Finding the Mother Lode

For eons treasure seekers had relentlessly hunted for the mother lode, an elusive and long rumored vein of purest gold.

It was said to be so blindingly brilliant that the mere sight of it would make men turn away from all other temptations. So transfixing was its purity and beauty that he who held but a nugget in his hand would thereby possess such wealth as not even all the kings and emperors had ever amassed.

Of course people appeared who promised maps and excursions, for a price, to where the mother lode could be found but the gullible would always find only disappointment and no comfort for their loss of time, hopes and investments.

So many who vainly sought the mother lode often simply settled for the abundant, easily obtained fool’s gold. But the painful realization gnawed away within them that they were still as impoverished as any pauper because, despite the glittering surface, they grudgingly knew it to be devoid of any real depth and value.

One day a most unusual thing happened. A dedicated seeker, who had never surrendered to frustration or despair, announced to all who would listen that he had indeed found the object of his long, indefatigable search. At first he was scorned and not believed, especially since he also said that the treasure was truly so close at hand that it had been overlooked, time and time again.

He then not only described how it exceeded all expectations and fanciful rumors, but he also willingly told them all where to find the mother lode. In fact, he not only described its location, he also took all who were interested directly to it and, even beyond that, instead of claiming it solely for himself, he invited them to take of it freely, without limit!

Some recognized a treasure beyond compare and indeed gratefully partook of its inexhaustible wealth. In turn, they, like the one who had selflessly brought them to it, invited others to do the same. And, with the realization of its unlimited abundance and inestimable value, freely available to any who truly desired it, long held fears about scarcity, hoarding and theft, that had kept the people in darkness for so long, dissolved and vanished from their consciousness.

There were those who desperately tried even harder to ensnare the gullible into buying their fables and useless maps to non-existent treasures. And while they would occasionally catch the attention of those who were still unaware that the mother lode had been found and was theirs too for the taking, soon their charade would come to its inevitable end, leaving the peddlers alone with their tall tales, greed and cynicism.

Truly, the mother lode had always existed well hidden in plain sight. And once discovered it was also found to be accessible forever more inside of each one who sought it. And instead of fashioning fancy trinkets with which to merely adorn themselves and impress each other, the people found that this treasure brought an even deeper satisfaction, and revealed many more hitherto unnoticed facets, the more they contemplated, studied and shared it with each other.

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  1. The treasure is the teaching of truth/spirit/life, which “is a guideline to distinguish between being fair and unfair, between right and non-right and between truth and lie as well as between honesty and dishonesty and also between respect and slander”. (Goblet of Truth, Chapter 3, Line 1)

  2. Well penned.

    Reminds me of my thoughts last night. Wondering why some–often at first impression–are able to recognize the treasure for what it is, while the vast majority do not. I’m thinking, that at this early period of the renewed teachings, there are roughly two groups of people that are able see the Meier information for the gold mine that it is:

    1-those who have been exposed to it in a past life. Like Michael has shared, and like many others probably expereienced, to these ones the whole thing seemed genuine, fascinating, valuable, from the first moment of introduction. This was perhaps accompanied by an “back home at last” feeling when the material was absored.

    2-people who were not previously exposed but who were nevertheless prepared to accept the teaching, not necessarily because of significantly higher evolutionary level, but because they have a personality that has been searching hard for truth. They were likely already accepting of the idea of ET’s, skeptical of religion, and actively, dillegently, looking for that treasure that religion promises but can’t deliver.

    For all others, the material is simply too foreign. Not sure I want to excuse them for their close-mindedness, daftness, etc, but their skepticism is almost understandable considering the ubiquity of the belief-based paradigms today.

    In any case, I see more clearly the futility in attempting to spread the knowledge and wisdom in the sectarian-missionary type of way. “You can lead a horse to water, but…”

    That is not to say we should not freely scatter the seeds–as Michael does so well–but we cant force em to germinate (and, realistically, cant really expect many to at this time to germinate) when the soil is unprepared (as is widely the case today).

    I think this is consistent with Jmmaneul’s message in the TJ, he says something to the effect “Dont be discouraged when you are persecuted in one city, just continue to the next…only attempt to teach those who are willing and able to learn..” I’m very loosely paraphrasing but I think it was something along those lines…

    And, man, your catholicism post below…oh my goodness…makes my blood boil. oh the icky-ness and ridiculousness of that god forsaken institution… it seems your implication is correct: one cannot be both a sane person and a catholic.

    1. The connection dropped off, from their side I think, so I couldn’t finish the interview.

      But i have to say that it’s actually mentally painful to encounter the stubbornness and foolish focus on “negatives”, etc.

      Let’s face it, this world is still all about unthinking skepticism, being entertained and projecting our own LIMITED ideas and projections on reality…in cold defiance of it. Honestly, it’s like people are fighting to KEEP themselves in the dark and ignorant.

      1. Mr. Horn, I think the interview was bad, from your side…

        I am not sure why it ended that way, but I got the feeling you wanted to say too much and many of your answers were about things not-related to posted questions. And that internet connection ???

        I am disappointed with this interview, you have done many before this and they were very good, but this in my eyes was big fail…

        1. Perhaps you can spell out specifically what you didn’t like or agree with. The internet connection was failing on their part, the last time I was on a landline so it had nothing to do with my connection.

