be one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable people alive, seems to indicate that as well in the following text.

From Contact Report 10:

“3. The human bears a spirit that does not die nor sleep during the deepest sleep; it records all thoughts and motions; it informs the human whether his thoughts are correct or false-if he has learned to pay attention.

4. The spirit within the human is the bearer of the creative realm, and every human has his own (spirit).

8. The spirit and the consciousness are on the look-out for what is perfect, for harmony, for peace, cognition and realization, for knowledge, wisdom, truth and beauty, for love and for the true BEING, all of which are of absolute duration.”

Thank you for bringing up this very important topic.


Whenever someone makes a disparaging remark about my tinfoil hat I like to remind them that the new credit card protectors are lined with tinfoil. 🙂

Jean Grant

Last paragraph, second line, fourth word – *just

~from your friendly local proofreader.

Tony Vasquez - Professional Astrologer

To Dyson,

With all due respect, and as kindly as I can say this.

I did read your 7+ page discourse. I agree with some of it, I disagree with some of it. I especially disagree with your diatribe related to astrology. The truth is, since you have never done a serious study of that subject, logically and scientifically you don’t have a right to an opinion of it, and that of course goes for anyone else.

I have had great success in many areas of my life using astrology, as have the Ps, – From Erra – The Future Of Mankind – “There are virtually never any incompatible couples due to the use of advanced astrology and other social sciences. Thus there are virtually never any divorces on Erra and furthermore, all childrens’ well-being is guaranteed.”

And to correct you on another point, I have been able to predict the future to an extent using the great science of astrology.

Please, do not misunderstand me Dyson, I appreciate you and your work very much, but I will stand firm on what I know is true and correct based on my own work and investigations.

At the present time, for various important reasons, I practice (the correct form of) astrology privately with many students and clients with great success, and I couldn’t care less what anyone says or thinks about that. I always prove things to myself with very serious and in depth investigations and work, like I have done with the Meier material.

As I said Dyson, you are a good translator, but don’t think that because of that, that you automatically understand the Meier material better than I do, or anyone else. Even though, obviously, you do understand it well.

Thank you. Have a great day.


To Tony, in seeing that he’s so confident in his belief that he did not bother to post WHERE in the Meier Material he is coming from and continues to lack citing sources on Mike’s blog, I have to continue to wonder just exactly what “astrology” he believes he mastered and corrected. Last time I checked, Billy was the only contactee with the alleged Plejaren that would approach having a remote chance of being the source to have precise astrology which was not explained in any detail other than to point out the nuttiness of Earth Humanity’s beliefs.

Without further ado:

Eine Frage bezüglich der irdischen Astrologie: Wie mir Quetzal einmal sagte, kann die irdische Astrologie nur äusserst fehlerhaft sein, und zwar darum, weil sich die Sternbilder durch die Pol-Schwingung-Drehung stetig verschieben, was das auch immer heissen mag.

94. Das ist nicht ein Gebiet meines Interesses, folglich ich darüber auch nicht eine Auskunft erteilen kann.

95. Wenn dir jedoch Quetzal diese Erklärung gab, dann dürfte diese wohl der Richtigkeit entsprechen, weshalb es auch nicht des Wertes ist, darüber ausführlicher zu sprechen.

96. Mir ist nur bekannt, dass für eine genaue Astrologie sehr viele Faktoren und Kenntnisse von Wichtigkeit sind und dass diese das gesamte Wissen der Erdenmenschen der Neuzeit bei weitem überfordern.

97. Folglich dürfte es für den Erdenmenschen praktisch unmöglich sein, eine genaue Astrologie zu betreiben.

Tony Vasquez - Professional Astrologer

Duke and anyone else,

Go to “The Future Of Mankind” site, type in ERRA in the search bar, scroll down to relationships. You will read that on ERRA, the Ps home planet, astrology is used, “There are virtually never any incompatible couples due to the use of advanced astrology and other social sciences. Thus there are virtually never any divorces on Erra and furthermore, all childrens’ well-being is guaranteed.”

I do practice advanced correct astrology.

And remember, logically, you do not have a right to an opinion of astrology until you do a serious study of it, which would take years.


As this is the Meier material made during the golden age of communication brought to you by the internet or world wide web, you somehow failed to quote the Plejarans, whom you feel are completely real, directly from the source material. I’m sure there should be a contact note somewhere there, not a tertiary-plus summation with no references to the alleged extraterrestrials themselves, that details what exactly advanced astrology is. If you cannot explain “advanced astrology” in any certain terms or quote a primary source directly that defines “advanced astrology”, then you sir by your own standards and logic have no right of opinion with regards to what the extraterrestrials have termed “advanced astrology” because its from their perspective, not yours (obviously).

Good day.

