Update: Tsunami warning after 8.0 quake strikes off Chile


There have been several strong earthquakes in Peru in the last few days, which reminded me of the information below, published by Billy Meier, that I first read in 1986:

Thursday, March 4, 1976, 03:16 AM

Now arrived it has over the world, the gray-evil time,

when death and destruction hurriedly race across the Earth.

From the Far West approaching – and also from the Far East

it weeps up as very last, deadly warning lesson.

Shaken she will be, the old Mother Earth, bad and evilly;

a work of insanity of Man of Earth – his madness’ reward*.

Earthquakes now will badly tear asunder the inside of Earth,

will evilly destroy Man’s life, buildings, hearths,

when from the depths of Peru’s jungle, the giant warriors arrive,

murdering and robbing women and roll across villages and settlements.

This is the last sign before the coming evil time,

when the old Inca enemy again murdering and robbing cries,

breaking forth from his hundreds-of-years-old hiding place in the jungle,

where he vegetates in leaf huts and in a deep Earth tunnel.

Also in Peru, after Udine, the first big quake will roll,

when deep inside the Earth fire and explosions evilly growl.

Tearing asunder the landscape, rears up, moans and screams,

and volcanic fires now will race blazing world wide.

The heart of Earth a-trembles under the destruction blow,

rearing up high at night time, but so also during the day.

South America quakes and blazes at the blow and in smoke,

enfolded in dull screaming and gray death smoke.

But also America and all its islands are to be named,

then Japan, Arabia, China, India, nations that burn.

They also will be shaking by drought and earthquakes,

when destroyed will be buildings, animals and Man’s life.

But also come rolling the quakes in the land of Turkistan,

Russia, Persia, the Balkan States, Europe and Afghanistan.

Not one nation will be spared around the Earth,

this prophecy clearly and distinctly makes known.

*Billy Meier has long, long warned of the coming consequences of the strictly manmade abuses of the Earth, such as he spelled out in 1951. Look and see if these things are not now already upon us, from the damage to the ozone layer, the “unnatural climate change (yes, Meier foretold it 63 years ago) to all of the  other manifestations of extreme environmental and weather related upheavals, which will from now on only increase.

And yes, despite Meier’s efforts for decades and decades, you can expect to still hear many more cries of shock, denial and people asking, “Why didn’t someone warn us?”.

To which one can only respond, the people were warned…And Did They Listen?

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  • What exactly is Billy talking about when he states “This is the last sign before the coming evil time”. What is the coming evil, is it WWIII or something else, any thoughts?

    • I think what is meant is the beginning of our earth truly rebelling against its arrogant, selfish, delusional, overburdening inhabitants.
      More frequent/powerful earthquakes, volcano’s, tsunamis, fires, droughts, hurricanes, etc, etc.
      WW111 must not happen and I think as far as what ‘I have read’? The Plejaren have said that it has a smaller chance of occurring now than it did in the past few decades. Though we must do all that we can individually to help(prepare)it not happen!! EVER!
      If one lives on the west coast amongst other places… might be a warning there-in.
      Again though no doom and gloom here… just the logical truth that one must see to understand the truth of our world. As far as ‘I see it’, it is our responsibility, our doing, thus we must give it the proper acknowledgement.
      I suppose the future will be our ending understanding of what these words truly were meant to mean….

    • Hey joe and everyone else. Thank you Michael 😀
      Aside everything that everyone has spoken of here there are other things and combinations of things that have become an ignored problem. So we have the strange wobble in the planets orbit caused by nuclear weapons tests (hollowing out mountains), which in turn causes the planet to natural begin processes of stabilisation similar to a mini-ice age, which is where the earthquakes are coming from, the extreme weather coming from the increases in heat from the use of toxic substances (as we know), but also because there is too many people, and the natural laws are arranged in such a way that if carbon dioxide etc are too much then processes are triggered in the oceans, the melting of ice etc etc. So you know about those things. But what I was going to mention is all the other things that are overlooked.

      If you look at history for a moment, take a read, a general overview of what has happened through out time, atleast for the last 10,000 years or whatever. Is very little impact scenarios, we had God, the leaders who no one would dare mess with for their incredible abilities with a sword and social configurations which firmly guided things into defined grooves in space, and the consciousness was therefore general, there was flashes of brilliance here and there, but mostly forgotten about. So, we look at what has happened in just 100 years, compared to all the time before it, we’ve seen many things, but all of which stems back to a Consciousness thing, linked with the suns activity and the solar systems position in the galaxy. And well, anyway, to cut a long story short, we have retained all the lingering depravity and habit of the past but are throwing ourselves into areas of science and social things, quicker than ever before, to the point where most of it is untested, and brilliant genius people are clearing the way, and then its being abused by people. Money, money is what I was going to speak about. Money in the format that we have in the world, the injustice, prejudice, greed, insane things, all of which can be found with some history lessons ofcourse. Combined with overpopulation. Increased consciousness (as I have said) and then everything getting out of hand, and the dividing up on nations is fine, providing people are poor in their wisdom, if average normal people become smarter than their leaders (as is the case now) we have a situation of new lifestyles, consciousness, the world opening up, and basically because all the power is still in traditional formats, the leaders will do a whole range of stupid things in order to retain their positions as supreme leaders, and basically the whole world is going to (and is right now) erupting, because the wisdom of the leaders of most countries is incredibly mal-nourished, they do not know what to do, because they fear a deviation from their traditions, and war is traditional, but war now, is different, because we no longer use swords and tanks etc, the technology and consiousness has been profound in scientists and other special people, and they have been enslaved to provide the premium information in order to save up for their pension. So we have stupid people with everything imaginable, and more money than the planet has ever had, but still vast regions where people starve, sometimes on fertile farmland too, which is the strangest thing. Its money, and the mis-management, the destruction of other things, like reserve, respect, etc too, lots of things.

