The Adventures of Billy Meier!” is a comic strip type presentation of certain information in the Meier case that is especially important for humanity to know about.

It is hoped that many people who may not otherwise see, or read, this information will find it more accessible in this highly visual format, leading them to a deeper level of discovery.

“The Adventures of Billy Meier!” is a comic strip type presentation of certain information in the Meier case that is especially important for humanity to know about.

It is hoped that many people who may not otherwise see, or read, this information will find it more accessible in this highly visual format, leading them to a deeper level of discovery.

Episode One concerns the Red Meteor, also known as the Apophis Asteroid, and the extreme danger it poses to the planet and humanity in the coming decades. And, since it is the next generation that will have to certainly face the consequences of the impact of Apophis with the Earth, should an international effort not be successfully enacted, it’s hoped that this will give them the needed impetus to help assure their future survival.

We are starting with the English language version of the specific portion of the text that pertains to the situation. Other language versions will follow. Click here for the full transcript of the translation and here for more information about the entire matter.

Also, in all the contacts from 1975 on, Meier was required to sequentially number each of the sentences spoken by each of the extraterrestrials. The main reason for this was to assure that all copies of the transcripts, in any and all languages into which they would ultimately be translated, would have the same exact information, thereby also assuring that Meier hadn’t gone back and inserted accurate information after the fact, as he was certain to be accused of doing. Indeed, this mechanism has helped to show just how impeccably prophetically accurate the information is.

With that in mind, we are also hoping that by publishing some of these prophetic warnings in this illustrated form that enough people will become aware of, and motivated by, it and take action to prevent those negative events that can still be prevented, or at least somewhat changed for the better.

(See ALL the amazing episodes here!)

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  • Hi Sheila,

    If Michael Horn feels disrespected by my inquiry or follow-up, he is welcome to tell me so. A child’s intelligence does not come exclusively from his mother, but would be dependent on both the DNA he received from his mother and father combined, from the egg and sperm cells, respectively. There are probably thousands of different genes which turn on and off in response to environmental signals throughout development, and it is this particular gene expression pattern which directs overall neural development and results in the different kinds of intelligence capabilities we see across individuals.


    • Oh Sean, you only know what you were taught in school and have you ever wondered if that is wrong? You have no idea if it’s a combination or not. I feel confident that Billy writes the truth, so children get their intelligence from their mom. If you have any evidence to the contrary, I would like to see it.

  • Hi Sheila,

    Yes, I have always wondered about the knowledge I learned in school, and whether or not it corresponds to the truth, and how I can test or know for myself what is true and what is not true. When I was young I attended Christian schools and realized that many of things my teachers were telling me about god, humans, heaven, hell, and reality neither made sense nor could it be demonstrated as being accurate. There is also the school knowledge I have regarding science, and while a lot of it makes sense and is based on evidence, there are most certainly assumptions that I’ve made which aren’t exactly correct. And I have been astonished to find that many of Billy Meier’s claims, specifically regarding the biological sciences, which is my field of interest, actually provide sensible solutions to current scientific questions, or even contradict and correct erroneous facts or theories. That’s why I continue to carefully read his material. If this was not the case, I wouldn’t bother with Meier’s claims or positing on this site.

    You would have to link me to the place where Meier claims that “intelligence comes from one’s mother.” What I’ve explained about neurological development is generally correct, though it could very well be that particularly important factors of intelligence come from one’s mother. One would need to demonstrate that proposition with evidence and explanations. And if you got that idea from Meier, then remember: it is one thing to simply reiterate information that Meier has said; it is another to understand the information and to be able to explain it to one’s self and to others in a larger context. Can you do that?

    In fact, that’s why I brought up the topic about male-male vs. female-female fertilizations, so that I could understand the rationale behind Meier’s ethical judgement, rather than simply repeating it and assuming it’s correct.


    • Excuse me Sean but no one has to do damn thing for you. You come on here and are so disrespectful. So apologize first to Mike, Matt and Darcy and then I’ll think about giving you the link.
      It’s good that you learned early about the hypocrisy of religion. I too am into biology but find there is so much more than what our scientists know or understand.

