The Adventures of Billy Meier!” is a comic strip type presentation of certain information in the Meier case that is especially important for humanity to know about.

It is hoped that many people who may not otherwise see, or read, this information will find it more accessible in this highly visual format, leading them to a deeper level of discovery.

“The Adventures of Billy Meier!” is a comic strip type presentation of certain information in the Meier case that is especially important for humanity to know about.

It is hoped that many people who may not otherwise see, or read, this information will find it more accessible in this highly visual format, leading them to a deeper level of discovery.

Episode One concerns the Red Meteor, also known as the Apophis Asteroid, and the extreme danger it poses to the planet and humanity in the coming decades. And, since it is the next generation that will have to certainly face the consequences of the impact of Apophis with the Earth, should an international effort not be successfully enacted, it’s hoped that this will give them the needed impetus to help assure their future survival.

We are starting with the English language version of the specific portion of the text that pertains to the situation. Other language versions will follow. Click here for the full transcript of the translation and here for more information about the entire matter.

Also, in all the contacts from 1975 on, Meier was required to sequentially number each of the sentences spoken by each of the extraterrestrials. The main reason for this was to assure that all copies of the transcripts, in any and all languages into which they would ultimately be translated, would have the same exact information, thereby also assuring that Meier hadn’t gone back and inserted accurate information after the fact, as he was certain to be accused of doing. Indeed, this mechanism has helped to show just how impeccably prophetically accurate the information is.

With that in mind, we are also hoping that by publishing some of these prophetic warnings in this illustrated form that enough people will become aware of, and motivated by, it and take action to prevent those negative events that can still be prevented, or at least somewhat changed for the better.

(See ALL the amazing episodes here!)

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  • I am sure that comment will not bne posted, this blog is not about truth.


    You will have to answer for this mike and your part.

  • I think the concept of a comic strip is awesome . In the past they were fantasy and now they are REAL ! Billy has the most awesome message and this outlet is very well done and classy . And I should say classic . It will live on for a long time only gaining followers . Comics are a lost art and one that is well done is always welcome . I am not sure about some of the previous posts . But maybe you should consider reading some of the actual printed material . It won’t bite and would probably make you realize some new things and make you feel good too when you realize how empowering the spiritual teachings are and the introduction into the creational teachings . Its awareness that you may really enjoy . Some of the actual contact reports are riveting too and instead of superman and batman in a play metropolous world , its actually , REAL . So their is no attempts to destroy here , Just uplifting factual adventure and the lifelong journey of ….. Reality . Salome

  • Whatever unfolds and how things turn out I’m truly thankful to Mr. Horn on all his work and most of all I’m thankful that I have found Billy Meier in this lifetime . I’ve learned more than I have ever learned before and no doubt in my mind that it’s all truth and the truth will come to light one day. Thank you Mr. Horn and Billy Meier . With all my love and respect I appreciate all that I have learned so much words cannot explain.

    • Cecilia glad you are on board
      Please help your fellow Vietnamese compatriots by enlightening them of the truth.
      While I was there it was a shamble and the Vietnamese deserve better than what they are getting now.
      These vultures and hyenas from your own country and from the west are exploiting the good down to earth folks there so please do all you can possible to balance the inequities of that country by first educating your fellow Vietnamese.
      Vietnam is a playground for conmen at the moment.
      The bear does all the tricks and the circus master collects the money.

  • In an era of free speech it is amazing how many have a mission to try to stop the same of others. We all have free will to not even visit any area that describes things they do not care for, spending time closing down X rated sites or stop fracking would be time better spent. Surely your future generations would approve of you helping them out, than trying control free speech of things you find different.

  • Advances in genetic engineering and stem cell technology from late 2014 will enable humans to make sperm cells and egg cells from a person’s skin, regardless of gender. ( That is, even though I am a male, my skin cells can be converted to pluripotent stem cells and exposed to ovarian chemical signals which will induce their development into egg cells. These egg cells would be genetically competent like normal gamete cells, and carrying exactly half of my DNA, could then be inseminated by another male’s sperm for procreation. Which brings us to an interesting ethical question that is probably best answered by Billy….

