UPDATE: Alexandra Bruce has another interesting addition to the “crisis actor” element that may be quite an eye-opener if accurate.

I haven’t ever before published someone else’s newsletter on my blog. But I’m going to publish this one from Alexandra Bruce.

I’m not doing so just because she is also promoting my new film, And Did They Listen?. I’m doing it because Alexandra has pointed out an absolutely sickening situation. I’m no fan of conspiracy theories but it looks like the information she published about “crisis actors” is accurate.  If so, we’re looking at the cynical, sickening, power hungry and greedy lengths that the government will go to in order to perpetuate and magnify that control, which then results in a police state.

Of course, in this new, “virtual” world (such as long ago predicted by Billy Meier in number 127 here) so much of the populace has already been dumbed down to mere button pushing, twittering, texting, game playing imbeciles that neither know, nor care that they can no longer distinguish the real from the unreal, and that they are being reduced to nothing more than slaves to consumerism and entertainment, that the biometric chipping (foretold in number 40 at the same link) is close to being a foregone conclusion.

It’s ironic that we would seek  any comfort in the Henoch Prophecies, which predict two coming civil wars in the US. But that would mean that eventually this diabolic control agenda from a centralized government may also be doomed to failure. The price of that failure, if the prophecies are correct, is rather high in itself too. And then there’s the information about anarchy reigning in the US by 2020.

We were warned but didn’t listen.

While I don’t always agree with everything Alexandra publishes – and almost needless to say she doesn’t agree with everything from me – she nails some really important issues. Please feel free to join and support her efforts.


Dear Michael,

The existence of “crisis actors” entered the spotlight, in the wake of the Boston  Bombings, when footage of live, “man on the street” interviews from local Boston TV news stations, were reviewed for further inspection, revealing that some of the same people interviewed at the scene of the crime were also  interviewed at the the scene of the reprehensible siege of the citizens of Watertown, MA.

You may recall the body-armored agents of the DHS and Federally-deputized Massachusetts State Police and Boston   Police, wearing full body armor and driving BearCat armored urban assault vehicles (i.e., tanks) systematically breaking down the doors of innocent citizens’ homes and dragging the occupants out onto the streets, while wielding assault rifles.

When I broadcast anything related to the many falsehoods propagated by the Criminal Mainstream Media in relation to the Boston Bombing story shortly after the events, I was  bombarded by the rage of family members and friends of the 200+ injured and 3 killed during this incident – or so I thought. I’m beginning to suspect that perhaps some of this tsunami-sized out-pouring was by government-paid, sock-puppets, alleging to be these justly-outraged people: such online services are, indeed publicly-acknowledged to be provided by the actors trained by companies like Visionbox.

I wasn’t aware of Visionbox at that time, so the desired effects were achieved – because I stopped talking about the Boston Bombings.

Visionbox Crisis Actors is a “talent agency” for actors, based in Denver Colorado, which is self-described as “…a project of the Colorado Nonprofit Development Center. Crisis Actors is a project of the Colorado Safety Task Force established by Colorado State Senator Steve King.”

Their stated function, in late 2012 was to train actors to help law enforcement professionals in training exercises, by playing everyday citizens during crisis scenarios, such as mass shootings in shopping malls, etc.

Footage reviewed in the wake of the Boston Bombings and the subsequent domestic military siege of Watertown (illegal, by definition), reveal that these crisis actors will continue to “stay in character” and oblige TV news camera crews with their scripted version of events. They will even continue to stay in character online, on social media sites and in emails to online publishers, like me.

That’s their job, which various government agencies, masquerading as NGOs are paying them to do. As the Visionbox website, itself said in December 2012, “Crisis Actors can also play the role of citizens calling 911 or mall management, or posting comments on social media websites.”

It has long been speculated that at least a few such disinformational “crisis actors” made their way into the televised coverage, at the scene of the demolished WTC complex during the 9/11 crisis.

Now, we have the actual name of one such government-sponsored service, which trains and pays actors to actually do this: Visionbox CrisisActors. Moreover, the Visionbox site says: “Security camera footage is edited for after-action reports and future training.”

I’d bet this NGO is more than happy to pass along edited footage of “real” events to TV news outlets, who are also happy to save a buck with free footage, starring the Thespian employees of Visionbox CrisisActors, who make a living by playing victims or witnesses during false-flag operations to TV news outlets – the latter of whom may or may not be unsuspecting in their own involvement in perpetrating fraud – or to be more charitable, Psychological Operations – all in the interests of our own National Security, of course!

To quote Marine Colonel Peter Martino (Ret.), from a video I sent a few days ago of a Concord, New Hampshire city council public hearing held in November 2013:

“What’s happening here is we’re building a domestic military, because its unlawful or unconstitutional to use American troops on American soil…

“I saw a picture in the Boston Globe after the Marathon bombing where there was a state police officer – actually there were two officers – both had identical helmets, flak jackets, weapons, everything I wore in Iraq – only it was all blue.

“The officer on one side had a big patch on his back that said Massachusetts State Police. Another officer next to him, his patch said Boston Police.

“So what we’re doing here, and let’s not kid ourselves about it, we’re building a domestic army and we’re shrinking the military because the government is afraid of its own citizens.”

              — Marine Colonel Pete Martino (Ret.) 

Please do not take mainstream TV news at face value, anymore, people!

Beneath my article that appears below the video screen, at the page linked below is the full text that was recorded by the uploader of this YouTube video, as what was published on the website, www.Visionbox.org in December of 2012.