  • But also America and all its islands are to be named,

    then Japan, Arabia, China, India, nations that burn.

    They also will be shaking by drought and earthquakes,

    when destroyed will be buildings, animals and Man’s life.

    That’s all evil!

    • Sobering to know our place in the universe. Truly living on a delusional world! Even harder to understand and find peace knowing it will take hundreds of years to find our way out as a planet..

      The small minority here are centuries ahead of our sisters and brothers… Sometimes it feels so-real to think about. How far we still have to come and the countless lives still having to be lived. Hopefully what some of us do in this life makes the next ones that much easier. Going to be a long journey to get out off!!!!

  • Prophecies & World War 3 – 45.126-137

    “There remains nothing left for earthly humans to do except to use their power of force. For far too long a time, people have allowed themselves to be fooled by those responsible. So now, nothing more can be achieved by peaceful means. The force on Earth is embodied in politics, religions, and the scientists. It is exactly this power that must be broken, otherwise humanity faces a very wicked end, not only by war and eradication, but by the atomization of the entire planet. The new bomb delusion has great cosmic consequences and other star systems could be affected in addition to the Earth being destroyed in a firestorm.

    Fortunately, humanity still has some time for consideration and to take back the control of power and to live according to natural law. But, humanity will not be able to avoid suffering the consequences of their actions because the Earth is already hurt, inside and out, and it is reacting. Huge earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, climactic alterations, storms, tidal waves and accidental events will make their appearance in the future. A hellish war will roar over the Earth, whole countries will sink into the sea and numerous human beings will find an evil end to their lives. These coming events are already irreversible.”


    • I ws reading through the above link and came across this in the Hitler which reads “This was carefully controlled and monitored. However, all work was in vain and he was not able to carry out his mission as provided. Through the Thule Society in Germany, the Gizeh Intelligence was able to possess the being of Adolf Hitler and misuse him for their dark and wicked purposes. He was unable to defend himself against that”.

      Interstingly it reads “POSSESS THE BEING” of Hitler, whenever I hear the word possess i think of the excorsist, Mike would you be able to shed some light on this because I know Billy specifically says that human being cannot be possessed.

  • I´ve been living in Lima, Peru for some time now. Sometimes when I am completely still, in my bed or sitting down, I swear I sometimes feel very subtle vibrations, almost daily. In the past 9 months I have experienced about 4 tremors… Geologists are already saying that another earthquake in Lima is long over due… Sooner or later it will strike, probably sooner. What are we to do then? I don´t even think about these issues, one cannot change the unavoidable. I guess all we can do is accept these types of situations (because a change for the better is no longer possible) and try to live life at its fullest, the remainder of life in this incarnation you still have.

    • If I lived in an earthquake prone area I don’t think I would be able to sleep peacefully at night fearing the house would collapse and kill me. I’d be inclined to build a lightweight straw or wooden hut and sleep in that at night.

      • I guess you still have to process your thoughts regarding life and death. There are various articles made by FIGU regarding this topic, here is one of them:


        In short, death is something you must accept as a natural process in life. Without the processing and accepting of this fact, people live in fear of death, never being able to live in the present moment and enjoy what they have at hand, the positive as well as the negative.


        • I know what your getting at FL. I’ve read that Figu article before.

          I see nothing wrong with trying to better protect one’s life when there is a possible clear danger.

          • Of course, what you are saying is also correct. You actually must ensure your own life prevails in every case if you can do something about it. However, in this case one can not know when or where an earthquake may strike or if one would be exactly at the place where one could definitely die or if by some stroke of fate you happen to be somewhere safe. I have some friends here, my best job opportunities are here, the best chance of learning as much as I can (for the time being) is here. The cost-benefit-risk/uncertainty balance of the situation is still favorable towards staying in this place, if that changes at some time I won´t hesitate to move elsewhere.


  • “before the coming evil time, when the old Inca enemy again murdering and robbing cries, breaking forth from his hundreds-of-years-old hiding place in the jungle”

    Who is this, Yeti?

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