Skeptics Organization IIG to Revisit Meier UFO Case Evidence

Yesterday, not long after posting my blog about the truly fantastic revelations from Rhal Zahi, that Meier’s first UFO film shows the object in two places at the same time, I had a 20-minute conversation with James Underdown, the Executive Director of IIG-Los Angeles, the professional skeptics organization that I first contacted, in 2001, regarding the Meier case.

For more than a dozen years, various parties at IIG and I have been involved in sparring over only not over the evidence in the Meier case but over what I perceived as the very unscientific, prejudicial approach on their part.

I called James to point out that IIG’s various online pages pertaining to the investigation of the Meier case were really deserving of removal, since new findings make it obvious that Meier’s evidence is absolutely authentic. Now of course telling someone that doesn’t make it so. But the evidence itself does, and will, reveal the authenticity of the case for those who are focused on the physical evidence, i.e. Meier’s still irreproducible UFO photos, films, video, etc. And boy, do these new analyses make irreproducible an understatement.

Okay, they’re skeptics but my contention is that there’s actually no need for institutionalized skepticism. The application of real science, and its procedures and protocols, to any claims should be sufficient to determine the truth of the matter.

To define oneself as a skeptic, as opposed to someone who’s scientifically minded, whether formally trained, credentialed, etc., or not, means that one comes to the table with their mind already made up about some things. And those things usually fall into what is often classified as “paranormal”, a category for something that actually doesn’t exist. Things either can be explained by “normal”, meaning proven scientific means, or eventually by as yet unknown laws of physics, etc. Otherwise they are imaginary, hoaxes, etc. Throughout the ages, there have been many things that the science of the time couldn’t explain, as is still sometimes the case. And naturally there’ve always been hoaxers, frauds and charlatans.

To say that the Plejaren are a lot smarter than we are is also beyond dispute. After all, that first film, from 1975, contains the mindboggling evidence of the craft being effectively in two places at once, i.e. in one frame of film. And it took…39 years before an enterprising expert in state-of-the-art computer imaging, 3-D modeling, etc., discovered it, as Mr. Zahi also discovered the irrefutable proof of the WCUFO’s extraterrestrial origin and manufacture. We should also add that the Plejaren, and Meier, just may have a certain wry kind of sense of humor…coupled with extreme patience.

So, I provided James Underdown with the following links* so that he could conduct a fresh review of the information and evidence. There are links also to some of the prophetically accurate information that’s covered by copyrights, etc.

And of course by posting these links anyone who’s interested can have a go at the evidence and information. To be clear, unless Mr. Underdown can provide clear, credible, substantiated rebuttals to this evidence, and our conclusions that it clearly establishes the authenticity of the Meier case, all of IIG’s claims against the Meier case should be retracted.

Additionally, Mr. Underdown should facilitate the $100,000 award to Meier…which he brought up to me several times in our conversation and said awaited anyone who could prove what IIG refers to as paranormal claims.

Of course IIG has put the Meier case squarely in that category. And since Mr. Underdown is so enthusiastic about spreading the wealth, I think he’s about to find a new home for that 100K.

*Here are the above referred to links: (see: Mercury info) (the so-called Iceman Mummy) (re: Kal Korff trap)

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    1. Or just a demonstration of his creativity in interior design. If’ve seen Billy’s office you know how decoratively many things are displayed.

      Of course, I’d suggest that he frame a copy of the check…and sign the real one over to the Michael Horn Wildlife Fund – where every dollar generously donated goes directly towards supporting my wildlife, with none of the usual deductions for phony, unnecessary “administrative costs”.

  1. I am not in denial when it comes down to the collapse of the monetary in fact I listened to that prophesy and took it seriously and it did not dawn into my consciousness until last year what was happening in the world of finance, but it helps to prepare for the cold water rather than to take the dive.

  2. When ever I get more involved in thinking, writing, and trying to alter my life to align more with the truth of creation,(I am just a human of earth, altered in DNA, bombarded by my fellow lost and delusional humans) odd occurrences always seem to come about. Though the ebb and flow of my thoughts slowly progress to the good and better… I like many others have A LOT to learn and think about within myself!
    Today sitting with my family talking, one of my older brothers brought up a show he watched late last night? It was partially about a Swiss man that said we are actually not native to this world… as he put it. He said it in a sarcastic way to me, knowing that I am very interested in these sorts of matters. I would go as far as to say with as much as I talk about this sort of thing, he should have known my interest in this man from Switzerland.
    My family knows of my basic thoughts on the matter but they often jumble and confuse the real meaning of my words… as we all have a right to do. Though he knows how I feel about the subject, he still did not understand what the real ramifications of this could be and had not put more than a passing “know it all” remark about it.
    It made me think of this thread and how it brings the reality of our world more into focus. Partially as what it means to me and my true purpose as a human of earth. How long must we live in ignorance, when the very “title” of any particular thought completely throws those close to us “off”. I guess the fact that he brought it up to me was enough to get his thoughts thinking a little differently… yet, as people like IIG.. They have made up their mind, before they have actually used it. A very solid form of denial brought on by and from numerous earth sources….
    We truly live in a world in utter disharmony… yet, at a cross road of change. Change that in one way or another starts with each and every one of us, within us.
    Within the sad thoughts this made me feel, to have someone so close to me tread on my thoughts, it made me feel a sense of harmony to know that I have the ability to be and do all I can to change the reality of my world within me… hopefully for the better.
    It pushes me to be more and to never let what is important to me fall by the wayside because of the ignorance and denial of others.
    It also makes me appreciate what a lot of people do.. especially Michael Horn here in the USA. I can only imagine the barriers that are faced with trying to express this information to others.
    It is a personal goal of mine to be more proactive with Billy and the Plejarens information… to let it be what I really feel it is within my interactions within this world. As well as to help contribute as much as I can for translations of Billys writings…
    Like water dripping on stone.. it will eventually make its way through… Yet within our world, someone must turn the water on and direct its flow to the correct “rocks” meant for its drip…