      • Sheila,

        The two way dialogue between us has now ended. What this means is: should you choose to comment on any of my future posts, I will ignore this because I would rather not engage you further.

        • Awe poor baby. Man up and apologize and we can carry on. Normal people easily say they are sorry when they’ve been wrong. Your ego is what’s stopping you. The ball is in your court, don’t drop the ball. I’ve had many things happen that cannot be explained by school taught biology. But it can be fully explained by Billy Meier’s information.

  • I REALLY enjoyed this DVD release; sums up a lot of the basics again but with more consistent and realistic information and answers.

    I look forward to buying ‘Celestial Teachings’ and the ‘Goblet of Truth’, although I have already read the latter on e-pdf. :))) this book rang sooo true to my ears as I read on and on.

  • Great film. Keep making these great films. I remember when you first started this blog, there were no more than 2 or 3 comments. Michael Horn you’ve done a great job teaching us about the spiritual truths, the Billy Meire case, prophesies and soo much more and now look how many people support you with comments, more than a hundred, well give and take those who are not supportive or constructive with their comments but hey keep doing a great job well at least your not Volkswagen Michael Horn LOL!

    • Hi Carlos,

      Thanks, I’m glad that people comment and exchange views here.

      Perhaps VW’ll throw a car my way just because of the namesake thing.

      I’ll also ask you to also please use your last name when posting.


      • Hello MH how are you?

        i just wanted to Ask you(not to explain mee the All thing) but to help mee find

        cause in the calcule evrything was divided by 2 to find the light speed according to the half-life

        but when according to Our Time they didn’t divide by 2, and i Wonder hoW they found 299’792,5 km/s.

        i’m just trying to do my Homework.thankx

        The seven hyper spacesvEach time the speed of light is halved, a new hyper space is created according to Billy Meier. So far seven of them exist. From the starting point as given by Billy above, the boundary for each hyperspace falls on the half-life value and can be calculated as below.A half life decline obviously means the decline will be steepest in the beginning and slow over time as the calculation shows. The time in between each half life isa constant which Billy puts at 6’347’755’102’040 years as per above. Rounded becomes 6,348 trillion years. This gives the following calculation:Hyperspace number /Speed of light km/s0Big Bang. Speed of light start at44’069’497,5 km/sHalf life time period:6’347’755’102’040 years.Speed of light decrease: 22’034’748,75 km/s over periodNumerous normal hyper spaces created asresult of the decrease in the speed of light.Same repeats itself in each period below, but with the speed of light decreasing less each time it halves.1.6,348 trillion years after big bang 44’069’497,5: 2 =22’034’748,75 km/sHalf life:6’347’755’102’040 years.2.12,696 trillion years after big bang 22’034’748,75 : 2 =11’017’374’38 km/sHalf life:6’347’755’102’040 years.3.19,043 trillion years after big bang 11’017’374’38 : 2 =5’508’687,19km/sHalf life:6’347’755’102’040 years.4.25,391 trillion years after the big bang5’508’687,19 : 2 =2’754’343,59km/sHalf life:6’347’755’102’040 years.5.31,739 trillion years after the big bang2’754’343’59 : 2 =1’377’171,80km/sHalf life:6’347’755’102’040 years.6.38,087 trillion years after the big bang 1’377’171,80 : 2 =688’585,90km/sHalf life:6’347’755’102’040 years.7.44,434 trillion years after the big bang688’585’90: 2 =344’292,95km/sHalf life:6’347’755’102’040 years.So far decreased 44’500,423 km/s.Present time about 46 trillion years after the big bang.Present speed of light 299’792,5 km/s.Yet to decrease 127,646,047 km/s8.50,782 trillion years after the big bang 344’292,95 : 2=172’146,47km/s. This is the speed of light of the next half life.Time travel into the pastIf an extraterrestrial in his or her space ship wish to travel into the past, it means the chronon flow must be increased. They are then called tachyons.Example of a travel:From the present time back to immediatelyafter the big bang, when light was at 44’069’497,5 km/s.Formula:Tachyon frequency f = Speed of light c : Chronon wave length λValues:Tachyon frequency f = 44’069’497,5 km/s : 14’700 x 10^24 mmSum:Tachyon frequency f = 2’997,925 x 10^30 HzTimes increase:With the chronon flow of one light second of present time according to Billy being at f= 20,39404762 x 10 ^30 Hz, above number represent an 147 times increase.The chronon flow around the space ship must be increased 147 times from current value. These then becomes tachyons with same value as at destination. The space ship then plunges about 46 trillion years back in time.Time travel into the futureIt now means the chronon flow around the space ship must be decreased from present valueExample of a travel:From the present time to the next speed of light half-time, at 172’146,47 km/s.Formula:Chronon frequency f = Speed of light c : Chronon wave length λValues:Chronon frequency f = 172’146,47 km/s: 14’700 x 10^24 mmSum:Chronon frequency f = 11,710644x 10^30 HzTimes decrease:With the chronon flow of one light second of present time according to Billy being at f= 20,39404762 x 10 ^30 Hz, the above number represent a factor of 0.42578 times, or a 42,578 per cent decrease.The chronon flow around the space ship must be decreased 42,578 per cent from the present light second value to match thevalue at destination. The space ship then plunges more than 4 trillion years into the future.