          But the disappointment for me is that there still is a world of people who profess interest in this subject but who are no more capable of actually thinking than a three-year-old child. There are only so many times a person can say that they don’t have the negatives, etc., and that they don’t care about them, since the real proof in the case is in the information.

          Certainly I wanted to say “too much” – in comparison with all of the nonsense that this particular field is saturated with, where most people have nothing of significance to say. And it is this mentality of so many in this country that will bring down upon us, without a doubt, everything that Meier and the Plejaren have tried, and tried, and tried, and tried to freely give us. Entertain, demand, entertain, demand, entertain, demand…a nation of immature, entitled, unthinking people.

          1. Michael your a warrior. Don’t relent, your doing a fine job. There was nothing wrong with your interview tonight other than the man interviewing. Lights in the sky was all he was interested in and all he’ll ever have interest in. Its an entertainment show. What can we expect other than hoping you got your message out to another rational thinker. One at a time.

            When the shit hits the fan and people of this world who spend all their time distracting themselves with nonsense then they might just waken up. Pain and suffering is unfortunately what they need.

            there has to be a least 5 billion people in this world suffering and they want to know who’s wearing what at the Oscars.

            Don’t think too much about the show tonight because it was out of your hands. He wasn’t ready for an intelligent debate and never will. I think he hung up to be honest.

            Keep at it brother and sleep well

            1. Doirecity,

              Thanks. It’s kind of disheartening when someone tells you that they really want to have a conversation about this topic and then actually say that they don’t want to know the reason for the contacts. We are all ignorant about various things and to varying degrees. But willful stupidity is pretty hard to understand or deal with, other than to just walk away. I didn’t hang up and I’m not sure at what point it cut off. This is the US, the land of the overly entertained and abysmally, proudly unconcerned and unthinking.

          2. Hi Michael,

            Don’t be disappointed or disheartened. Forget about that show. You know very well that the vast majority of Mankind will not accept truth at this point in history. Save your energy, motivation, and effort for the few who are sincerely seeking truth. When you do these interviews, think – maybe I’ll reach one or two individuals who truly desire to know the truth.

            1. I’m sure that even in this case there were a few people who may look a little deeper into it. I don’t think the host is one of them, since he first became familiar with the Meier material 30 years…and doesn’t want to know the reason or content of the case.

          3. Well, forget Greer, Basset, Disclosure Project, ufo-LOL-ogy industry, they will not help you…

            When interviewer asked you about the negatives, you cannot give him clear answer – yes or no would be sufficient, but instead you were talking and talking and then the interview was lost…

            What I just wrote is my point of view and I know you will not agree, but so is our life on this planet…

            1. Of course they won’t, they’re among the profiteers in the UFO industry.

              I told him, several times, that a) I didn’t have any b) I didn’t care about them. I think you’ll find that the interviewer repeatedly made an issue out of it. And, since he outright stated that he didn’t care about the reason or content, there really was no point…although I tried. Perhaps I tried to much because I made the mistake of thinking I could I reason with him.

              I’m more than ready and willing to try and certainly sometimes it seems like a wasted effort…although it’s good practice nonetheless.

      2. Hello, Michael.

        It’s true that people make a point to KEEP themselves in the dark. I’ve had conversations with many ‘open-minded’ individuals who, after explaining the ‘truth’ about things to them (or at least leading them in the direction of the truth) they decided they’d rather not know. And making a decision to stay in the dark, they’ve said, makes them happy. Saying they will be happier NOT knowing the truth of things because anything other than what they already know would scare them too much. And it’s usually the end of the conversation and sadly, the end of any friendship that existed beforeheand.


  3. From the future of mankind

    Bringing the joyful message of truth to those amongst you who are knowing or not-knowing and are connected to the truth or are not connected to it and who do good or bad deeds means love and joy, which should belong to all of you so that gardens of consonance (harmony) blossom in you and rivers of wisdom flow; and whenever you give from the fruits of your garden (knowledge) and from the waters of your rivers (wisdom) to people of your kind (human beings), you will say that you are passing on that what you have been taught by the wise ones and the prophets in accordance with the laws of the primal power (Creation), therefore you pass it on in the same way as it was given to you; and this leads to you finding yourselves as people of your kind (human beings) and becoming companions in order to care for your being yourself (being human) in purity and to dwell there.

  4. People can act tough and arrogant. They can be apathetic and closed-minded. They can reject the truth and keep others from it. But if they do, they WILL suffer what is mentioned in the Henoch Prophecies.

    From the HP:

    “169. The nations of the East will rise against the nations of the West, the West against the East.

    170. Many deaths will be inflicted upon the people by fighter and bomber aircraft, and bombs and rockets will destroy and annihilate smaller and larger villages and cities.

    171. The people will be completely powerless against all this and will live through 888 days of Hell on Earth, suffering hunger and plagues which will claim even more lives than the war itself.

    172. The time will be severe as never before experienced on Earth. Ultimately, nothing can be bought or sold any longer.

    173. All provisions will be rationed; and if a human being steals even a small piece of bread, he/she will have to pay for it with his/her life.

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