    1. “They have made up their mind, before they have actually used it.”

      An absolutely brilliant contribution, Phil B. A gem of a sentence.

      You articulate my own experiential insights, with the “I don’t want to know” folks, a lot better than I can.

      Billy says, “Speak little, write much.” Please write more!


      1. Glad someone else picked up on that sentence… Spent a couple days thinking about its meaning after I wrote it.

        Philip Brandel is the name, I hale from the heart of the serpent here in Minnesota USA…

        Your insight and knowledge is one that has been rarely matched pertaining to Billy’s case in the English speaking world. Your diligent work all these years Dyson, has been with me from the start of my journey!!!
        It truly is an honor to be amongst such humans as yourself:)

        I have been making more of an effort to interact as of late.
        Have been more pressing issues I had to personally prepare for within my country…. before the pendulum of my inner peace could once again swing closer to the center…


  3. I have similar problems as you Phil…my oldest brother however came to a recognition when he was the first one to spot that UFO in orbit late one summer night while he and his son came to visit me on my acreage. So now he tries more to listen to my knowledge , but he is not interested in reading the Meier material. Take some advice and share it with your brother, you should trouble yourself for your knowledge in a sincere manner, in the purpose of satisfying your own evolution.

    1. That is the not so funny part…. if my brother actually cared and wanted he would have long ago had a chance to listen and look at the Meier material. Not one iota of interest in the subject, to the point of forgetting who he is talking to in reference to it.
      Billy’s dire information has not left my mind for a single day the last 9 years…. Which has caused me many personal ups and downs within this world!!
      Guess my parents weren’t paying attention either, as I have 8 brothers and sisters. Interestingly enough, I let all my siblings know about Billy in the start of my journey and only one had a true interest. He has read the brunt of what is in English. That is as far as anyone other than me has ventured in my family…. It is nice to have him to talk to ones and awhile:)
      Was just an odd occurrence to have someone in my family bring Billy up to me… Especially when he has done almost zero work, in coming to his own solid conclusion.
      Yet, it truly would benefit me to be more open and sincere with this information to those within my life… if for no one else but my own evolution.

      It is all to apparent that this information has to be handled very delicately with people on this planet… I am no fan of constantly being told what to “believe” and “be” in this world as others love to thump in their religious egotistical delusion.
      As we all know, personal thought is essential.. I only hope to give a chance to think. not push. As this is no silly inhuman religious cult to adhere to. My brother can go to church every Sunday and “believe” what ever he wishes… that is his choice and I will love him just the same.
      Not saying anything in the last couple paragraphs is what you are implying I do Darcy… I just personally have to remember this when dealing with people like my brother. In many ways IIG and many others are doing far worse things than him. Which takes a much bigger stick to handle………

  4. I completely agree with everything below, and anyone who doesn’t, is incorrect, brainwashed, and lost beyond words.

    Fromm Contact Report 238:

    502. Already since time immemorial, since malicious cult powers and religious-sectarian powers came into existence, the truth seekers and truth lovers were attacked and often driven to insanity or misery and death by these, just as much as were, the might-greedy delinquents and criminals who pay homage to the evil and negative ones.

    502. Schon seit alters her, seit bösartige Kultkräfte und religiös-sektiererische Kräfte existieren, wurden die Wahrheitssuchenden und Wahrheitsliebenden ebenso von diesen angegriffen und oft zum Wahnsinn oder in Elend und Tod getrieben wie auch die dem Bösen und Negativen huldigenden Machtgierigen, Verbrecher und Kriminellen usw.

    503. Also all the prophets who wandered the Earth again and again, since the earliest times, did not remain spared from that.

    503. Davon verschont blieben auch all die Propheten nicht, die seit uralter Zeit immer wieder über die Erde wandelten.

    504. All of them, no matter whether they are man or woman, always resist these evil powers and attacks, which unfortunately cannot be said of the those who emerged as simple believers or as the heads and preachers, or religion founders, and so forth, and will always still further emerge, and further emerge.

