Here’s a little note on why I have put up blogs for discussion pertaining to crop circles, astrology, etc.

We have to remember that Billy Meier has indeed said to not believe anything, including what he or the Plejaren say, as our friend Dyson has frequently reminded us. Of course we occasionally get a little cognitive dissonance here when we discuss and/or favor positions different from what we understand that Meier and/or the Plejaren espouse.

Both crop circles and astrology are good examples because, in the case of astrology, I was attacked for even daring to discuss something because of all of its tabloid superficiality, fortune-telling associations, as well as the clear information from Meier about how inaccurate our known versions are, and in the case of the crop circles, the same people who quoted Meier and admonished me were the ones (okay, the main one) who most vocally opposes Meier’s information about the causes and parties behind many of their formations.

To be clear regarding the crop circles – I don’t know. I always thought that they must be extraterrestrial in origin, which Meier’s information disagrees with, and I’m glad to host the discussion to learn more. The same holds true about astrology with the exception that I also can’t deny my own experiences, though I certainly am not making a blanket endorsement about the entire matter.

But since it’s taken the Plejaren so long to figure out and correct the information pertaining to all the alleged extraterrestrial contactee situations and Ashtar Sheran, we certainly owe it to ourselves to think for ourselves and to not rely even on the Plejaren to know everything pertaining to extraterrestrial matters.

Let’s not become like those evangelical, fundamentalists who always quote the “word of God” from the Bible but then, when something really doesn’t make sense, can be seriously questioned, etc., they say, “Well, that isn’t really what God meant.” Right, so now they’re “God”, which happens to be true but the reality of that statement would be blasphemous and unacceptably incomprehensible to them as well. Big problem.

People forget that by choosing any religion or belief system, any “God”, that they are the ones who authorize and give supreme legitimacy to it. So, aren’t they the “God” then, the authority that knows what’s really true? Their fall back is that it’s “written in the Bible”, provoking my criticism that all religions rest on the illogical, inadmissible premise that, “What’s in this book is true…because this book says it’s true.”

And we’re back to square one.

So let’s not be afraid at all of, in fact let’s welcome, exercising our critical thinking at every opportunity. Question beliefs, authorities, experts, etc., and certainly let’s not quote them to justify wanting to shut down debate on things out of either fear or certainty.

The truth always wins out in the end.

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  • I’ve theorized a plausible explanation for some of the crop circles awhile back posting at the FIGU US forum. A few things spoken by the Plejaren have clued me into a possible scenario for some of the more unexplainable CC’s.

    We are informed through the predictions made by, or through Billy, that Earthlings will one day attain Time Travel and perfect it to a great technology. And another observation the Plejaren discussed was the flight vehicles they were not able to communicate with, yet felt they weren’t here visiting Earth for nefarious intentions. Each time an attempt was made to contact a ship they would disappear instantly and couldn’t be tracked by the Plejaren’s technology. Having unintended contact with your past as a TT can be seen as undesirable and even impossible if we are to understand the information given to us about TT. Ships the Plejaren’s are only able to observe from afar seems like a good candidate for an Earthly TT. Interference would be stopped by the Creational forces in place, if I understand TT to the past as posited by the P’s

    Now together with this, it’s possible that CC’s are laid down in fields that are seasonal and can be dated by the always unique formations contained on them then erased after harvesting. If you were just beginning to test your new technology of TT, having a canvas that can be distinctly dated with a time stamp would be advantageous for calibrating such equipment.

    So, it could be we are witnessing ourselves in all the sightings of UFO’s that are designated of a “Terrestrial nature”, but just from the future. This keeps CC’s within the hands of Earthlings and maintains a useable reason that CC’s exist. At least the 5% that are certainly not made by ropes and boards.

    This also makes sense why it is us who will need to uncover this mystery as explained by Paath.

    • That makes sense Shawn, what better way to test out new TT technology. I’m not sure if TT was used on Oct. 27, 2008 when the 1,900 lb horse was transported a mile and a half and deposited inside it’s barn stall. But it was dead when it was found the next morning and had a 2 in. x 2 in. hole beside it’s heart, no blood, no tracks, no predators. Fence jumping was ruled out. I had sent Michael a night picture of some sort of craft’s lighting spotted prior to this incident. And it may explain why so many cattle mutilations seem to have been “dropped” from the sky. I don’t know it there is any correlation between TT and cattle/horse (forgot the cats lasered in half) mutilations but thought I’d throw it out there.

