What’s the Truth about Crop Circles?

There are people who are pro or con regarding the validity of astrology, which has a long history on Earth in various forms. Of course it’s well known that astrology and any and all other forms of divination, etc., are considered to be false in the spiritual teaching. That being said, as freethinkers, we can allow ourselves to look at any claims to the contrary about anything in particular and decide for ourselves. Perhaps there is someone who has developed an intermediary, or more advanced, step towards the correct astrology and, more importantly, it’s actual usefulness to humanity, such as is practiced (if and when it is practiced) by the Plejaren.

The purpose of this blog was basically to give someone who claims to have produced the correct form of astrology a forum in which to make his case. How well he does that is up to each person to decide and not really the point of this article.

I bring up the topic of crop circles here for specific reasons. First, I don’t know the full truth about them myself. It has been revealed that some of them are certainly manmade. My own point of view, which I formulated in the 1990s, was that they must be produced by some very advanced intelligences using equally advanced technologies. Of course, the revelations about the manmade ones narrows the focus down to the more remarkable ones.

Dyson is a strong proponent, to the point of certainty, that those crop circles are absolutely extraterrestrial in origin, specifcally that they are made by the Zeta Reticulum beings. I don’t know. As far as I know there is no proof that this is so, certainly none that I am aware of Dyson, or anyone else, presenting. Of course he could be right, which would be fine by me. But it raises some questions for me.

First of course is how and why Dyson makes these confident assertions without qualifying them, such as “In my opinion”, “It seems to me”, “It appears that”, etc. Those of us, including Dyson, who are strong proponents of the Meier case rely on, and freely present, the best substantiation for the evidence in the case and its singular authenticity, etc. Obviously it’s bad enough that the entire UFO topic has been marginalized due largely to the irresponsibility and unscientific behavior of parties that spread deliberate disinformation in the UFO community, the not so courageous academics, etc.

The information from Meier and the Plejaren hasn’t exactly been definitive or crystal clear regarding crop circles. Although his explanation about impulses from the Creation being received and artistically expressed by people (and maybe other creatures) on Earth is very thought provoking.

If I understand it correctly, Dyson has come to his conclusions based on things like the advanced mathematical and/or geometrical information contained within certain crop circles, as well as their amazingly precise, complex formation and execution, etc. Again, that’s all fine; I don’t know.

But since we don’t yet conclusively know and are still in a state of conjecture, aren’t the proponents of the extraterrestrial origins, and the significance of the content of the circles themselves, indeed just…believers?

At this time, is their position any more valid, or scientific, than those people who are proponents of astrology, for example? After all, with the crop circles there’s all sorts of conjecture as to what they mean, their origins, etc. What uniquely valuable, specific information can we all agree has been effectively communicated to humankind? That’s not a rhetorical question. We have the Meier case with it’s unambiguous, non-cryptic, direct, clear as day prophecies, predictions and of course profound spiritual teaching to measure other claims against.

To be clear, I’d be glad to know if some of these magnificent designs are indeed extraterrestrial in origin. It would confirm my own premise from 20+ years ago that they are a demonstration by such beings of how to use great power and energy with precision, creativity and harmless intent. Even should that be the case, I don’t need convincing that there are more advanced beings in the universe who are capable of such things. But for now, apart from how wonderful they are to see and contemplate, I’m afraid that they aren’t particularly important to me.

So I think that we should be careful about attacking one source of inconclusive, symbolic, cryptic, information or belief system – or their proponents – while unquestioningly promoting another. Let’s simply apply the same standards of objective, scientific evaluation and testing to all of them.

Perhaps the question about the extraterrestrial connection to some crop circles will eventually be answered, to every objective, thinking person’s satisfaction – as I think has certainly been accomplished in the Billy Meier case.

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  1. P.S. I may have forgotten to post this (a many times as may be necessary for reference):

    From: Christian Frehner / FIGU
    Subject: Re: An important question
    Date: February 5, 2014 2:52:01 PM MST
    To: Michael Horn

    Hi Michael,

    Billy just called me and said that what Dyson is claiming is not true. We have no other information about the crop circles’ origin than what has been published until now, i.e. cosmic influences on terrestrial human beings (inspirations).


    Am 05.02.2014 06:43, schrieb Michael Horn:
    Hi Christian,

    It would be helpful for me to know something, if Billy can and is willing to answer it.

    Dyson is maintaining, at every opportunity, that it is the Zeta Reticulum beings that are definitely responsible for the more/most complex crop circles.

    He states it as fact, not opinion, and intersperses it into the discussions about the Meier case, the spiritual teaching, etc. He may be correct, he may not. Given Dyson’s past, and still present, focus on conspiracies (some of which may exist but don’t seem to be at all helpful to discuss) I think it would be helpful to know if he’s correct about the crop circles if possible.