        • That’s almost exactly what I came up with!

          JUST KIDDING. It’s not something that I’ve either had the interest or knowledge to look into. I’m sure that physicists and mathematicians, etc., may find it more interesting. At this stage of my evolution and education it isn’t yet useful to me personally. Perhaps more knowledgeable people will contribute. I will also forward your information to someone involved in the mission who may be more helpful.

          P.S. I’m fine, thaks for asking. It looks like you are too.

          • Ahhhhhh,i’m too…… Even you start hidding things(today i can see your hidden sense of humor)

            cause your legendary is based on….

            Sooo if you find theses guys just Ask them,it just about Mathematic

            let Mee clarify: for All the half life they divided by 2 to Find the light speed

            but for Our time i don’t Understand hoW the found 299’792,5 km/s

  • I have a free cartoon:

    If you also think the Active SETI program is dumber than rocks, please download, tweet, email, upload, print, pin to the lunchroom cork board…

    Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License(CC BY-ND 4.0). You may freely distribute, even for commercial purposes as long as it is unchanged. Enjoy!

  • This Post is for Michael Horn, thank you for all the work that you do and have done. You truly are amazing. I would love to interview you as I have more than 100 questions for you, but if I may I would like to ask the most important for now: Has Billy ever told you or have you ever found in your research, if the Earth is Flat or Round? If you could please answer in detail as your answer is going to be very important for many. Thank You.

    • Hi Isaac,

      I have a friend who started sending me links to flat Earth videos, etc., and while I got involved in some back and forth with him, there were a few things that he couldn’t really answer.

      The first thing was that one has to accept the premise that every photo of the Earth from space – and every other planet photographed in space – was somehow hoaxed. That should have been an illogical enough, grandly conspiratorial premise for any rational person to reject. Why has no one ever photographed any planetary body showing that it indeed is a flat object.? Certainly in this day and age of access to cameras, telescopes, etc., it couldn’t be prevented.

      I was also troubled that there had to be a very convoluted explanation why all of the other presumably flat planetary bodies appeared round, meaning that if they were flat disks then, miraculously and ego-centrically, they were ALWAYS pointed flat side towards us on Earth, no matter the time of day or night or from where they were seen.

      That puts us on Earth in the position of such importance and is a highly…religious premise, as I think the whole flat Earth notion is.

      I think I mentioned to him that when the shadow of the Earth falls across the moon during eclipses, it would require that the presumably flat disk of the Earth was also always positioned EXACTLY and precisely in the “right way” so that the shadow would show a round “edge”. Of course, since the Earth is round, no such remarkable coincidences are necessary.

      My friend resorted to desperate illogic, saying that the Earth and all the planets were actually flat…globules. I took leave of the conversation at that point.

      Also, please use your first and last name when submitting comments.


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  • Michael, I am in desperate need of clarification on an issue between Bill Ryan and I . Ask Edward, is the a huge central sun that our milky way circles around? Contact #9 line 186 is where I read it , or am I not comprehending . I have a new email btw.

    • Barry,

      I think so but I’m swamped right now and don’t have time to research. I think someone else here will pop up with the answer.

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