Russian Military Movements…and the Henoch Prophecies

UPDATE: Two new developments, pertaining to both Russia’s military movements and climate change, can be found here and here*.

There is, and most likely will be, no shortage of reporting (and hand wringing) about Russia’s new military move into Ukraine.

So this is a brief blog to simply remind everyone of what is long foretold regarding Russia’s coming military expansion and aggression in the Henoch Prophecies published by Billy Meier.

So, perhaps if intelligent people in the Balkans, Europe, Norway, Sweden, Iran, Turkey, the Middle East, US and Canada are paying attention, we might start thinking seriously about how to rewrite some of our otherwise grim future history.

Or I guess we could just title this Part III of Now You Have a Ringside Seat to the Fulfillment of Prophecies, Unfortunately.

You can also see the unedited version of Dr. Weinstein’s comments about Meier’s foretelling of Russian troop movements in my new film, And Did They Listen?.


*Thanks to Ron Watson and Michael Vanderpool for noting these developments.



51 Replies to “Russian Military Movements…and the Henoch Prophecies”

  1. Blah..blah…blah…blah..bottomline is, if the world end it will end , no jesus, no wing horse, no pleidians would save anyone,hehe!!! look at the negative impacts in our world, it is in every corners of our life , environment, & planet. so, i say approximately 800-1200 yrs. from now , the earth will be a vacuum air! if something like this kinda prediction exist in the contacts, it would make much more sense, then pleadians trying to gain popularity in our planet.embarrass**

    1. Hi Nuam,

      Please use your first and last name when posting comments.


      BTW, there are no “Pleiadians”. The actual name for this race of human extraterrestrials is the Plejaren.

    2. “…blah…blah..bottomline is, if the world end it will end”

      But what you have said there is actually meaningless and doesn’t correspond to the workings of our universe. The real bottom-line is that the human race may well come to an end if we choose to allow it to happen. If we put in the necessary effort to not bring about a premature ending then it will not happen.

      These ET humans visiting Earth have no concept of what you call popularity. That is only a feature of the ‘blah blah’ empty-head know-nothing people of Earth. They are trying to teach us how to change our thinking so we can solve our own self-created problems. So instead of choosing to be one of those blah blah people, why not do something about our world’s problems? That doesn’t mean that you alone have to do something incredible for the world. No individual can fix everything, but the individual can help to sway opinion, to influence others in their thinking, which has a gradual overall effect. If the population demands that things go a certain way, then those in power will either be forced to make it happen or become irrelevant and lose their power to a greater movement from which better leaders will emerge. You have a free will to do this if you want.

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