    1. “Dyson is maintaining, at every opportunity, that it is the Zeta Reticulum beings that are definitely responsible for the more/most complex crop circles.”

      This is an error of fact that you can prove to yourself as such if you make the effort read what I’ve written.

      It seems you won’t take no for an answer, or won’t read it.


  2. Hi there again Anthony!

    (I’ve been unable to keep track of all Michael’s increasingly tangled threads, so I’ll assume you’ve accepted my apologies to you, we’ve shaken hands and we can start again like adults. Good.)

    I won’t try to correct all your erroneous assertions or presumptions about me re the Meier stuff here, but suffice it to say that if I didn’t accept Billy’s good work I wouldn’t be promoting it as enthusiastically as I do. It’s just that I know that (the REAL) crop circles are not made with boards and ropes. Go look at the puffer fish thread. And I know a few other true things that Billy – for a variety of VERY good reasons – does not want to openly and in English promote as true, not unlike the early years of the Apollo 11 hoax, MILABS, etc.

    But if I’m a government agent, I’m doing a very good job for Billy, wouldn’t you say? Or have I been a “sleeper” all these years and soon I’ll start writing “Jesus” instead of “Jmmanuel” in my translations? Ha ha! Ya gotta larf. I’ve been passing ammo up to MH for yonks.

    You ask, “Why do you say that ancient crop circles accompanied by “…flying balls of light, for centuries…” This is simply NOT true. There is no way to prove this. Only some crop circles have been supplied with videos of balls of light.”

    Well, for one, you’ve removed the grammatical context, and as soon as you return it you’ll see I never said that, but no matter, persuasive evidence does indeed exist that the BOLs didn’t start up with the advent of video cameras.


    And I’m not trying to prove anything, but anyone who REALLY does her/his homework will very soon learn about places like “Golden Ball Hill” in the heart of the UK’s CC country, and read the historical reports. Seek and you will find. The truth is out there. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Bla, bla, bla.

    Anyone who thinks I’m going to prove all this stuff to people here is going to be disappointed. Nor will I seek to prove Billy’s genuineness. If ET could have been “proven to” people, it would have been done a long time ago, and we’d no longer be reading in the news that scientists are speculating about primitive microscopic extremophilic versions of it.

    As with Billy, CCs take a lot of work to get to the bottom of, and that does include learning the language if you want to know in any detail what they’re trying to tell us, but they have much less to say than Billy, are manifestly less cluey than the Plejaren (but way more than us of course) and German is easier.

    Cheers, Anthony!

  3. It seems to me that the spiritual teaching wasn’t intended to be a bludgeon to be used on your fellow truth seekers so much as a real and practical guide for the evolution of consciousness and right conduct in one’s daily life, in pursuit of love, peace, freedom and harmony, among other things.

    It also seems to me that if one is unhesitatingly quick to try to shove their own understanding of the teaching down the throats of others, while finding themselves on the losing end of serious legal confrontations with the authorities in their own land, resulting in the loss of personal freedom for themselves and their loved ones, and the loss of their home, property and belongings, and with threats of even more severe punishment if they continue to proceed in ways that the authorities have deemed to be unlawful and/or unacceptable, and have at the same time for all their trouble managed to harm and effectively sacrifice themselves and their loved ones, while essentially, being impotent against the reprisals from the external targets of their fury, they have also failed to learn and apply some of the most basic, life-preserving elements of the teaching to themselves.

    If one also prides oneself on living a marginal life materially and/or materialistically but hasn’t learned that such is not the sturdiest, most fortified position from which to take on, attack and challenge the powerful and wealthy parties that they perceive to be their and society’s most vile enemies, then it doesn’t take a boiling point IQ to see that they are foolishly subjecting themselves and others to harm that is disproportionately greater than that which they are in the position to inflcit upon their far more powerful adversaries. If they have not learned that a less powerful, a weaker party serves their own cause much better by finding ways to erode their enemy’s strength while remaining unnoticed, rather than to defiantly confront it directly head on and be hugely damaged by it, then perhaps they are such victims of their own nature, or of their own confused, irresponsible and/or fanatical thinking and erroneous assumptions, as to truthfully succeed in doing great and unnecessary damage to themselves and their loved ones…and far too little good to counter the reality that they have essentially sacrificed themselves and others because of their rigid mindset and irresponsibly unrealistic self-understanding and self-assessment.

    As some have said, actions speak louder than words. As Billy Meier has said, “I always reman relaxed and therby gain might over myself.”

    1. Thanks, Michael,

      Relaxed? If I was any more relaxed I’d be in a coma.