      • I like Shawn’s construct for possibly explaining crop circles, which certainly could incorporate what Meier said about human beings artistically expressing the impulsations. He didn’t stipulate that were only our contemporaries.

        Meier has stated that the mutilations are part of secret military ops.

        • Hi Michael, since it was stated that terrestrial man will some day attain time travel, who exactly do you think would be doing these time travel adventures if not the secret military ops? And of course testing of any kind always starts out with animals.

          • I don’t know. But maybe by that time there isn’t the need for secret ops.

            I assume that it will be after humanity has gone through such great losses that maybe we will be a more reasonable, united world by that time.

          • Well, remember, the terms “Earth humanity” or “Terrestrials” does not necessarily mean we have an account of EVERY person on the map that can be neatly looked up. This goes hand and hand to the six fingered device Dyson posted. That does not necessarily mean we have time travelers or even extra-terrestrials just because it’s six fingers, though an interesting turn of events as I was not aware of such things from the case until Dyson posted it. The opposite could also be said though, so it’s merely inconclusive evidence to determining the origin.

            There is a potential, as far as I’m aware, of other terrestrials we don’t know about that have essentially been reclusive to everyone else. The P’s do not exactly give clear indication of how far, reach, depth, and scope of what “Earth Humanity” or “Terrestrials” are though you do see it crop up here and there like running into a previously unknown tribe in the Amazon. After all, there were apparently folks living in Mt. Shasta which I think has been abandoned to date.

      • Shawn,

        An interesting perspective, I must say.

        Here is another one – if someone said it already I wasn’t aware – what if some of the CC’s are indeed ET origin, like leaving a visible trace for other ETs (or even their own) as a “marker” like we sometimes do to keep track of some type of study of Earth, TT related or not?

  • Speaking of the Ashtar Sheran minions, it was great to find out that in 1950 our own Canadian chairman of Project Magnet Wilburt B. Smith was an Ashtar Sheran contactee. I’m glad they clarified that since previous to this latest CR 563 Willie B was just listed as a contactee. This is awesome news from Ptaah and now can look at all Smith’s reports and booklets and can call bullshit on all of it. A huge thank you to Billy and Ptaah for bringing this to our attention.

  • The crop circle issue is one area that requires as much diligence as the Meier material to decode. The famous “alien image with a message” crop circle is one that is incredibly difficult to fake, and it’s a shock the skeptics haven’t tried to go after that one with fervor.

    • I would say that the difference is that you don’t have to “decode” the Meier material. While there may be depths of meaning that are best revealed through reading e information in the original German, there’s no comparison between the clarity of the message in Meier’s material and the cryptic content of the crop circles.

      Let’s remember that we don’t know for certain that all or even some are extraterrestrial in origin. And, so far to the best of my knowledge, we don’t have anything remotely as useful to human understanding, consciousness, truth, etc., as is contained in the spiritual teaching, for example.

  • The crop-circles ARE created by terrestrial human beings,
    namely the more complex ones by the Aghartans.
    I highly doubt that someone as far away as the “Zetas”are responsible.

    These crop-symbols however are indecipherable but to the most advanced kabbalists, except in the more obvious details.

    This means that the Aghartans are doing the minimum to influence us,
    perhaps intending that these symbols affect the subconscious.

    The Zetas that crashed in 1947 were probably here due to Bafath
    interference in their own region of space,
    namely in cooperation with Ashtar Sheran,
    and have nothing to do with the Earth any longer since the Bafath left,
    despite all the garbage said about them by liars like Whitley Strieber.

    It was and is the usual practice of “aliens” to claim cryptically
    that they are from other planets when they are not,
    e.g. the “Orion greys” really was just an allusion to the Giza plateau (Alnitak, Alnilam & Mintaka).
    These “greys” were just artificial life-forms produced by the Bafath, i.e. golem.
    Every single “alien” spoken of by those in these projects, &c,
    was either part of the Giza-intelligences
    or an underground or interdimensional human from Earth (e.g. “bigfoot”).
    Not one of them is a genuinely extraterrestrial race.
    And now the Earth can be considered sealed off from extraterrestrials,
    apart from the Plejaren, and a few terrestrials from the future, &c.

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