Politics: Retarding Progress through the Art of Advantage

Politics has been called the art of the possible. I call it the art of advantage.

Politics means that we seek to get things, to acquire or get them done and that we’ll, gladly or not, exchange something that the other person (usually considered our opponent) wants in order to do so. Of course we try not to exchange anything at all and are very careful about just what, and how much of it, we’re willing to exchange. This isn’t about compromise, where both people actually want the same thing but disagree on how to go about getting it.

Political thinking means that we don’t do things because they’re right, and we don’t refuse to do things because they’re wrong. We do them because they’re expedient and get us what we want…without regard for the intrinsic rightness of our desires, causes, etc. This can be applied to so-called environmentalists as well as to the more obviously acquisitive types. An ironic example of insidious wrongness is (the supposedly environmentally friendly) Gov. Jerry Brown’s signing a bill allowing fracking in California, a state already suffering a huge water shortage (fracking uses large amounts of water in its polluting, destabilizing process), tectonic instability, etc.

So we watch as those who are indifferent, or oblivious, to the laws of cause and effect play out and enact all sorts of political games, maneuvers and manipulations. But politics certainly isn’t about understanding and respecting the true, universal laws of life, nor the true values like love, peace, freedom and harmony, etc.; that wouldn’t seem to be expedient. Of course, when we take into account the huge, manmade disasters that have ultimately come down on us (and continue to do so) as a result of such ignorance, maybe doing things right the first time, which also includes not doing certain things just because of political pressures, would have been the best, less overall costly way to go.

It all seems so transparently obvious, futile and pathetic but it’s the game that multitudes of people have been trained to enjoy – to love – playing against their ultimate best interests.

Obviously politics isn’t about truth…anymore than religion is. So why do so many people continue to play those games?

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    1. Not true Helen. There is nothing wrong with a debate. Sometimes its the only way for someone to learn anothers viewpoint and the truth. You can’t learn the truth if you only have your own ideas to compare them too.

      1. I agree with Mark, I feel a good debate backed up with facts is a great, what I don’t like is someone offering an opinion without anything to back them up. I find this to be very counter-productive. There’s nothing to learn there.

  1. Hi Michael,

    When I think about politics, unfortunately, what comes to mind first, is the fact that most politicians are into politics for selfish reasons, and not to help the people. And since they are the “leaders” of society, this causes many unfortunate sorrows and evils to exist, that harm the planet, and humanity, in extreme ways.

    Semjase describes these kind of people in the following text.


    NOTE: In keeping with my expressed policy to not post lengthy excerpts of even the most valuable information, especially when a link is provided to where it can be read in its entirety, I’m only allowing the link and letting the readers know that Tony specifically pointed to lines 197. – 190.

    And I don’t think there’ll be any argument with what Semjase had to say there. Thanks Tony.

    1. I think there are some that started out with good intentions eg) Ron Paul but he has been ostracized for telling the truth. The good intentions are often thwarted by that sense of entitlement (and everyone else is doing it) mentality that comes with the job. The best one I heard yet is that we’ve built so many contacts with the current government that by voting in someone else, we would just have to start over again in building those contacts. Really? Well that’s just too damn bad. I will be asking all those who voted for the devil they know (as opposed to the devil they didn’t know) how happy they are with their choice.
      On one hand we are told to stay out of politics but on the other hand we are told that we need to elect those that are more capable and effect the correct changes. What is the proper balance other than not signing up with any party?

  2. Politics builds upon a house of sand, it is not built on truth and the rocks of wisdom and love. And when the winds of change come it is blown away.

  3. American politics… one more large aspect of an out of control world.
    And a not so fun game to “play”.

    My favorite example is of Jesse Ventura here in Minnesota. He was elected governor of Minnesota(1998-2002) some years back.(wont really regurgitate all of his info).
    I knew him best for his wrestling and movies. Yet, he went from these en-devours slowly into “politics”, as a third party nominee.
    Though he left politics after one term as governor of Minnesota, he never did anything too special for us… what interests me is what he said.
    I mainly like his stance on “politics” in general. He cited both party’s as “monster out of control” who are concerned only with “their own agenda and their pork”. After serving his term he eventually even denounced the third party he was elected under… citing “we already have a two headed monster, why add a third”. I think it sums it all up for me. His running for office inspired him to realize that the whole system of “governing” needed to be urgently changed for ever. I totally agree with him on that!! Yet, changed to what… what is our next game?
    Though I don’t really keep up to date with Ventura, I just find his stance on “politics” semi amusing. He is heavily into other stuff that is his own deal.

