Can You…SEE what You’re Looking At? (Part 4)

Apparently not.

I recently invited skeptic David Sharpe to focus in on one specific photograph from Billy Meier of the WCUFO, and the two enhanced versions, at this blog and to feel free to enhance the image himself to see what results he would get.

Here is his response accompanied by the photos and my comments:

DS: “I did do that myself and achieved similar results. I saw the ‘post’ object, didn’t see the background looking the way it does but I’m not too skeptical that such a result could be achieved. I don’t find this argument terribly convincing simply because this image is so subject to personal interpretation.”

MH: So this image is “so subject to personal interpretation”:

WCUFO brightness and contrast enhanced by Savio
WCUFO brightness and contrast enhanced by Savio

I’m not sure what that means but Mr. Sharpe goes on to – almost – explain it:

DS: “I see any number of things, you see a road and a halo, IIG folks see a curtain backdrop and who knows what else. I don’t see anything which shows convincingly that one interpretation is better than another here.”

MH: We have three photographs and Mr. Sharpe sees “any number of things”, none of which he specifically describes. He points out that I see a road and a halo. Uh-huh. And what do you see here Mr. Sharpe:

WCUFO with Halo
WCUFO with Halo

He won’t say but he switches his attention back to the original photo, the one that IIG says is just a model against a “curtain backdrop”:

WCUFO extended cupola
WCUFO extended cupola

And he concludes by telling us that he doesn’t “see anything which shows convincingly….” just read it again for yourself, if you wish.

If he wasn’t a skeptic, with a load of preconceptions, prejudices, pseudoscientific certainties about just what is and isn’t possible and real…would Mr. Sharpe have so much trouble being honest and congruent? Would he come right out and say that the object obviously wasn’t a model photographed against a black curtain without any suspension lines, etc.? He certainly hasn’t explained how a photograph taken by Meier, using a 35mm film camera, can suddenly be shown to contain information only available visible 21st century technology…32 years later.

This kind of intellectual dishonesty and rigidly religious sense of denial is largely what today’s skepticism and its followers amount to. They have to dismiss, ignore or invalidate it that which doesn’t fit their belief system, and reality as they have defined it. It’s the same kind of mental mediocrity that other kind of religious believers resort to when confronted by such challenges.

Of course Mr. Sharpe has told us several times that he’s just “in this for fun” but he’ll take a moment or two to show us how smart he is and how foolish we are. He had also written to me, “But hey, if you’re ever up for an honest debate where we can fully discuss the merits of one argument at a time, I’m up for it.” Right.

Start putting the pieces together and it’s not a pretty picture. Uninterested universities, cowardly college professors, apathetic astronomy clubs, politically correct activists, etc., etc.

It looks like a world largely filled with self-satisfied, fearful, religiously deluded, overly entertained, presumably “educated” ignorant people who can’t trust themselves to reason and intelligently analyze what they see, because it isn’t supposed to be there, so it isn’t possible.

Welcome to the national (perhaps global) mental institution where the inmates really are running the asylum.

Look what happened to you, America, while you spent your time watching overgrown boys get overblown salaries to play over-hyped games, while you lived your life vicariously through other people, through phantasmagoria and fabricated screen identities, portraying yourselves as imaginary heroes, playing games, twittering, texting and trivializing the gift of life.

Now, like Mr. Sharpe, we’re only engaged “in this for fun”, no matter just how serious and important “this” may be. Life is just another video game, isn’t it?


22 Replies to “Can You…SEE what You’re Looking At? (Part 4)”

  1. It is child like to believe we are the only humans on Earth and in the universe. The nearest city shines off in the distance as a light from the street light and just looking at this says there is something out there but until you hop in your car and drive there do you realize that it is inhabited with other human beings.

  2. Why would anybody visit me from the city, and so it is true too why would anybody living in outer space want to visit me? So anyone who has a false belief in they should do this or do that for me/us are not at all logical but rather delusional.

  3. People can be skeptical (stupid) about the Meier case photos and films, and justify it to themselves, but how can anyone deny the accuracy of the 100’s of documented predictions that have come true? I strongly suggest that they take a good hard look at the predictions that remain to be fulfilled, because they will come true. Maybe that will be enough proof for some of them.

  4. For these types life is what they have always known… and they WILL know nothing else.
    They have made up their minds, before they have actually used it.

    It is amazing over the years how all these people think they can prove Billy’s case a hoax, and in the end all they do is continuously help prove its authentic.
    Its almost like it turns into a vendetta with them… It rocks the very core of their “beliefs” to the point of all out denial. Denial at the cost of their own thinking, and our very existence being stuck on this rock with them. All because they couldn’t prove Billy’s case false… they will prove all of it false? Even the very essence of trying to change our world for the better without religion and for peace. That doesn’t seem like a bad message no matter where it is coming from.
    Maybe someday they will actually sit down and read Billy’s case… What a dream. This particular feller is just into it for the fun of it, sound like a typical American… “couch potato” swirls coast to coast these days:)

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