Bringing the Prophecies to Fulfillment for the Happily Enslaved

In 1958, Billy Meier warned of the diabolical plans of the US and the EU (a quickly burgeoning dictatorship that didn’t even exist at that time) to biometrically chip and enslave…everyone. In the same warning he foretold how the brain-dead, dumbed down, hypnotized masses would have so willingly allowed themselves to be seduced by phantasmagoria that they’d no longer be able to distinguish between the real and the illusory. This was in the same prophetic information in which he also foretold AIDS, plastic credit cards, portable telephones and the internet among other things that have now come to pass.

So, in a blatant demonstration of how real “conspiracies” are carried out in full view of the already happily enslaved willing masses, whose intelligence is never overestimated, the plan is presented in the form of a tantalizing…invitation, which every trendy, convenience seeking mark is sure to enthusiastically and proudly accept.  The mad rush to reduce oneself to the status of “lost pets” will probably rival that of crowds lining up for the newest iWhatever or Air Jordans, etc.

While we’re at it, let’s look at a few other things that that Meier foretold that have recently been, or are on their way to being, corroborated.

In 1987, Meier warned that France would fall to Islam before being taken over and used militarily by “aggressors from the outside”. New reports seem to indicate that the French are moving right along to show that they are also well on their way to dutifully complying with the prophecies.

Knowing that the “virtual” generation is too busy texting, tweeting and rummaging through porn to satisfy their so-called lives, the Russians are cheerfully moving right along, just as Meier said they would several years ago, in preparation for their military attacks. One militarily oriented site seems to have a slight but untroubled sense of the reality of Russia’s strategic moves, which of course Meier first foretold in the Henoch Prophecies.

And what would we do without at least one story confirming Meier’s warnings – from 1976 – about how petroleum extraction precipitates earthquakes? At least some people – of course in another country – are concerned about fracking, one of the things that cause the Earth to collapse from within.

While Meier first warned about, the nefarious activities of the NSA, Microsoft, CIA and other entities many years before Snowden, and bumbling skeptics inadvertently corroborate Meier’s information, we now read that scientists have discovered “primordial gravitational waves”, so perhaps at least we won’t be surprised when they discover ones that originate on Earth and run out into space at a high speed, as Meier has already published five years ago.

It’s now old news that Meier beat NASA by over 30 yeas when he published the cause of contraction of Mercury’s outer surface. And “new research” about Mercury’s origin, and recent information about water ice existing at its poles, can be conclusively established as first having first been published by Meier – in 1978*. But don’t expect even our most cutting edge scientists, including Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Michio Kaku, to have the courage and intellectual honesty to publicly acknowledge that the greatest true story in all of scientific and human history is still ongoing for over 72 years. And certainly don’t expect them to seek out Meier so that they could learn valuable things first hand…and bring the benefit of that knowledge to humanity.

Why should they bother, why should they run the risk of any public ridicule, loss of funding, tenure, status, celebrity, etc., etc. when, after all, the masses are busy rolling up their sleeves – and bending over – so that life will be more convenient, entertaining and blissfully happy with their nifty new biometric chips shoved into them?

The people were warned. And Did They listen?


*From Existentes Lebens im Universum, pg 83; English translation by Benjamin Stevens: “The initial stage of Mars, at its time, corresponded more or less to that of the planet Mercury, which came into being in truth not where it draws its orbit around the Sun today; rather, its cradle was located beyond the orbit of Mars. The planet Mercury, which today is about 400 degrees Celsius hot at its equator and around minus 230 degrees Celsius cold at the icy poles, formed from huge accumulations of planetesimals (planetary matter) which orbited the Sun – a process of planet formation, as is usual with other rock worlds. At the same time, Mercury as a medium-sized formation had the luck that it was not swallowed up by larger stone planets and transported into their interior, as is usual with such processes where the smaller one is “eaten up” and “swallowed up” by the larger ones; rather, it was able to survive by escaping the cosmic witch hunt. However, this still did not mean security for the small planet because it was not very long before another and very large planetesimal came on a collision course with it and threatened to destroy Mercury. Due to the tremendous force of the collision, some of the outer layers of Mercury were torn away, and the small planet was hurled from its orbit of origin and was downright catapulted into a new orbit between Vulcan, the planet closest to the Sun, and that solar satellite which formerly drew its orbit around the Sun in the place of Venus, before it was displaced a few millennia ago by Venus, when this was transported to its present orbit in tow of the traveling planet, “Destroyer,” which tore it from the orbit of Uranus. The events surrounding Mercury, when it was catapulted next to the Sun, took place around 4 billion years ago. As for the aforementioned Vulcan, it is a small planet which draws its orbit around the Sun closest to it and which, to this day, still has not been discovered by human beings of Earth, although there have long been suspicions that it actually exists.”

Thanks to Blake Parnell, Karumudi Mahesh Chowdry, Jim Deardorff, Dyson Devine, Anton Hahnekamp, Benjamin Stevens and others who contributed to this information.

