The Coming Earthquakes

UPDATE May 31, 2014: Here’s another prediction of the upcoming L.A. quake that’s close to the same overall window as Tony Vasquez  has stated.

UPDATE April 7, 2014: While most of the information pertaining to the coming earthquakes centers around Billy Meier’s predictions and astrological information, I think that information like this, which appears to be updated regularly at Suspicious0bservers may also be of interest. Perhaps the more scientifically minded among us will comment as to why, or why not, this information may be credible.

UPDATE: July 14, 2015: Please also see this link.


As you may imagine, in light of all of the recent earthquake action, some of which has already been quite severe, I asked Billy Meier to comment on information published on one of my blogs pertaining specifically to information posted by Tony Vasquez about a specific window of time in which Tony foresees a mega-quake hitting the Los Angeles area.

In my question to him, knowing that Billy usually doesn’t respond to such requests, I stated the following:

“What may be different now than even some years ago is that more people have come to accept Billy’s authenticity and respect his information. So if he says something like, ‘That astrology information is all foolish nonsense.’ it will relieve some people of the imminent concern…but it doesn’t negate the underlying advice to start moving away from the coasts. It’s up to the individual. And some people may think it won’t happen in their lifetime.

Of course, if Billy says something like, ‘That information is close to the actual timing, etc.’, I can tell you that there definitely will be lots of people who will now risk having to make whole new lives somewhere else rather than risk their lives. And I would dedicate a lot of time and energy to assisting in the spread of the information. After all, we love people and it’s better to assist than ‘blame’ them, whenever possible.”

I just received the following response, forwarded to me by Christian Frehner:

“Billy said that he gives no specific answer to your question except that the bad happenings on the world (earthquake-wise) are now getting really worse, as can also be seen in the recent happenings (tremors) in Chile.”

I will leave it up to people to decide and/or interpret the answer for themselves. Some may say that it’s obvious – which could then be an answer itself as to what to do. Some may notice that he didn’t pointedly dismiss Tony’s information, a possibility that I suggested, and thereby also wasn’t giving people any reason to think that the information was inaccurate. Some may say that they see no answer. And then we remind them of the old saying, “No answer is often a clear answer itself.”

We will know in the very near future if the window of time that Tony predicted was accurate or not. But one thing seems more certain to me now. It is only a matter of time before Los Angeles, and other places, are hit by mega-quakes. They’re already happening “over there, to someone else”. That isn’t going to be the case much longer. For all we know, Tony’s predictions could be…late.

Please let us remember that since 1951 Billy Meier has been tirelessly trying to warn the people of Earth. And Did They Listen?

As always, self-responsibility is the order of the day.


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  1. Yes, according to BEAM writing, animals are more in tune with their senses, though anyone who has observed nature would probably be able to say this as well.

    If I’m not mistaken, the article mentioned that their goal was to monitor the behavior of select farm animals (chickens, pigs, etc) for consistent dependable signs. Who knows, maybe one day everyone would be recommended to have a few chickens in their back yard as earthquake sensors, in addition to some nice supply of eggs to boot. If most of your male chickens start wagging his tail [], better start ducking!

    Well, in the case of UFOs, you’re right. May be a better bet to duck anyway since the chance of getting a UFO in your backyard is pretty remote and you wouldn’t want to have it land on your head inadvertently when it happens. 🙂

    Curious — do you raise farm animals on your farm?


    1. Hi Rob, no I live on the edge of town but did grow up on a farm. I’m familiar with those animals you mention plus cattle and horses, dogs and cats. A few chickens in the back yard would have been nice but our town council just rammed through a bylaw making it illegal to have chickens in our back yard. Snoopy the bylaw officer needs something to do apparently so no one will question why he makes $9,000.00 a month.
      Oh you mean roosters, yes they can be aggressive. On the farm while collecting eggs the rooster attacked me but a plastic pail to the side of the noggin cured that. He was fine after that and didn’t attack me again. I don’t believe they can actually wag their tails Rob. No I’m not worried about UFOs landing in my back yard, and not on my head either haha. I guess my only point is that with animals senses being damaged by the environment, I don’t think I would rely on animals to let me know if there is an earthquake coming. I also doubt I could even rely on Environment Canada to let me know if a tornado was coming either…due to a previous incident when they didn’t. They called the police but didn’t warn the citizens.

      1. Hi Sheila,

        Yes, it is getting harder to find places to live that allow having live poultry. Homes with non-restrictive CC&R and no HOA are getting really hard to find in the cities.

        Tried to find a video of chicken wagging the tail on youtube and wasn’t successful. But from experience of having mostly hens for about 5 years, I can attest to that they do wag the tail feathers but very rarely. 🙂

        1. Yes I’m sure it is hard to find such places in the city. My town has become the laughingstock of the bylaw world. Making the marginally guilty into criminals…trying to beat the redneck out otherwise law abiding citizens.
          Sorry I had a mental vision of a chicken wagging it’s tail like a dog. Yes you are right, as I recall during dirt baths and preening.

  2. Happened yesterday July 9th, 2015, more than 50 small earthquakes hit the Fillmore area of California “The quakes began around 3:00 AM with a 1.4 magnitude tremor, according to the Southern California Earthquake Data Center at the California Institute of Technology. The largest registered a magnitude of 2.7, while most of the several dozen quakes fell below 2.0, meaning that many of them were likely too light to be felt.” She writes “Dr. Lucy Jones, a seismologist with USGS, said on Twitter that while all earthquakes make another subsequent quake more likely, there’s no way to predict whether this week’s temblors mean a larger quake is coming or not.” cm_ven=Facebook_TheWeatherChannel_News_JBa_Article_No_3_20150710

  3. Not sure how USGS works, but it seems ridiculous to see:

    8:16pm updated (to) 7.5
    8:35pm updated (down to) 7.0
    8:59pm updated (back to) 7.5

    the same July 18, 2015 02:27:33 UTC – SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS quake.

    Maybe running out of funds? 😀

    Btw I missed a few updates due to email issue in the last month or so but they will remain in my database only. Anyone needing to be sure can check USGS for what was missed.

  4. Oh my… to see that someone else has truly been contacted. Due to Volcanos going off in Hawaii and Guatemala, I made a prediction of this year LA will experience a large magnitude Earthquake. This just confirms my feelings/ intuition. There is so much more I could say about my personal experience but this seemed the most pressing.

    1. I’m curious when you say, “someone else”. There are people who have accurate intuitive experiences/information but it doesn’t mean that they are connected to extraterrestrials.

      1. I’m not going to go into my long history here. However, I was in direct contact with “ET’s” in the 1990’s. The direct contact stop since. However, ever since my intuitive abilities have been stronger and more accurate.

        1. We’ll let that be, as any claims without actual evidence are viewed simply as subjective experiences, people’s beliefs, etc.

          Nonetheless, you may find quite a bit of interesting content here and people with whom to discuss it, if you choose to.

          1. Exactly, I don’t have any tangible evidence, nor do I claim to. “They” didn’t give me any. The message was meant for me alone. What I am saying is I have been isolated and alone with this for a long time. To see all this info from Billy helps me feel not alone. I just found out about Billy on this very day. I’m blown away because some of our experiences and info match up. In the US, if you speak openly about such experiences your labeled “crazy”.

        2. Hello Leyla,
          Welcome to They Fly Blog. Please take your time to read through the material we have available here, including other sources on our links page. Feel free to ask any questions – we’ll do our best to answer and/or point you to material that you can study for yourself to obtain any answers you seek.

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