Let’s scale this down a little bit.

If there was an old organization in your neighborhood – with branches in many neighborhoods – that had long been granted tax-free status, whose officials dressed up in elaborate costumes and performed weird, superstitious rituals and incantations, and that was discovered to have been producing and protecting pedophiles, probably for as long as it’s been in existence, what would sane people do about the situation?

Would sane people continue to donate to and support such an organization?

Would sane people politely request, plead, beg, hope and pray that the scoundrels and degenerates would voluntarily reform, repent, clean house – let alone disband –  and still continue to comfort themselves with the  “blessings” issued by the president of the organization while they waited for justice and rectification?

Just asking.
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15 comments on “A Quick Question or Two

  • It’s a good question Michael, unfortunately, one that would not be received well by the believers themselves, for logic and religious belief seldom occupy the same time and space.

  • As written in Goblet of Truth, Chapter 4, Line 92: Those amongst you, however, who are believers in gods and tin gods because you lend your ear to the priests of gods and priests of tin gods and other servants of gods and servants of tin gods, you cannot become ones who have knowledge of the truth until you place yourselves as judges over your own selves and above everything that is contentious in you so that you may turn to the teaching of truth of the prophets and no longer have any doubts in yourselves about your decision to connect yourselves to the truth and to join this acquiescence (forbearance).

    False teachings teachings teach weakness. (See line 128, in chapter 4, of Goblet of Truth for information about weakness).

    • Hi Helen,

      Of course, what you posted is correct, especially, “…you cannot become ones who have knowledge of the truth until you place yourselves as judges over your own selves and above everything that is contentious in you…”, but “Christians”, especially, are taught not to “judge”. Not many will break away from that teaching. They think “God” doesn’t want them to judge anyone. Of course, that’s a huge stupidity.

      • Tony,

        The passage is talking about judging YOURSELF. It is talking about being honest with yourself so that you can see the good and bad inside, as well as finding the truth on your own.

        • Yes, I know that, but Christians are taught not to judge anyone, including themselves. They are to believe and obey, nothing else.

    • Doirecity, See line 128, in chapter 4, of Goblet of Truth for information about weakness. Chapter 4, Line 92 for yourself as judge over your own self and above everything that is contentious in you. – A repeat of what Helen said as you can see in the post above. But your right in what you say, a degenerate thought indeed, its not becoming speaking of killing out of depravity, but you knew that, so I dont know why you felt the need to promote such conversation by saying it. Lets rest this now.

  • I’ll admit I have many weaknesses. Your absolutely right though. If we are going to get anywhere in this world it wont be through violence. I was careful not to finish the sentence but the thought provoked was bad enough.

    Albert Einstein

    The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.

    • Interesting that in one of Bruce’s recent translations (A BIG Thank You to Bruce btw) there is an article of Billy’s which claims that only 32% of people will stand up and do the right thing.

  • I’m not worried about it. From my perspective, as soon as the Aquarian Age is fully here – 2028 – all of the religions will be gone. Meanwhile, a few people will come out of them and obtain truth.

  • If you were walking down the street, and a random guy came up to you and said,”Listen friend, give me $20, and I’ll tell you the truth about God, Heaven, Hell, and all of life.” You probably wouldn’t give him the $20, and you would probably be suspicious of whatever he said. But because the religions have beautiful multi-million dollar buildings, fancy books and costumes, and love-bomb you, the masses will enter their buildings, and give them the $20 and listen. And because their parents and grandparents believed their nonsense for centuries, the masses will believe the priests and ministers as well. Tradition is the greatest enemy of truth.

  • As people may or may not know, I’m the one who went all apeshit over the freemason on the USAFIGU forum. Does that make me a bad person? I’ve spoken out against our damn masons who think their house shouldn’t have to pay property taxes like the rest of us. Anyone ever wonder why they started putting stone stabs over graves? To stop the freemasons. All I can say is lock up your goats.

  • Ooops sorry Michael, I thought you were talking about the freemasons, I didn’t check your link and was only going by your monologue (is that what it’s called?) Same crap different grouping. I was certainly shocked when my former Italian boss (not mafia) informed me that it was common for an older pedophile to hang out at the local swimming hole when he was a child. He would have candy or money to give to the children and that was considered normal. I told him around here someone’s dad would be pissed and beat the crap out of that pedophile. He just laughed and said how uptight us english people are about sex and our bodies. I’ll take uptight over pedophilia any day.

  • Unfortunately true. I have family in that boat and when it’s pointed out to them, they deny these issues are anything to do with the catholic church. So entrenched is the delusion that they can’t even see that much. It’s mind baffling. But my thought is that their brains have atrophied to such an extent that they are firing on maybe 3 out of 8 cylinders. It’s not a wise crack, it’s a very apparent fact, even when it comes to other aspects of life. They really don’t think and go as far as to make a virtue out of not thinking.

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