    504. Sie alle, egal ob Mann oder Frau, widerstanden stets diesen bösen Kräften und Angriffen, was leider nicht von denen gesagt werden kann, die als einfache Gläubige oder als Vorsteher und Prediger oder Religionsstifter usw. in Erscheinung traten und noch immer in Erscheinung treten und weiterhin in Erscheinung treten werden.

    505. With Earth humans, predominates quite especially, the erroneous and dangerous view that a good announcer of truth, a good preacher or a good teacher of the true teachings, and so forth, and therefore also a good prophet, must be full of humble bearing, only speak pleasing and elegant, chosen and diplomatic words, and must always only be friendly.

    505. Ganz besonders beim Erdenmenschen herrscht die irrige und gefährliche Ansicht vor, dass ein guter Wahrheitskünder, ein guter Prediger oder ein guter Lehrer der Wahrheitslehre usw. und also auch ein guter Prophet voller demütiger Haltung sein müsse, nur liebe und feine, gewählte und diplomatische Worte sprechen und allzeit nur
    freundlich sein müsse.

    506. The Earth humans think it must be just the same as, for example, the Pope comports himself, and therefore many gentleman ministers and sect leaders, who truthfully, however, do nothing other than hide their true faces and appear friendly and neighbor-loving, to thereby mislead their believers about their actual nature, and to be able to exploit them.

    506. Gerade so müsse es sein, denken die Erdenmenschen, wie z.B. der Papst sich benehme und also viele Pfarrherren und Sektenführer, die wahrheitlich jedoch nichts anderes tun, als ihr wahres Gesicht zu verstecken und freundlich-nächstenliebend zu erscheinen, um dadurch ihre Gläubigen über ihr tatsächliches Wesen irrezuführen und sie ausbeuten zu können.

    507. It is exactly such religious, or often only apparently religious, elements who are then the quite especially valuable objects of attack of the sectarian powers, and who then commit the most monstrous inhumanities and crimes, as is, however, also characteristic of all believers when it concerns their own profit and with their own lives.

    507. Genau solche religiöse oder oft nur schein religiöse Elemente sind es dann, die ganz besonders wertvolle Angriffsobjekte der sektiererischen Kräfte sind, und die dann die ungeheuersten Unmenschlichkeiten und Verbrechen begehen, wie dies aber auch allen Gläubigen eigen ist, wenn es um ihren eigenen Profit und um ihr eigenes Leben geht.

    508. But truthful and good prophets and bringers of truth are never humble and never compliant with enticements and such things.

    508. Wahrheitliche und gute Propheten und Wahrheitsbringer aber, die sind niemals demütig und niemals irgendwelchen Dingen und Verlockungen willfährig.

    509. Neither their speech nor their demeanor is ingratiating, and their style and manner of saying the truth is cutting, deeply striking, and in a form that is not loved.

    509. Weder ihre Sprache noch ihr Benehmen sind einschmeichelnd, und ihre Art und Weise die Wahrheit zu sagen ist schneidend, tieftreffend und in einer Form, die nicht geliebt wird.

    510. With that, it is truly recognized whose child of the spirit a prophet, or truth announcer of whichever kind, or an actual truth-bearing teacher, is.

    510. Daran lässt sich wahrheitlich erkennen, wessen Geistes Kind ein Prophet oder Wahrheitskünder irgendweIcher Art oder ein tatsächlich wahrheitsträchtiger Lehrer ist.

    511. Religious sectarians, fanatics, extremists or other prescribers of truth avoid true prophets or other truth announcers, or they try to annihilate, to damage or even to kill them with all existing means available to them.

    511. Religiös Sektiererische, Fanatiker, Extremisten oder sonstige Wahrheitsverfemende meiden wahrliche Propheten oder sonstige Wahrheitskünder, oder sie versuchen mit allen ihnen zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln, diese zu vernichten, zu schädigen oder gar zu töten.

    512. The only people well disposed towards the prophets and other truth teachers and truth announcers are, since time immemorial, only those people who are openly devoted to the truth and thankful for the delivered teachings of the truth.

    512. Die einzigen Gutgesinnten für die Propheten und sonstigen Wahrheitslehre- und Wahrheitsverkünder sind seit alters her nur jene Menschen, die der Wahrheit offen zugetan und für die dargebrachte Wahrheitslehre dankbar sind.

    513. It is also only these people who recognize, in the true prophets, the endless universal love for all forms of life, as well as the righteousness that they exercise, even when, here and there, they themselves are perhaps rebuked and instructed in a hard way by the prophets and other truth announcers.

    513. Diese allein sind es auch, die in den wahrlichen Propheten die endlose Universalliebe für alle Lebensformen erkennen sowie die Gerechtigkeit, die sie ausüben, auch wenn sie vielleicht selbst hie und da in harter Form von den Propheten oder sonstigen Wahrheitskündern gerügt und belehrt werden.

  5. Just for fun I would love to see a good debate between Michael Horn and Giorgio Tsoukalos about the Billy Meier case

    1. I met him about five years ago. He knew about me and the Meier case but I don’t think he/they want to touch it. If properly presented it ends all the “mystery” that these shows, as good as they may, rely on to stay in existence.

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