On the German language FIGU site, Billy Meier and several other contributing writers have forcefully expressed their deep concerns about Switzerland remaining independent of the European Union (EU) and all of its freedom eliminating machinations.

Meier foretold the existence of the EU, and its diabolically determined destiny as a dictatorship that would enslave every European, long before it ever existed… in 1958. And, naming the USA as actually leading the way towards a worldwide dictatorship through biometric chipping, Meier pretty well spelled out what’s unfolding right now.

He also clearly shows the consequences and increasing social erosion due to mass immigration and overpopulation. One only has to read the comments from “conservative” Jeb Bush to see how easily these cynical sociopathic wannabe rulers show their hand. Couple this with events unfolding in Nevada and we may well be seeing the warm up to the two coming civil wars in the USA warned about in the Henoch Prophecies.

Butt most Americans have broader, more weighty concerns as their bottom line and aren’t troubled by silly things like prophecies and predictions that have warned them that they are not only the frogs in the pot of water but are also turning up the heat on themselves.

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  1. Mr.Horn I would like your opinion about the coming civil wars. If for some reason would we have to take up arms or will they offer any assistance to us the P’s for the ones that don’t want this.

  2. The EU is what is known as a supranational union. Whereby all the countries in Europe still have their own governments just like before, all with their own systems of laws and regulations etc. So here I explain how it gets interesting. All the countries hand over several billion euros annually. Now for the interesting part. Most people do not know what the EU is or does because almost no one in europe knows what the EU is in fact. So there is various departments, including the european commission. Now what happens at the EU commission is that basically you can have several million euros for a plethora of causes, providing you meet specific criterions. So for example, your business has been set-up for 12 months, you can prove transnational collaboration, you have to read through a bibles worth of legalese, its very thorough (so not accessible to most normal people to read it). Then, there are various causes in the EU, which helps it progress as a body to govern the EU. So your helping them, by meeting their criteria and in return you are getting paid plenty (EU rates of compensation) for your troubles.

    Most americans would see that as a paradise I am sure, but its very very complicated, and while they are giving away vast quantities of money, there are very strict criterias, which basically are very restrictive and serve only special circumstances. It can all be found through wikipedia and google.

  3. All who are in favor of changing the spelling of dictator to dick-tater say “I”!

    I for one have found many dick looking taters in my garden.

    That might get such folks to think twice about taking such a career path (if I can call it that).

  4. Michael,

    Listened to your most recent interview. Was interesting, never your heard you speak about that paranormal-type experience in the seventies. Anyway, I’d be keen to have a look at your Future Self program…any copies laying around for sale?

  5. I read a generalized equivoque somewhat. At first , the material disclosed by Billy was very well received by UFO circles and the other alternative personal knowledge . In phase contacts with Semjase , as also noted W.Stevens , things were much more natural and authentic , there are even positive reviews of books like other knowledge here on Earth. Over time, as Stevens noted , reactions and elaborations Meier began to commit some of the material . Therefore, as this participant, I have items of credibility and restrictions to do . Over time, their rejection has grown so much in ufology as in other media , and is proportional to the rejection itself that he , and his strenuous defenders , expressed in relation to other forms of knowledge, in a ignorant generalization . There are aspects of the phenomenon of contatismo including the psychic dimension , and this should be taken into account . No matches well to defend a spiritual vision and immaterial things and say that the evidence is valid only supported by tons of reports and flying paraphernalia . Respecting someone’s work is one thing; includes not accept everything you say and do the necessary criticism . They do not even say that truth is hard and you have to be frank and straightforward ? What about then? You can not ask the union in support of a mission “for all mankind” when preaching particularism and exclusivism. Or that Meier is the “brightest human who ever walked the earth,” which goes against the guidance or the good sense not to idolize anyone, not put on a pedestal and worship any form of life (even if it is him). If not to add, will always be a separate caste, saying things that are not true, and many would relate. In any case, is a very valuable material.

  6. Off topic, but I just had some Jehovah’s Witnesses visit me on Saturday. She asked if I believed in Jesus or praying, and handed me some pamphlets to read. She says she will be back this Saturday to discuss the readings. If I had extra copies of the TJ, I would hand that to her, and tell her to read this and get back to me. I may just hand her printed copies of the prophecies, predictions, and Henoch Prophecies. I’m sure she will ignore it but it’s okay, I did the same with her Jehovah Witness materials.

    1. What’s good for the Goose?……..she will not take a gander at. At least that was my experience, the religious door knockers have only their interests in mind, what interests you is not part of their agenda. I handed a copy of the contact notes where Semjase drew a picture of Jehovan for Billy, to one of these Jehovah’s witnesses and it ended up on the ground in my driveway.

      1. lol yes i believe that will be the possible outcome. Hopefully they do not stop by, I have enough friends on facebook that post random thing about how good god is. For example, “got into a car accident today, thank god i’m safe”, but no one wants to thank god for getting them in the accident in the first place, sounds really logical to me. If the Witnesses do decide to comeback I will respond to their inquires with the truth. The description for Jehovan sure does match an All loving god that is merciful for whatever reasons, and the whole fear of god statement. Why fear a god that is all loving?

        1. Oh yes run and hide LOL. Those bad a$$ JWs are gonna get ya. I’m kidding. I agree with Darcy about not adopting their practice of going door to door to missionize. But when they are standing right in front of you they have to listen to you LOL. It’s good practice for getting your point across, debating, keeping your cool and doing it in a respectful way. Michael’s interviews are good examples of this. I doubt that he’s gotten this good without practice. Try to emulate.

          1. sorry for the misunderstanding, I wasn’t going to go door to door to spread the Meier material. I was simply thinking that it would be a fund idea to hand the JW’s Meier Material and tell them to get back to me.

            I don’t really see a problem with presenting material to counter their beliefs, but I will just simply avoid them. I know they will not be receptive to the Meier’s material since it goes against everything that they have believed in all of their lives.

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