C2C Interview: Sunday, March 9…Midnight

I’ll be interviewed by Rob Simone on C2C (Coasttocoastam) Sunday, March 9 at midnight Pacific Time. We’ll be discussing the banning of my new film, And Did They Listen?, by Arizona State University, as well as some of the things covered in the film.

Please feel free to listen in and lose lots of sleep, I know I will.


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  1. Good spiritual people (The Plejarens) come in peace from another part of our galaxy, bringing great truth concerning all of life and great advanced technology, but the governments of the world reject them, and keep the truth about them from the people. Obviously, there’s something sinister going on with that.

    But all truth will be revealed in the next 14 years, as the Piscean Age dies and disappears, and the Aquarian Age, the age of truth and knowledge, comes totally in. Then people all around the world, in great numbers, will say that the Ps and Billy spoke the truth. Unfortunately, the way things are going, according to the Henoch Prophecies, most of civilization, and most of the people will be wiped out. They were warned over and over again. So be it!

  2. I disagree with the word “alleged” – def. – Represented as existing, or as being as described, but not so proved; supposed. – being used regarding the Ps, or Billy’s activity with the Ps. It has all been proven. It is all real and factual.

  3. Russia Is Preparing to Invade East Ukraine, Estonia Says.

    By Ott Ummelas Mar 14, 2014 5:32 AM PT

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing to “invade eastern Ukraine” after occupying the country’s Black Sea peninsula of Crimea, Estonia said.

    Russia warned that Ukraine’s government has lost control of the country today, fueling concern the Kremlin may extend a military intervention as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called for it to halt a takeover of the disputed province.


    1. This is the Crimea’s third referendum to become an independent state with an eye to join Russia. The first two times the Ukraine decided otherwise. This latest vote received 97% approval to join Russia without a single shot being fired. Who the hell are we to decide otherwise?

  4. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/alleged?s=t

    al·lege [uh-lej]
    verb (used with object), al·leged, al·leg·ing.
    1.to assert without proof.
    2.to declare with positiveness; affirm; assert: to allege a fact.
    3.to declare before a court or elsewhere, as if under oath.
    4.to plead in support of; offer as a reason or excuse.
    5.Archaic. to cite or quote in confirmation.

    1275–1325; Middle English alleg ( g ) en, probably < Old French aleguer (< Medieval Latin, Latin allēgāre to adduce in support of a plea; see allegation), conflated with Anglo-French, Old French aleg ( i ) er to justify, free, literally, to lighten (< Late Latin alleviāre; see alleviate); homonymous Middle English v. alleg ( g ) en, with literal sense of Old French aleg ( i ) er, replaced by allay in 16th cent.

  5. On March 7 the Ukraine “gave” their gold reserve to the U.S. loaded up on a plane like a thief in the middle of the night. Didn’t they learn their lesson when Germany tried to get their gold back from the U.S.? So I would suspect that it’s another fast and furious with gold being traded for arms.

  6. With Russia invading the Ukraine, it would be an obvious move for the US to make promises to the Ukraine including anything to help destabilize that part of the world. That would include as you put it loading their gold reserves on a plane like a thief in the night to further the USA’s agenda. The US has a history of getting involved in wars, rebellions and political upheavals in other countries at a severe cost to the ones they reputedly claim to help. Again the truth will eventually come out about why the US is truly involved. Right now it is only propagandized sound bites.

    1. Yes, the US has a long history of doing that. It’s hypocritical that the US which has the worst record of illegally invading and occupying other countries is trying the hardest to hold Russia to account to the international community! The US should be the last one to be opening it’s mouth about the events in Ukraine. Truly hypocritical!

  7. Also I’d like to thank Michael on an great interview on C2C am with Rob Simone. I was a little dissapointed with your March 6 interview on Dark Matter radio by Jimmy Church, not just to the high strangeness due to the connection losses which kept happening repeatedly. But also Jimmy Church’s claim at one point in the show that when he lost the Skype connection with you…that he was thru with you -saying it was somehow your fault. Aside from his bias one-sided remarks at the end of your interview, Jimmy seemed to constantly digress into ” what happened to all the Billy Meier negatives” commentary which to me meant he was not as open minded as he claimed or was ever going to attempt to further explore the rest of Meier’s verifiable evidence. Despite the one-sided interview by him and the constant remarks to ” calm down Michael” ( you seemed perfectly composed to me), Jimmy Church was far from neutral or open as he kept saying. Wish he would of taken his egoism out of the equation earlier in interview and allowed more call in questions. Seems you’ve dealt with this attitude before and do well under this type of pretense and pressure.

    1. Hi Don, just one question, how did you manage to get back to the land of the living? Weren’t you killed by one of your own? The “calm down Michael” is a tool used by idiots to make a person look not so stable…it’s well used by law enforcement and disinformation agents. I’m surprised he didn’t bring up tin foil hats. The fact that Jimmy Church has known about the Meier material for 30 years and has done dick chan about it speaks volumes.

  8. Well Sheila, reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Not sure what you heard but you’re possibly confusing me with someone else. I got that sense of Jimmy Church too, as far as his interview style or lack of it.

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