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  • Fukushima poison radiation destruction in the Pacific Ocean and BP Petroleum drilling spill poisonous destruction pollution in the Atlantic/Atlantis Ocean. The overpopulation of human beings on Earth is the main cause of these extreme effects. Truly there is no logic in procreating any offspring because stop and think about that before you get into trouble, think to be responsible instead of wanting some imaginary white picket fence and greener pastures that cannot happen in an overpopulated hell planet. 500 million people on Earth is sufficient for evolution and thus the planet would be a paradise to be kept clean and polished up spotless of any corrosions.

  • Nice interview MH…

    Cant write enough to begin to appreciate your continuing initiative with helping people become aware of Billy’s life(if they want too).
    Your presentation is as solid as when my brother and I came to see you in person. (Toronto Oct of 2006)
    Its just amazing how are fellow humans act.. how STUPID we can be!!

    Now is the time… maybe for me, the past years were there to understand the present a little clearer.
    Our world is and always has been in desperate need of getting the truth out!
    You seem to be one of the main people doing just that these days:)

  • awesome venue .. already over 4000 views .. suppress, repress, deny, lie, falsify, try as they might, the truth will irrepressibly find its way into the light of day for even the human of the earth

    nice job, MH!

  • Good job, Michael! I’ve read through the comments and some of them were really vicious and insulting, so you seem to have hit the mark. 😉

    By the way, did you get my e-mail about the German university? I just want to make sure it didn’t land in a spam filter or something.

  • Hi Michael,

    Great job in the interview. The truth about UFOs and ETs will eventually get out to Humanity, but right now we are dealing mostly with religiously confined, scientifically confined, and mis-educated people, who MUST do their own personal investigation into the evidence, evidence that is easily available to them, before they can convince themselves of the truth.

    There are so many distractions and conspiracies keeping the vast majority of Humanity from truth, that only through a very good self-education, can a person break through. A person must struggle and search for truth for a long time, before they can find it.

    It’s important that a truth-seeker read and study truthful writings, if they truly want to know truth as quickly as possible. It will be much more difficult, and even impossible, if one does not read and study truthful teachings. That is why Billy writes so much. He writes to teach those who are willing to learn what is important to know.

    I’m so glad that you always emphasize that it is matter of survival, which confronts humanity today. We are at the brink of total destruction, and it will come, if people do not change the way they think and act!

  • When the cause has been perpetuated for hundreds of thousands of years, the effect is bound to take time to be reversed, but your efforts Michael, must be recognized and appreciated for the effect it is having. I won’t bury you with flowers but I will continue to express my personal gratitude towards you and your efforts and hope that your continued efforts remain as effective and worthy as they have to this point.

    Great work as always!

  • Nice interview Michael. I commented on the Youtube responses because I find them so funny. They all usually disappear when I ask them what they have read or studied of Billy’s material I had a guy literally argue for a week until I asked him. There are ALOT of UFO guys out there that are purposely bashing every Billy video out there. Amazing how desperate they are becoming.

    • Yes, as soon as anything from/about Meier is posted the disinfo guys launch their attacks. Very interesting how that just seems to happen…right away.

      • Yeah, it’s like it’s their job…
        Makes me wonder if the NSA has a deflect the teachings of Billy Meier squad? Very telling that it took the CIA 11 years to come to the conclusion that Billy Meier is a hoax. Are they that stupid that they couldn’t have figured that out in a couple years? So to me they are either lying or they know it’s not a hoax. I’m really glad Billy has you as his representative Michael. No matter how many letters they have behind their name, they are still dumb when it comes to spirituality.

        • Thanks Sheila. I think that the original investigators had enough experiences with the CIA in London that we can be certain that at least at some of the higher levels they definitely know that its real. I also think some of them may, or could, know more than most of us as to what’s in the as yet untranslated pages, since they certainly have access to top level translators, even if they would get things wrong in terms of the fine points in the spiritual teaching.

          • Thanks Michael. So they know it’s real but don’t want to share that information with humanity? Who the hell are they to decide what humanity should and shouldn’t know? The skeptics should investigate further, unless they think they are INCAPABLE of coming to the same conclusion.

          • Sheila, you know far better than most that those who are motivated by control and inducing fear to maintain it, at any cost, don’t see things exactly the same way that normal, decent people do, if I may try to understate the point.

  • It just goes to show that current academia is not about pushing the envelope and stimulating intelligence ; it’s about “making it all go away” , not risking criticism , and making a fat paycheck .

  • Those thick-skulls are mighty thick over at Hornterview.

    The outlandish claims are enough to make my blood boil! Not very positive of me! Yet, how stupid are these people! Spoon feed everything to them is what the believe is needed… what a bunch of lazy ass religious humanoids! They would only puke it all up on themselves… I cant bare the smell. Glad I wont be spoon feeding it to them. Only my 1 year old niece will get that treatment:)

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