Censorship of Billy Meier from Discovery?

In response to this article published last year on Discovery, I attempted to post the following:

“Of course those people who are familiar with the abundance of specific, prophetically accurate scientific information published by Billy Meier – long before “official discovery” – were already well aware of his information about this from…2008:

Neanderthals, Homo Sapiens and the Star Child Skull

Similarly, those who are familiar with the story about the 5,100 year old, so-called Iceman, will be interested to know that Meier was given, and published, the EXACT cause of his death at least 5 -10 years before it was, er, “officially discovered”:

5,100 Year-Old Iceman Proves Meier UFO Contact Case True!

The only question is if…Discovery will allow you to learn about it through their site.”

It was rejected with the comment, “This comment made us smirk! Sorry but we can’t publish it.”

I resubmitted the comment with only the title of the articles and no links…and got the same response. However, when I submitted this comment, “What an interesting article.” – it posted immediately.


41 Replies to “Censorship of Billy Meier from Discovery?”

  1. To me, this is the most important thing related to most people on Earth today.


    98. On Earth, the people, women and men, are not yet so far advanced in their development that they would be able to display real leadership skills, which is proven in all of the earthly politics.

    99. During the last 10,000 years, there have only been very few exceptions to this, but at the present time, almost no real and responsible leadership can be found.

    100. The Earth people simply won’t grow up, so an enormous number of them remain as virtually inexperienced children throughout their short life spans, who stagnate at the adolescent age, even if they die at the age of 70, 80, or 100 years.


    1. Hello Tony,

      When I think how Jesse Ventura articulates his view on the party system, as it exists here in the USA, “they are just a gang of thugs”, the “rebloodlicans, and democripts”, it sure makes some sense.

      I often wonder if a “none of the above” party (recalling an old Richard Prior movie, Brewster’s Millions)where the platform is based on exposure of, and adherence to the truth, versus any and everything that the existing system promotes, might have any chance of traction, then I remember the truth about what politics and diplomacy really mean, and I wake back up from my daydream.

      I would love to run on a exposure platform, but I think anyone that had ANY sort of success would probably have a vary short life expectancy.

  2. Discovery has lost its touch. They will ignore anything related to the Meier case but will spend enormous efforts on producing theoretical stories like Mermaids or Megaladon. Of course they used photoshopped photos and video to provide as “evidence”. Again that is all theoritical so they can make claims such as the fossil that was found may resemble a mermaids bone. You can’t do that with Meier’s predictions, prophecies or photos. I would think if they did host a show about most of his material it would go something like this:
    Meier claims to have received reports about the 5100 year old Otzi prior to scientist discovery from ET’s, oh wait here is copyright material that proves he did, LOL.

    History Channel can do seasons of Ancient Aliens but none of the episodes mentioned Billy Meier in any of the episodes. He would be able to have more knowledge than anyone on that show if they interviewed him, but that would take away from the other “UFO know-it-alls” who just theorize about old cave paintings etc.

  3. Which photo?
    If Schauberger was in contat with the ETs, then I guess they must have been the bad ones. Now that technology is used against humanity by the sectarian secret services who stole it from the Nazis. Spiritual development should go together with the technological one. Currently, with such a barbarian mentality we should live in the ancient times.

  4. Schauberger was in contact not in the conventional sense, he was impulsed or given ideas thru telenotic means. The information was from the Plejaren initially, until they were able to recognize the interference from the Giza Intelligences via the Thule Society (the ones controlling Hitler). That’s when they limited and changed the information they were impulsing to prevent technological advancement that would be certain victory for the Reich. They made sure certain flaws were included in the designs to limit these Wundrweapons!

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