Isn’t It Time to…WAKE UP and TAKE ACTION?

There are several news stories that, again, are reinforcing the unfortunate accuracy of the prophetic scientific information and warnings from Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings, who apparently care more about us, our environment and world than we do.

Reinforcing Meier’s warnings, dating back to 1958, about the ongoing dangers from radiation and nuclear power plants, is this report about workers getting sick from exposure to “unknown fumes”. And there were problems in New Mexico with radiation leaks that must have just gone away by themselves since they’re not I today’s news.

Then there’s the recent report about the damage to fish from the BP oil spill, which was also specifically warned about almost four years ago.

And there’s new information about Russia’s intentions pertaining to the Arctic, and the involvement of other nations like Canada and some of the Scandinavian countries (that Russia will ultimately also attack), which of course was foretold in the Henoch Prophecies, as well as in as the time fulfills and specifically addressed in And Did They Listen?.

You may notice that there’s a new, web-wide official launch for And Did They Listen? that we hope will attract some more mainstream attention. For people it’s also been set up so that people with mailing lists, websites, etc., can participate in, and profit, from the film. That may include…you.

I certainly hope so. I certainly hope that now that we’ve gotten the opportunity for more widespread exposure, that people will be less timid about sharing the information, the links and the importance of the message. Please feel free to contact people in the media, on internet blogs and forums.

Honestly, I’m tired of people saying, “What can I do, I’m just one person?” Well, I’ve told you what I think you can do. You can participate, speak up and add your voice to the discussion, laugh at your fears of being ridiculed, etc. You don’t have to missionize, or proselytize. Just point to where the information can be found, let people know how impeccably and disturbingly accurate it is if you want.

As I’ve been saying for over a decade, the purpose of the Billy Meier contacts is to help us to help ourselves to assure our own future survival. The Meier contacts truly are…the key to our future survival. Let’s put that key in the lock and turn it, so that we can indeed have a future.

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    1. Quetzal told Billy the following, in Contact 150, October 10, 1981:

      177. Your words are correct point-blank, but this Pope will not carry on his evil doings much longer.
      178. Due to his criminal actions, namely, he also has already pre-determined his end, about which I presently do not wish to state any data.
      179. It is rather appropriate that I tell you, that this deceitful man has up his sleeve to also visit your homeland, Switzerland, where he will present himself and continue to carry on his showy acts.
      180. Besides that, he will also try to get to Argentina, in order to instigate the people there in his dirty way and manner, in regard to the war between Argentina and England.
      181. During the month of April 1982, namely, the Argentinians will militaristically occupy the Falkland Islands, which are a British colony, whereupon England will send out a fleet of warships, due to which an actual small war begins between two nations, which will claim many human lives and war materials.
      182. But this war will be an additional sign for the Third World War, moving closer and closer.
      183. Besides, this will also be the actual fundamental reason for the fact that, during the approaching Third World War, England will be attacked from the East by great force.
      184. This however, still lies further into the future, and whenever the time arrives, no one will search for the reason for this attack on England in this approaching Falkland conflict, breaking out during the month of April 1982, although in truth the cause for it will be there.

  1. So once again, how is russia going to lead the world forward exactly? They seem to be a pretty greedy war/power hungry bunch at the moment.

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