      You don’t really know what’s going on, through no real fault of your own I guess, nor do you understand what’s passed and what’s likely to come. I’m not allowed to say. But that doesn’t really matter. I don’t think you understand either how free a person can be who’s not bound to material things, but breathes the cleanest air in the whole world (literally) and sees the darkest sky at night and the brightest stars there are. That’s what I value. And being a change agent. What a privilege!

      It’s each to his own. Everyone has different values. And everyone has to go the way he thinks is best, and I now have a detailed pattern of functional behaviour laid out in Billy’s teaching that gives me the ability to follow that pattern and constantly hold up my life against it to see how it fits. And it’s not at all how you portray it.

      But thanks anyway for the well-meant advice and your obvious concern, albeit misplaced. I do sincerely appreciate the sentiments.


  4. Dyson Devine says:
    February 8, 2014 at 5:59 am
    Here are some examples of my ignored qualified statements recently misrepresented to Billy. And a few links and thoughts on the matter.

    March 16, 2010 (FIGU forum)

    “the Zeta Reticulans(?) who I think are responsible for the genuine (not the hoaxed or corrupted) “crop circles’”

    “Just to clarify: I don’t know for sure that the crop circles are ET, per se, since they might be from interdimentionals or time travellers, etc. But they are NOT (all) from regular (or Dark Order) Earthlings.”


    And me, again in reply to MH, March 18th, 2010, two days later.

    You continue, (I’m quoting you quoting me now) “and then ‘I don’t know for sure that the crop circles are ET, per se, since they might be from interdimentionals or time travellers, etc. But they are NOT (all) from regular (or Dark Order) Earthlings.’ is a bit confusing, as well as a bit self-contradictory.”

    This one is easier. It’s in the same way that various know-it-all skeptibunkers have split hairs with you and claimed that even if these so-called Plejaren zoom around in flying saucers which people can see and photograph, provide metal and sound samples for analysis and so on and so forth, THAT – in and of itself – does not PROVE that they are EXTRATERRESTRIALS, since they might be interdimentionals or time travellers, etc. I was simply trying to avoid falling into that one with you. Do you remember what Marcel Vogel said to the Japanese television interviewer who asked him – after Vogel explained what he’d found in the Plejaren metal samples he’d looked at – “So, then, are they … extratestorials?” Vogal smiled and said, “Well, they’re not from around HERE!” Maybe the gigantic field forms aren’t from ETs? But whoever or whatever is doing the “real” ones – well, they’re not from around HERE!


    A forum search of crabwood or chilbolton will unearth more if anyone’s interested.

    In a deliberate act of journalistic provocation – taking a leaf from Michael’s book where he used the unqualified statement, “The World’s Leading Expert on UFOs” as a clever way to prompt much-needed debate – on November 16, 2013, I mentioned the Reticulans here without mentioning that it was my own tentative and seemingly common sense conclusion based on all my many years of work.


    It got no response.

    So, on February 1st, 2014, I deliberately tried again on Michael’s new thread where he effectively calls me a liar, in publicly headlining my Disclosure Project witness testimony as “BOGUS”. – meaning: “not genuine or true (used in a disapproving manner when deception has been attempted).”



    It seems to me, since I’m not trying to be Meier’s media representative, that I should enjoy the same privilege – of being able to state my conclusions about CCs as “my truth” – like the astrology fans do here about their conclusions, which, unlike mine, seem designed to mix the Plejaren science of astrology with the Earth-type which Billy condemns. The difference I see between these two issues, neither of which Billy supports, is that only one of them (CCs) has any logical scientific substantiation (not to mention common sense) behind it.

    I welcome and encourage people not to dogmatically believe Billy as if he’s a tin god to be worshiped, and I’m sure he wouldn’t want that.

    On February 3rd, 1997, Billy wrote, “They [“a worldwide group of certain earth humans”] are also not inactive in matters relating to the COUNTERFEITING of crop circles, and indeed in the most differing countries.” [my caps for emphasis]



    The fervour in which Billy’s ludicrous boards and ropes statement is being wielded against in-yer-face scientifically established hard physical evidence to the contrary, and Billy’s own statements about “grain circle counterfeiting” (“Kornkreisfälschungen”) – shows to me that we still have a very long way to go before we get over the idea that what “the book” (or Billy) says IS TRUE BECA– — — USE “the book” (or Billy) SAYS it’s true.

    Further reading:



  5. Dear All,

    Jim Deardorff (and Mahesh, Rhal, Chris) and I have been having a private email exchange about the pendulum UFO analysis, which moved into the realm of crop circles, and Jim always seems to have interesting and intelligent things to say, so I asked him if it would be OK for me to share his thoughts with all the rest of you. First I’ll put in what he said to that, and then I’ll paste in his previous email unedited and in its entirety. (Herr Schmid was evidently one of the people who cut up one of Billy’s UFO films, and Mahesh expressed understandable disappointment that the original has been lost/stolen.) And like me, Jim has eye/typo problems. My thanks go to him for generously allowing me to share this publicly.


