New Streaming Player for “And Did They Listen?”

Now that I have the new streaming player from Yekra for And Did They Listen? on my site, I put out a press release to let the rest of the world know about it.

I plan on putting out another one as early as next week. In this way I’m hoping to inform as many people as possible in the mainstream to look at, and pay attention to, the Billy Meier information and especially the call to action in light of regarding all of the prophecies that are fulfilling themselves before our very eyes.

With all of the environmental upheaval, earthquakes, etc., and military madness, maybe more people would be ready and interested in changing their thinking and adjusting their priorities, etc.

Please feel free to contribute ideas for press releases in this blog. Please also be as specific as possible, and even state why you think that particular information would make a good press release.

As you know, I usually don’t do this, but any donations would be greatly appreciated, as each release costs hundreds of dollars.

P.S> Please also see my post today, at the Huffington Post, regarding Billy Meier’s information about the origins of the moon.



15 Replies to “New Streaming Player for “And Did They Listen?””

  1. I am very glad you keep up the efforts to put out the truth. People are so asleep, quite honestly it’s terrifying at times. I always try to better myself in an effort to contribute, but let’s be frank, we need a call to action campaign like never before seen in Human history. We have overpopulation, disturbingly diverse versions of religious cults, the slow dissolution of our children into veritable automatons slipping ever deeper into barbarity and ignorance, a complete lack of concern for our neighbors and fellow Human beings, wars seemingly without end, societal and economic imbalances that boggle the imagination, the slow and painful destruction of our planet and its resources, and the list just goes on and on. Billy was right, it’s like screaming into the wind when you try to tell someone something, they just won’t listen. I wish I had more contributory statements to offer, but I fear the people may not listen until some catastrophe forces them to listen and I sincerely hope it does not occur in that way.

    1. Well, putting out the truth can…cost money. So, you don’t have to lament not having more to say, you can also kick in for press releases, which also ultimately bring people to my site and blog.

  2. Thanks to the material and the very encouraging words of Billy, I have found the strength in myself to find work for myself – so I will chip in the little amount that I can when I receive each paycheque. But your link to the donations page appears to be down, Michael – so can you inform me how I can effectively transfer money to you? Is it possible to transfer to you directly from my bank account? Salome everyone.

    1. Thanks Tyler, I think it just goes to my website now. But if you wish to donate through PayPal, choose their Send Money option and choose “I’m sending money to family or friends”.

  3. Hi Michael, i do not have much money but i shall donate what i can afford. The cause is far more beneficial than what I’ll most likely use it for. Thank you again for this film. 2 days cannot come quick enough, can’t wait to see it.

      1. My pleasure Michael. I noticed i can do a monthly automatic donation through paypal. So next month I’ll donate the same and let paypal do the rest. Saw the film last night. Yourself, your daughter and the crew achieved an excellent well planned film here. Brilliant, clear, precise, informative and most of all, undeniable. Well done.

        1. Thanks Danny. I didn’t know about that feature on PayPal. And I’m very glad you enjoyed the film and will pass on your feedback to the entire crew.

  4. It’s really hard trying to convince people what’s happening in the world even if you show them proof. They are programed to just follow one way and not to ask questions.People are just brainwashed to accept everything.Even if this happens people will run to the chruches and ask why god and ask forgiveness and donate what little money they have.Until they are able to think for themselves things will continue to happen… I have hope still that humanity will wake up one day……

  5. You’ve mentioned you have another project coming out this year. My advice, try to somehow work Miley Cyrus onto the cover and your ‘cred’ and viewership will surely increase dramatically.

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