Gee, Gosh, Really? The “old” Atomic Radiation still Affects Us

I’ve had a number of conversations with nice, regular people in a number of different walks of life who have absolutely no idea, no concept at all of what’s happening because of Fukushima.  So I’m going to bring up the issue regarding the dangers of atomic energy once again.

Those people who worship science and scientists should ask themselves why the monkey-brained dimwits who got the whole atomic bomb thing going (and dropping) in the first place were so bone-headed, dumb as a rock ignorant about the immutable law of cause and effect.

Here’s one of the latest revelations about the unanticipated…fallout from such ignorance.

Of course, as by now no longer may surprise you, Billy Meier already spoke about the still not realized connection between radioactive air from A-bomb testing, etc., and the rise in cancers…in 1981:

“But all those are to blame for this great contamination, who produce contaminated food and all sorts of substances or let such accumulate or escape, even if these are only tiny amounts, such as radioactive waste or outfalls in hospitals or nuclear power plants, etc. The leaked radioactive radiation is held in the air and is whirled about, as it is also stored in all existing matter. Therefore, if a human being or some other living organism inhales such air, then he automatically arrives into the deadly “pleasure” of the radioactive radiation, which also has an incredibly strong carcinogenic effect. And how cancer has gained ground with the human beings of the Earth since the first atomic bomb explosion on Earth, this will be clear to each one who actually gets to the bottom of these things. Indeed, it’s not that cancer was already on the rise before; rather, it only came about since human beings and all earthly life forms began to eat contaminated food, to live with contaminated substances and hazardous waste, and to breathe in radioactive air.”

Semjase also warned Meier of other still not recognized catastrophic effects of atomic explosions…in 1975*.

And now credible international, as well as often alarmist alternative, news sources are picking up more details and making them public.

More information about the apparently true reports of the government stockpiling potassium iodide reinforce the wisdom of obtaining a far better, completely natural product, Modifilan (at the lowest possible, manufacturer direct prices).


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While the individual bottle price is very low, the fact is that if one wants the ongoing benefits of this product for themselves, their family and friends, obtaining it by the case is the best way to go. This is especially true also taking into account the present and future levels of radioactive contamination, the unpredictability of future availability of Modifilan due to transportation, environmental and/or other unforeseen considerations.

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*Thanks to Mahesh Karumudi for the BBC article and references to Meier’s information on the catastrophic effects of atomic explosions, from Contact Report #35, Tuesday, September 16, 1975, pages 386-387, Message from the Pleiades, Vol 1.:

Catastrophic effects of atomic explosions

Catastrophic effects of atomic explosions  Catastrophic effects of atomic explosions


13 Replies to “Gee, Gosh, Really? The “old” Atomic Radiation still Affects Us”

  1. Just published: here’s the renewed teaching’s “top down” solution to the problem of permanently poisoning our fragile planet with vulnerable thermonuclear power plants (as well as the solution to all our other problems too).


    Please don’t forget that our Sun is currently in its most active stage of its eleven-year cycle, and that thermonuclear power plants are every bit as vulnerable to long-term electricity outages as everything else, but the particular danger is that – as the Fukushima mega-catastrophe tragically demonstrates – if these installations lose their input of electrical power from the fragile grid, they EXPLODE in a vast cloud of ONGOING globe-encircling carcinogenic radioactive isotopes.

    (Extract from the 515th Official Contact Conversation of March 7th 2011, published in FIGU Special Bulletin N0. 61, May 2011) Ptaah: “Die heutige Elektrotechnik und damit auch die gesamte Elektronik auf der Erde ist äusserst empfindlich in bezug auf Sonnenstürme und sonstige kosmische Strahlung, folglich alles zusammenbrechen kann, wenn starke Ausbrüche von Sonnenstürmen ihre Energien zur Erde gelangen lassen und auf dieser Elektronenstürme hervorrufen. Diese induzieren nämlich elektrische Ströme, durch die Unmengen elektrotechnische und also auch elektromagnetische Apparaturen und Geräte aller Art ebenso ausser Funktion gesetzt werden können wie auch Atom- und Elektro-Kraftwerke sowie sonstige Werke, Maschinen und Gefährte usw., die in irgendeiner Weise mit elektrischer Energie in Zusammenhang stehen.”

    (The current electronic technology and thereby also the entirety of the electronics on the Earth is extremely sensitive in regard to storms on the Sun and other cosmic radiation; consequently everything can collapse if strong sun-storm eruptions send their energies to Earth and induce storms of electrons on Earth. These induce electric currents as a result of which enormous numbers of electrical – and therefore, also electromagnetic – apparatuses and devices of all kinds can be made inoperable just as can ATOMIC and electric POWER PLANTS as well as other plants, machines and vehicles, and so forth, which are in any way associated with electrical energy.)

    Keep a safe eye on our dying (and increasingly unstable) Sun and try to be prepared:


    1. The “solution to all our problems” is to stop overpopulating. This is the core. The overpopulation is causing overextended energy needs for the human population. Nuclear power generation is a direct result of meeting this need.

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