The current pages at that address do not refer to these activities but the splash page for http://crisisactors.org, which requires that you sign-in makes no bones about what their job is. I encourage all readers of this to visit that page, for yourselves to see what’s going on – and if you’re unemployed and looking for acting work, you might even land yourself a job!

(Video: around one and half mins):

Crisis Actors: CrisisActors.org


– Alexandra

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38 comments on “Crisis Actors in the new Police State

  • When I start to read certain things, some details here and there pop out that are factually wrong. For example, “BearCat armored urban assault vehicles (i.e., tanks)”. Unfortunately, Bearcat are NOT tanks by any stretch of the imagination. They’re wheeled armored vehicles that are too heavy to go offroad, very large profile, no turret, and couldn’t cross a trench of any size if it tried to going offroad.

    The famous picture of a guy standing in front of REAL tanks in Tiananmen square:

    From that one example, I hope that folks have a better discerning eye before jumping to conclusions with the rest of the material.

  • I recollect watching the early reports of the Boston Marathon event when it was first stated that the ’emergency responders and Law enforcement’ were doing one of those ‘mayhem’ training events. Then it was hushed. Like usual this happens anymore. Most major public events are planned a year in advance, especially if they happen regularly. It would be nothing for one of these ‘training events’ to just happen to synchronistically happen at the same time. And the guy the FBI shot in Florida was Ibrahim. I heard about all that on a show on NPR a couple weeks ago. Very creepy stuff about the whole situation. It’s almost like if you know too much, your life expectancy is shortened. And I don’t always mean know too much as in know too much about who concocted and enacted the ‘mayhem’ or shady schemes. Frankly, I find it all a whole lot of psy ops crap that is completely outrageous and unnecessary in a civilized world. If all the money that is spent on militaristic endeavors by an army or law enforcement,etc. and by those who spend $big money on elections was instead used in a positive, nurturing manner within the society, as in helping vets or extending unempoyment, well, this could be a much more sustainable society. A model for others. But instead, this country is like a reallllly bad acid trip, like a realllly bad living movie of some old scifi book.
    It really bugs the hell out of me that too many people aren’t tuned in and that the way our society is now, it makes it hard to feel okay talking with people about too much. I get edgy just doing comments anymore. And also, thanks to Sheila for some interesting insights/comments. Like I tell myself daily, Light, Love n Inner Peace. Don’t let the ‘bots get to ya.

    • Hey Lorina, good to hear from you but find it disturbing that you feel edgy talking about it. The bots already did their little heartbleed bug song and dance so I have a few days (or weeks) off. I’m sure glad the NSA has known about the bug for 2 years but instead of saying anything to our federal government, they chose to continue using it for their own nefarious purposes. So if the NSA is checking out Canadian citizens income taxes out what are they doing with yours? Could the NSA be part of the identity theft ring? I guess Edward Snowden was right when he said what has been released already was just the tip of the iceberg. Yes there is too much complacency in matters that matter. They want you to feel that your life could be threatened if you talk. It never stopped me and I refuse to let it. Years ago I even had the elementary school principal tell me not to trust the local cops which was good advice. My experience with them has only reinforced this and I’m a law abiding citizen with no criminal record. They will lie to save themselves, their friends, their family, their co-workers and all their children. I’ve told two RCMP corporals they were liars because they were. I guess I should have been afraid, after all he was the one with the gun. Oddly I wasn’t because I had the truth on my side. All he had was lies. Never be afraid if you have truth on your side. When I make a mistake I try to correct it, I just don’t pretend like it didn’t happen like my local morons.
      If I lived closer I would definitely go to Sandy Hook and Boston and start asking around. Why are people so afraid to ask questions? For the most part people will not say anything in a public forum. When you get them alone that’s when the truth can come out – out of earshot of the tv and computer. Another thing I found weird about Sandy Hook was the state ordered the caskets. Doesn’t ones family do that? A mass funeral day? What if family from out of town couldn’t make it that day and who the heck wants a funeral on the same day as everyone else? It’s such a personal matter I’m surprised they didn’t have a whole month of funerals almost every day. Who decided that? Now Philip is saying that school may not have been in use at the time? WTF? Surely the neighbours could tell you if the school was in use or not at the time. My experience has been when they start closing ranks like that it usually means they are hiding something. When they are performing mock disasters do you know how easy it would be to pretend it was real? Very easy…but the trail of the so-called victims is a lot harder to cover up. No one seems to know any of the people or children that were killed. How can that be? So this is the kind of police state world we want to live in? Is this the kind of world we want to leave our children? Is this the kind of world we want to come back to in our next life? I don’t think so. So if we are unwilling to do anything now just imagine how badly your hands are going to be tied in your next life.
      And another thing about Ms. Gifford how come both her and her husband are for guns? You would think after something like that they would be against them. After that happened, Mark Kelly delivered the Hadron Collider to the ISS for crying out loud. Almost like, we saved your wife, now we have a job for you. He sounded disgusted after delivering it. In my question to Chris Hadfield I asked what they do with the Hadron Collider but of course that was never answered. But that will not stop me from asking. Who was standing behind Ms. Gifford when Loughner approached her from the front and the bullet entered her head from behind? All I’ve seen is a re-creation of the event with the person behind being unnamed. But apparently Ed Chiarini was there so maybe he knows more than anyone who was behind Ms. Gifford. The only thing he’s said is that they took Loughner’s face and distorted it with photoshop. What a shock they took his picture and turned it into some crazy looking person. I believe in free speech and the last time I checked, I could say whatever the hell I wanted. When did this stop for most Americans?

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