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The photo immediately below is one of 63 photos that Billy Meier took of the WCUFO, using a 35mm film camera, in 1981:

WCUFO on the ground 1

WCUFO on the ground 1

This photo is a detail of a section of the craft as shown in Rhal Zahi’s video here:

Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi's video here:

Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi’s video here.

Detail of WCUFO from Rhal Zahi’s video here.

This object was not made by anyone on Earth and no one has yet been able to duplicate it…in over 33 years. (For more  of the newly analyzed  photos of the WCUFO please click here and here . And this video report reveals more information about the nighttime WCUFO photo.)

The Plejaren extraterrestrial people who made and and fly this object, and the more familiar looking disc-type UFOs here, come from a far distant world and have been meeting with Billy Meier for over 72 years. They are not here to save, nor to harm, us. They hoped to get our attention with all of these flying craft so that we might pay attention to the more important content, the actual reason for their visits to our world.

The Plejaren presented an even higher standard of proof of their existence and advanced level of development in the prophetically accurate scientific information that they gave to, and which was published by, Billy Meier. Included in the information from them, and Billy Meier, are prophecies and predictions warning us of very specific, grave dangers we face on Earth, largely due to our own erroneous way of thinking, feeling and acting. We continue to update the new corroborations for that information on this blog.

For those who can then comprehend and appreciate the foundation of impeccable credibility established by the existence of information that preempts our “official discovery”, often by decades, we are asked to direct our attention to the spiritual teaching. It is this belief-free, non-religious teaching that encourages us to take full self-responsibility for every thought, feeling and action in our lives, to see things exactly as they are and to learn how to…think.

The teaching emphasizes that there are no outside forces, no imaginary gods, tin gods, angels, saints, saviors, masters, nor any earthly political or governmental “leaders”, priest, rabbis, mullahs, etc., that are responsible for us in any way. Only we ourselves are responsible for our own lives and our own destiny.

This of course has nothing to do with the imaginary “extraterrestrial presence on Earth”, “millions of contactees”, “alien abductions” and other false, misleading, fear and profit motivated machinations that are cynically and relentlessly promoted by the “UFO industry” and its hacks who have deliberately chosen to suppress, ignore and, attack the only authentic UFO contact case and its rich, freely given treasure to Earth humanity. They have succeeded to some degree in making the whole UFO/extraterrestrial topic a profitable form of…entertainment at the cost of the truth. This of course only succeeds to the degree that people have abdicated their self-responsibility and critical thinking in favor of inferior priorities.

However, in time humanity will awaken. How long that takes, individually and collectively, is solely up to us.

So perhaps you’d like to gaze upon those photos again and realize that before we concern ourselves with taking our own flights to the stars, we may want to visit the world of consciousness inside of ourselves and utilize the helpful assistance contained in the…instructional manual these visitors have given to us.

Please also see this further documentation:


And be sure to see the new film analysis confirming the authenticity of the so-called “Pendulum UFO“.

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