    Meier has provided an extensive explanation on the topic of homosexuality, here: ( In short, homosexuality is in most cases a natural variant of sexual expression, whereby male-male or female-female sexual gratification is deemed acceptable, not a transgression, nor undesirable in the sense that there would be a reason to attempt these sexual desires or behavior. However, Meier makes a rather interesting qualification here:

    “When the OM on page 69, verse 139, states that the homosexual joining of two men is punishable, it means that homosexual men are guilty then, when they come together in such a way that makes them capable of giving birth in an unnatural and sacrilegious manner (for instance through genetic manipulation etc.), and then have sexual relationships for the purpose of procreating descendants.”

    Since we are now on the technological cusp of enabling two men or two women to conceive, by producing sperm or egg cells from the skin of either men or women, what is the ethical rationale for preventing two men from procreating in this manner, but not two women? Meier’s ethical condemnation of such a practice is now quite relevant, and I am interested in hearing his justification.

    … Perhaps this can be posted to “Questions for Billy” when the section opens back up. For now, food for thought.


  • An embryo fertilized from two men (one with natural sperm, the other with genetically transformed eggs) could still be inserted into a woman’s womb for development thereafter. Assuming that the child would be every bit as physically fit as an embryo fertilized from two women (genetic manipulation), or for that matter, from an opposite sex couple (natural procreation), then where does the ethical problem arise?

    In fact, the only answer I can reason out is if we were to discover that a child fertilized from two men would not be physically fit, for some reason, while this turns out not to be the case in a female-female fertilization. And then the rationale would be clear… we do not want to procreate children who are physically unfit. But that’s just a guess; perhaps Meier’s rationale is different…

    • Birth should be natural without artificial intervention otherwise you get Chimeras who aren’t exactly human beings.
      Case in point
      The Giza Intelligences
      Whether Jahova, Henn, Kamagol, Jehav, Arus and so on they were genetically mutating themselves to live longer lives hence it must have been one among many reasons why they were cruel, crazy, unjust, magalomanical, hate filled, patricidal, homocidal, misanthropic, power hungry etc

      • If you are simply looking for “story examples” from the Contact Reports regarding genetic manipulation, there are many positive examples as well as negative ones. For one, without advances in basic genetic manipulation, we will never be able to correct the mutation introduced into earth human populations that leads to our short lifespan. Also, there is the example of the planet whereby only female humans exist, who follow the creational laws, and grow sperm in vitro which they then implant in themselves for procreation – all of this is deemed acceptable by the Plejaran. So your claim that “birth should be natural without artificial intervention” does not perfectly comport with Meier’s teachings.

        • The planet Seritan with Sertitanian women created spermatoza from stem cells to have female only offsprings.
          Maybe I haven’t expressed myself well enough to have caused the misunderstanding.
          Take two cut!
          Ok here we go
          The word artificial was used in the context that what is natural as in the original DNA makeup of the human being wasn’t tinkered with in any way shape or form such as the examples of Seritanians.
          With your example given whereby fertilized embryo from two male is used would in my book be an unnatural unnaturalness that goes against Creational law on par with two homosexual men trying to procreate.
          Therefore what could this be but a chimera.

          • Hi Mike,

            I do think I understand what you’re saying. I believe you would still be incorrect, however, if you’re suggesting that it goes against Creational laws, as explained by Meier, to “tinker with” the “DNA make-up of the human being” (your words).

            Here are Quetzal’s words in Contact Report 215: “The science of genetic engineering is established in the laws of overall evolution; therefore, it also cannot be prevented, even though in the future, irrational ones, who will unite together in whole organizations, will want to destroy such progress….

            Due to the irrationality and irresponsibility of the genetic opponents, it will be that a lot of genetic progress for all humans, animals, and plants, as well as waters and air, and even for all of nature, will be prevented for many years, even though life could be prolonged by centuries through genetic engineering and just through the genetic manipulation of the person, by what means his health could be so stabilized, namely in a few decades, that he would almost never get sick.”

            Quite simply, there are many deleterious genetic mutations that earth humans absolutely must tinker with in order to reverse, from diseases like hemophilia and cystic fibrosis, to pre-mature aging caused by the alleged genetic mutation introduced into earth human populations by the “Creator overlords.” Hopefully we are now in agreement that genetic tinkering is absolutely correct and desirable, as viewed by Meier’s teachings, provided that it is used to the benefit and progress of humans.

