Russia and China Unite…Now when and where Did We Hear that Before?

We’ve already pointed out the information in the Henoch Prophecies that pertains to Russia and China. And, seven years ago, Billy Meier published more information pertaining to Putin’s outspoken criticism of the US.

But what isn’t so widely known is that, in 1976, Meier published prophetic information in poetic verses, that already foretold the Russian-Chinese alliance and their eventual, horrific worldwide military march:

“Man danger threatens you from the North,

where the wolf arms for murder;

he plans a weighty violent crime,

to break into the nations westwards.

Be aware, be watchful and on guard;

break the Sibir-cold with your embers,

which slinketh upon you, deep-dangerously,

bloodthirsty, greedy, quite murder-mad.

Upon you he slinks, death from the giant nation,

world-ruling, as red death band.

Power greed defieth in quite raw brains,

panting, searching for betrayal whores,

who pas the fodder to the evil wolf;

from republics on up to the kingdoms.

Mighty swells the chest of the wolf;

danger; watch for the red sickle-dagger.

The red hammer already begins to fall,

in equal measure to the yellow dragon claws,

which from the east hurry to tear up the world,

and to tear mankind into a bloodbath.

Open is the yellow dragon throat

through a very fanatic power bond,

to tear them all in murderous crushing,

while in the heavens hell-fires blaze.

Danger threatens you, oh Man of Earth,

strive therefore, that peace may be,

or else death will strike you shortly,

as your truly last insanity spice.

So arm yourself for peace at this time,

or else you shortly have war-fighting.

From North and East now lurks the murder;

sickle and dragon prepare death for you;

by steel messengers, by sun-embers,

in these your life is extinguished, your courage…”


“The sky is colored from East and North

with vibrations of blood-shedding and murder.

The world of the cold, who leads the red sickle,

very evil plans of power and tyranny kindles,

to break into the world of cult-beliefs,

to rob the treasures of these cults and life.

So also the great, yellow dragon lurks in the East,

who mortared his giant wall through the lands.

He striveth for the life of the cultish world,

and throughout this soon a terror cry shrills,

when murdering he breaks the world of the West,

to destroy everything which was erected best.

The red sickle and the yellow dragon both

secretly armed already themselves for the blow,

to break in burning and destroying everywhere,

by foot, on water, on horse and with jet-sound.

In death-danger is especially the Christian world,

with the cult of madness in your error behavior…”

More recently, there was this question to, and answer from, Meier on the FIGU Forum:

Q: “In the future if the Henoch prophecies unfold, especially during the fall of Europe and the destruction of the USA, would this include subjugation of the USA and Europe at the hands of oppressors which could lead to prison camps of subjugated peoples and other forms of unfreedom in destroyed countries (possible foreign military supremacy as a side effect of civil wars, anarchy, and war) as well as worldwide Islamic supremacy and rule over the destroyed northern hemisphere (collapse of Catholic church and Christian religion mentioned in Henoch prophecies) as possibilities? I know that the US/Nato/Europe, Russia, and China will be heavily involved in the war, but also Middle Eastern countries.”

A: “Decisive or great factors which will play a role are Catholicism and China.”

The people of Earth were warned. And Did They Listen?


Thanks to curlymoses for pointing out what Putin said about diplomacy:

“Good on you! You should join the diplomatic service; you’d make a good diplomat. Diplomats’ tongues, as we know, are there to hide their thoughts.”

…which of course only affirms what Meier and the Plejaren have said about diplomacy before, i..e. that it’s just a glorified, manipulative way of lying for advantage.


I have a new interview scheduled for this Thursday night…tune in!


25 Replies to “Russia and China Unite…Now when and where Did We Hear that Before?”

  1. Well, the situation in Crimea is very untransparent. No one who is not there can really say what’s going on. The reports we get here in the West are very one-sided. I personally trust neither the US, nor the EU, nor Russia. It would be great if Billy could shed some light on the whole situation, including what the Russians and the Chinese are really doing behind the curtains right now.

    Concerning the interview: Did it happen? When I tuned in last night at 7pm PST, the guest was a guy named “Rainbow Al”, who apparently does paranormal comedy or something. It seemed to have been a recorded show from January 30th and not a live show, as the link on the site proclaimed, very strange. I also cannot find it in the archive section (which is a mess of youtube videos without dates, instead of mp3 files). If you have a link to the recorded show somehwere, it would be great if you could share it.

    1. Never mind about the interview, I obviously tuned in at 5 pm, instead of 7 pm. I’d still like to have that link to the recorded show though. 😉

  2. I could imagine if the US dollar is declared worthless and all fiat dollars will collapse in their value likewise, it probably would escalate into worldwide economic catastrophe. This sounds to me to be the triggering factor that creates even more disasters worldwide because of the overpopulation monster.

  3. It sounds very logical to pay off all your debts and owe nothing to assure your independence on the personal/family level. Prepare now with provisions or live more frugal with emphasis on privation/lack of heat and food so as to concentrate on ways to create heat and ways to grow food.

  4. Yes, it sounds logical to pay off all your debts and owe nothing to assure one’s independence on the personal/family level. A self sufficient farmlet far away from cities sounds like a good option if things continue to get worse.

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