    It’s like everything else we humans never seem to see… that we are our own consciously conscious self within our selves. As is the case with religion, education, politics, etc, etc it all depends on the person administering it to the masses. There truly is no “party’s” in politics.. only individual humans creating whatever semblance to it they personally think “is”.(though there are A LOT of puppets out there, more than not by far it seems!)
    The way the politics of America hurl their delusional fear based supposed supremacy around to the world… it is amazing we have not found ourselves where we are going.
    Funny thing is it seems most people are truly unhappy with American politics in America… yet, within our never ending swirling hurricane(couch potato) of instant satisfaction., no one does anything but blabber on and on about the game for the most part, including me!
    It has been an ingenious system for them…. screw it up as badly as possible to “scare” everyone away from it, then they are “free” to do whatever they want! Oh my fellow storm battered Americans.. when will we have had enough? Will it take a civil war in this country to change anything? Is that the path that we must take to change… will we ever change before it is to late?
    Most seem more concerned with walking away from it all as fast as possible, instead of even having a one minute conversation about it. To caught up in “entertainment”(video games, etc) to give a rats ass!
    Talking politics American to American is like pulling teeth! Most have succumb to the “its not about me” stance and continuously blame/yell at someone else for the things that are solely within their embrace to change. Sounds like another parallel to religion to me! Yet, how could it be any different when that is all most know…
    Why are WE not in the streets like the Vietnam era? Did it solve anything then? Was life changed in the mean time to keep Americans stiffly stuffed, sitting on the proverbial couch of never ending satisfaction for everything not to do with themselves… Why not play some video games in the mean time!

    Someday… one can only hope it comes sooner than later, we will see ourselves within us all. Our world will focus on what is good for oneself..as a whole. I am a dreamer and have more questions than answers yet our worlds form of “politics” is a game not worth playing. In a weird way…as seen by me.. it is exactly as they wanted it.

  4. But in the end, we have to vote. As intelligently as possible if we can. We’re learning that lesson big time in Canada now. And paying a massive price for the privilege… Thank goodness for Obama. The timing honestly couldn’t have been better to brush off our right wing sh** kicker of a prime minister and put a damper on all of his evangelical christian anti science anti environment pro oil BS loaded crap.

  5. Hi dm, Harper is not evangelical nor does he attend church. He is not anti-science either. But he is pro oil because he’s an economist. What people aren’t aware of is that the oil sands have huge foreign investment so it will not matter whose in power, they will not be shut down, that’s the reality as sad and pathetic as it is. Do you remember what this country was like before Harper? The oil sands were still there and our liberal prime ministers did nothing to stop them and that’s a precedent. I’ve never seen the oil sands in person but my neighbour tells me it’s gross and disgusting and just recently the groundwater at Athabasca was tested and contained chemicals from the tailing ponds. Yeah we are screwed when it comes to clean uncontaminated water. We could try and restrict any further development though… Harper is not right wing, he’s in the moderate middle because he’s had to come to the middle to appease everyone. Please watch more than what the CBC spews as they constantly twist the facts or outright lie. They do it because they want Trudeau as PM. Have they ever asked what religion he is? The vast majority of PMs were Roman Catholic. As far as I can see Trudeau’s only platform is making pot legal and to be quite frank from what I’ve seen he is not smart enough to lead this country and so you know darn well it will be all daddy’s cronies lining up to the trough. Personally I think the corruption has been cleaned up immensely, but as we all know there is always room for improvement. If you want to know the truth go to the Canadian Taxpayers Federation as they are funded by the people and for the people because their biggest concern is making the government accountable. Isn’t that what Billy espouses and what we all want? I just hope the Plejaren are giving Harper impulses. Billy has no qualms about calling out the bad actors (politicians) and I’ve yet to see him say anything about Harper. So should we assume no news is good news?

  6. Hi again dm, here’s proof that the CTV doesn’t care about facts. I tried posting on this site:
    But they wouldn’t post my comment which was this:
    From Wikipedia:
    “Ottawa has avoided direct investment, preferring to improve the investment climate. A prime example of this occurred in 1994, when the federal government rolled out tax breaks allowing 100% of oil sands capital investments to be written off as accelerated capital cost allowances.[54] The provincial government had a much more direct role in development; investing directly in numerous pilot projects, undertaking joint ventures with the industry and consistently making massive investments in research and development. Alberta features one of the lowest royalty rates in the world.[55] This industry-centric royalty system is criticised for “promoting a runaway pace of development”.[56][57]
    Industry is the core force of oil sands development. The first major players, Suncor Energy and Syncrude, dominated the market until the 1990s. Currently there are 64 companies operating several hundred projects.[58] The majority of production now comes from foreign-owned corporations,[59] and the necessity of maintaining a favourable climate for these corporations grants them strong influence; much stronger than that of non-productive stakeholders, such as citizens and environmental groups.[56]”
    We can play the blame game all day long but the facts remain.

    I guess our only hope is that we turf the current provincial PCs and jack up the royalties to drive foreign investment away. The provincial gov’t has a bigger investment than the feds because they own it.

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