            With respect to procreation, which was my original question: Why is it ethically acceptable for two women, but not two men, to fertilize offspring using their own cells transformed into eggs and sperm? Meier does not fault a female-female pairing, only a male-male pairing. (Please read my original statement) What is the rationale? (It cannot simply be that genetic engineering or artificial manipulations are bad in general, because in general no that is not what Meier says, and it would not explain why he does not condemn a female-female pairing.)

            See my dilemma?

          • No dilemma in my mind. Genetic engineering is part of evolution but I don’t see ANY indication that modifying men to bear children is positive in terms of evolution. It appears to be in direct contradiction to what Meier stated was a wrong and abominable thing from the past and not to be done in the future.

  • Hi Michael,

    Do you think that genetically modifying women (or their cells) in a manner that they would be capable of procreating together, even though this is clearly not natural or possible without genetic engineering, is ethically acceptable? Yes, no, and why?

    • Sean,

      from what I recall in the material, women can already procreate without men, under certain circumstances. If I recall correctly this can happen on their own but I may be in error, not having the info in front of me right now.

    • Hi Sean, l enjoyed reading you on this and the possible clarifying element l would offer, would be to consider, that what MH said about women already being capable of giving birth in a genetically un manipulated setting, excludes sexual activity between women and is a spontaneous event, possibly pre programmed by creation (and seen in nature) to prevent an extinction. Of course the female already in possession of a womb would be the logical sex to possess this ability.

      In regards to the ethics or morals of men having sexual relations, the thing l remember reading from Meier, was that two positives (males) should never unite in this way and that two negatives (receivers/women) could do so without an offence to the laws of creation.. We can make what we will of that statement but in household electrics the former is less desirable..

      Finally in reconciling this possible exception to the need for genetic tinkering in our species, l can only say we don’t have the broader understandings of the creational laws governing these determinations and of course the remedy would be to ask Billy.

    • Posted on Thursday, May 30, 2002 – 08:16 pm

      Hello Billy
      It was said by Jmmanuel in the TJ, that “if two women bed down or
      sleep with each other it is not against Creation, because they are
      Are Plejaren women bi-sexual then?

      ANSWER:Hi Lars,
      Some Plejaran women are bi-sexual, others not, just as it is the case
      here on Earth.
      Regading the information of women as being “conceivers…”: What is
      mentioned in the TJ about this means that, under certain situations, a
      woman is able to conceive a baby from within herself (which is not
      possible for men). However, this is such a rare occurrence that it
      nearly never exists. But nevertheless the possibilities still lies
      within women. (In case that someone wants to ask: No, this did not
      happen to/with Mary, the mother of Jmmanuel.)

  • Yes, you would have to explain to me how two human women mating is “already possible.” According to a conventional understanding of biology, this has never been possible and is not currently possible, without genetic engineering. If such a possibility does exist, however, according to Meier, than we would really need a deeper explanation as to HOW this is possible (e.g. two eggs cross fertilizing each other? with what?), in order to inform our understanding of what is considered “natural” or “not natural” specifically with respect to fertilization. And then perhaps we could answer WHY it is natural for two women to combine their DNA in a procreative act, but not two men.

    It is one thing to point out WHAT Meier says about female-female coupling vs male-male, it is another thing to explain to ourselves WHY Meier has concluded this. It’s not a magical decree, there’s a logical reason, right? The creational laws are not just for Meier to grasp and us to follow; they’re for everyone to grasp. That’s my intent here. 🙂

    • Hey Sean if you want help, don’t be so disrespectful of Michael (and Matt who you called Mike).
      Since a childs intelligence comes from his/her mother, where does the intelligence come from in male/male procreation? Think about that and get back to me mmmkay.

      • Much appreciated Sheila
        I am not at all offended but I don’t know about Darcy after this from Sean

        ‘I’m not certain you’d be able to instruct in any department. You’re not really making much sense’

        Respect goes along way and Sean’s preoccupation with genetic engineering here should be secondary by the looks of things.

          • It’s important to keep teaching !!
            For Gods Sake the world needs Yooo !!

            Remember your not a scumbag!! you’re not a dull loser who posts on TheyFly,, Yoor a ummm Yoor a Carlile who posts on TheyFly…..

            That means something dude and hey McDonalds is hiring !

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