Tony Vasquez - Professional Astrologer


I knew I should not converse with you, because no matter how hard I try, I always speak way over your head.

You can have the last word, which probably will be more nonsense.

I will not communicate with you any further at this time.

Have a good day.



That’s a pretty nonsensical thing to type when you feel like you can argue having a right to remove the opinions of people then when pressed for your scientific basis and evidence of “advanced astrology” you turn around and walk with your ball home.

I hope you have a good day too.


How about the word “Empfindung”…. from what i have heard this has a meaning of the most minute spiritually fine most sensitive feeling creating within one’s own life a feeling of wholeness between spirit and material body of all seven senses once one has acheived conscious evolutive knowledge of this through living as well as learning true knowledge. Any thoughts?


Hi Marcus

Without a context, my Oxford German Dictionary just says “feeling” and shows in parenthesis Gefu:hl which says “sensation, feeling” with another entry with Gemu:tsverfassung “feeling”. Looking up Gemu:t “nature” with another entry with Empfindungsvermo:gen “heart”.

Not sure if any of this helps though if you have a Contact report with a reference I’m sure we can make sense out of it.


Here is a couple references:
and also Contact Report 18: “25. Again and again the human being who lives in clarity of consciousness produces in himself, anew, the strong, spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling
 that the creational is far more real than that which his body feels.
25. Immer wieder von neuem erzeugt der bewusstseinsmässig klar lebende Mensch in sich das starke Empfinden, dass das Schöpferische weit wirklicher ist als das Fühlen seines Körpers
The reference to contact report 18 comes from The Future of Mankind website which also has a meaning reference at the end of the CR, which follows:
 *spiritual-fine-sensitive feeling*: (in other words, the spiritual counterpart to the material feeling) corresponds to the German word “Empfindung” which is traditionally translated as, a. (sinnliche Wahrnehmung) sensation; sensory perception; b. (Gefühl) feeling; emotion
Perhaps there is more to be learned from the German meaning of this word? Or perhaps not, these meanings seem to be the best possible translation into English of this word that I have found thus far.


So Contact 18 we go: (link)

I’m no expert but there are several ways of going about this and it takes some sleuthing about with the English Language, Latin (not too surprising given the Roman influence with the Germans), and German having to somehow compensate for the effective meaning that is somewhat strenuous to do for what appears to be a basic one line of Contact notes in the hopes that something meaningful can be obtained. Then having to do it in a timely manner given the demand for such material to be translated.

That being said, the phrase ‘starke Empfinden’ with a lowercase ‘s’ clearly is giving the impression of a powerful, strong, or otherwise potent effect to “sensation” (Empfinden). Addtionally, starke is described from the trusty Oxford in a way denoting something unconscious and a state or effect that has happened, hence the references to “potent” for drinks. This is much similar to ‘stupidus’ (stupid) in Latin which means literally to be ‘struck senseless’ to provide another language example that references senses in a similar manner.

I bring up Latin because within the sentence you have a neat word, ‘erz-eugt’. As far as I can tell, “erz” is taken from Arch which comes from a Latinized Greek Word.

Middle English; Old English arce-, ærce-, erce- (> Old Norse erki- ) < Latin archi- < Greek (see archi-); but Dutch aarts-, Middle Low German erse-, Middle High German, German Erz- < Medieval Latin arci-, and Gothic ark- directly < Greek. Cf. archangel

Latin is actually important to also have a reference given that it's empire and influence was around even in Jmmanuel's/Jesus's timeframe and existed well over 400 years. This part of history should not be ignored, but again, is time consuming and ultimately strenuous task to fulfill.

That's just the start of the Language problems Dyson hoped to pass onto folks not too long ago. You can see that Dyson has attempted to compensate for completeness sake the meaning of these words *together* though it sounds a bit clunky in English the way it comes out in the Contact Notes. Of course, a side effect to that is that it becomes nearly impossible to scam (at least in English as far as I can tell) the Meier material without noting the caveat Dyson posts for every translation he does at the very top of the page (duh). The scam material I've come across from other "Pleidians" sound whacky and not fluid due to obviously taking the English translation for granted even with the commas as pauses that seems senseless. Why anyone would miss reading the note is something I cannot explain but that's actually very important as it should signal to the reader they're going to need to at least put SOME effort into making sense of it and give the translator the courtesy of a benefit of a doubt.

In the end, I lean to think 'starke Empfinden' is the effective words that should be paired at the end of the sentence.


I have one question, which is the following:

In the Talmud of Immanuel, Immanuel is speaking about John the Baptist and says that in the future John will reincarnate as Elijah as foretold by the prophets. But seeing as Immanuel was of the same spirit-form that now has incarnated as Billy, and that the same spirit-form is supposed to of been Elijah, why did Immanuel say that John in the future would reincarnate as Elijah? Was Immanuel simply in accurate?