    Jim writes:

    Yes, feel free to post it to Michael or wherever. I was going to post something like that on Michael’s Part 2 CC blog, but then ran out of time, as it takes me so long now to read through all those responses and then to type out a response and put in all the needed corrections of typos.”

    Hi Dyson et al.,

    Certainly the crop-circle-formation phenomenon has not escaped from Plejaren obfuscation or semi-plausible deniability, relayed by Billy. The repeated point that we need to think for ourselves and not necessarily accept as truth what authorities, including Plejarens, tell us, is well taken. The CC phenomenon is something we should be able to figure out for ourselves whether or not the large, comprehensive, creative ones showing up overnight could have been made by human hoaxers. So the Plejarens should feel free to prevaricate to us about that phenomenon.

    There is only one way I know of that hoaxers could almost pull off a real-looking impressive CC formation. That is to learn about a new impressive formation before anyone else, summon their hoaxing crew immediately and go to the scene with well functioning cameras; then proceed to shoot footage of themselves with boards & ropes supposedly creating it, and do this before onlookers have gathered who might learn that the hoaxers had not yet been out in the field nearly long enough to have constructed it. They would have to be very careful to tromp only within the preexisting formation.

    Then they would need to arrange for aerial views of it to be taken. Soon they would announce that they had made it, and would provide the photographic movie proof. However, they would first edit their footage carefully to edit out any ground-view indications of their being within a preexisting formation, just showing themselves with board and ropes and flashlights and measuring tapes and such. And at the beginning of their movie footage they would edit in an introductory piece showing a precision line drawing of the plan-form of the formation they would create. So there would be a couple days’ delay before they would exhibit their movie-footage as proof.

    I only expound on this because I do think such an operation was once carried out, (but don’t presently know whereabouts in my computer files it may be). However, even that wouldn’t be convincing, because they would first need to obtain an elevated view of the location within the field where they would do their work, which would show the crop to be in its original undisturbed condition, and also take photos from the same location afterwards. If all that somehow worked out, it would be pretty convincing. Yet, even then they would need to disclose where the field was that they practiced on, so as not to make any mistake in their elaborate hoax, along with evidence that their practicing preceded their real effort. Very tough to pull anything like that off.

    Regarding Mahesh’s question, Meier may not have known beforehand that Herr Schmid was a shady person. Or, perhaps one of the Plejarens surreptitiously intercepted the film at the developer’s (somehow) and made some manipulations in it then returned it to Schmid. Or something else, perhaps involving their implanting of a false memory in the brains of one or two workers at the photo shop. With highly advanced technology, where there’s a will there is indeed a way.

    Fortunately, the Plejaren use of deception and prevarication is more the exception than the rule. However, knowing that this has been going on, can one be completely loyal to Billy Meier and the Plejaren mission? Or is it necessary for close members of FIGU to believe that everything Billy relays to them from the Plejarens is true or just an occasional error on their part, in order to be loyal? Although I believe it is possible, the Plejaren strategy may require complete unquestioning loyalty from the inner circle , in order that Billy remain in a debunkable status.

    If the Plejarens can have their own way with this, due to their intelligence, knowledge of us, and advance technology, should those who have been trying to make the reality of Billy’s experiences known to the public just give up — what’s the use? I would say no; keep up the good fight; the Plejarens are expecting us to do so, and of course have been supplying Meier and us with plenty of evidential ammunition. Both sides are needed, until the debunkers all realize where they went wrong. It would seem that this won’t occur in our generation, so patience is required. But when and if this were to occur, then the world’s population would be ready for Disclosure and also ready for treating the Teachings seriously.

    However, UFO-ET disclosure might occur decades or more before the reality of Billy’s experiences sinks in widely.

    I find it worthwhile to ponder on Jmmanuel’s willingness to proceed with his mission all his life although he could prophesy, and his Plejarens also informed him, that his mission would not begin to succeed, and his teachings become well known, until well over two thousand years had passed.


    (Note from Dyson: During the U.K.’s brief “crop circle season” swarms of enthusiasts descend on that part of England in their thousands from all over the world. Apparently it was because Nippon TV broadcast that “straight” documentary about Billy all those years ago that FIGU Japan is so healthy, and has had so many books translated. Perhaps there was a spin-off, because it seems our Japanese friends are also nuts for crop circles. Anyway, all these “croppies” prowl around the countryside enjoying the 3 and a half hours or so of full darkness per night that far north, and they all want to be the first to spot a new formation. The air is thick every morning with light and ultra-light aircraft apparently, so I think the likelihood of Jim’s above hoax scenario ever actually taking place is probably fairly remote.)

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