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40 Replies to “Bringing the Prophecies to Fulfillment for the Happily Enslaved”

  1. Talking about prophecies, especially regarding the USA, I have 3 news videos I want to share with you Michael and anyone who’s interested:

    They are about your politics, justice system and young people who want attention by any means. I don’t want to be unempathetic, but I’m beginning to be curious about what’s going to ignite the first civil war. Probably a mixture of gasoline, gun powder, alcohol, adrenaline and testosterone.

    “George Carlin – The Male Disease”

  2. It is truly remarkable to consider that five planets in our solar system have been moved into different orbits around our sun, including the destruction of one planet, and yet here we are, the last remaining habitable planet left, and we can do is fight over the rights to strip this one clean.

  3. We humans are lost cause in everything. Sometimes I do not understand reason why people from outerspace even bother with us. This is a zoo garden that should be left on its own demise. Look at what is happening in the world. So-called materialism is total b.s. Parlamentarisam is pigs farm. Coutnries behave as Hienas between each other. People are not educated, learn wrong history, wrong science, and WRONG ETICS. Science of Nikola Tesla for free energy if DELIBERATELY NOT IMPLEMENTED all over the world. And, religions, which should be MORAL COMPASS of the human kind, they only want to convert ‘the unbelievers” even strongly in one religion, shia vs sunny, chatolics vs orthodox, cristians vs all others, even budist vs islamic etc. Sometimes I imagine living in one of the planets of Pleiades, working two hours a day, and evolving in the right direction. How can we apply for Green Interstelar Card for migrating in to Pleadian planets.

    1. It seems the only way is to start within oneself. Then eventually many thousands of years we will go back to where we came from within our universe. A short stint in time in the grand theme of things!
      Our world is a prime example of what happens when the individual hasn’t strayed from the masses. In that, we live within the heard mentality and illogical delusional ‘beliefs’ that steer these mass’s along.
      Though I feel your thoughts…. WE are the only way to stray away. It feels as though one human can do nothing and that we are destined to behave and think like the rest of humanity. As we know of course, there is more to be had within than can ever be taken from that which is found without. No matter what our fellow humans can throw at us!
      This is our world to ‘have’ as the keepers of creation. When more people come to this realization we WILL change. WE have no other option at these perilous times.
      We as humans belong to the highest of creations creations. We are amongst the epiphany of what is conscious within the dauntingly massive universe we call home. So much is yet to be experienced by us and everyday…. every second is a chance to find all that is lacking in this world within just oneself.

      1. Hi Philip I like to sprinkle Billy’s facts into everyday conversation because I know these people will continue spreading that information and hardly anyone does any fact checking these days.

        1. Hello Sheila,
          I do the same… It seems a lot of people find logic in everything being said, other than in the actual way it is being said(by Billy, Michael and the extraterrestrial Plejaren’s). Always struck me as odd and ones again shows its validity. One can almost say what the Plejaren are and most people will at least act civil and put even a pulse of thought behind it. Bring the Plejaren into the ‘thought’ and its like someone spilled the milk(again). Though credit is due right where it can be found!! So many have already twisted this information into another earth based delusion!
          As this is truly about us and our world, we are the ones who must take what we have been given and change our world for the good, better, and best. We wont get any ‘help’ in the form most would hope for.. Only in what we do as individuals to create that which is our own destiny within creation.

  4. At the 5.55 minute mark of this clip Neil DeGrasse Tyson says the evidence brought forward so far for the existence of Aliens/UFO’s does not satisfy the standard of evidence required by scientists. His UFO talk is mainly based on eyewitness testimony of sightings of UFO’s and alien abduction claims, like as if that’s all there is. He goes on to say that if someone that was abducted by aliens brought/stole something pyshical from the spaceship to be scientifically analyzed, he would accept that as proof. He should check out the Meier evidence then if he doesn’t already know it.

    Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson on UFOs

  5. I was reading the predictions from 1958 and came across something interesting.. they seem to mention Human and Man as if they are not the same, are they the same? Also in number 160 it mentions that we would be governed by an ” IRON FIST ” and it seems to imply it would be them appling the iron fist in order to teach us how to act and live.
    Has anyone read this? Am I the only one who gets that impression?
    I wonder how they know about death, they don’t mention the creator too much, they seem to replace creator with creation when we know that creation is the result of the creator. Something is very strange going on with these ETs, I feel they are going to try to rule us and if we don’t do what they want they will get very mean…

    We are humans here on this planet and we can’t let what happened before happen again, the ETs taught the early humans all the things we are today, they got us to fight for them, showed us how to make weapons and so on..

    If you be honest, your spirit has always guided you, when you listened even before you heard of the P’s so whose to say we would not have come to this spiritual info on our own..

    1. The Iron Fist, in my opinion, pertains to that which the individuals must employ themselves in order to attain the preferred situation. So it is absolutely contrary to the idea that anyone outside of ourselves is responsible for us, is going to rule and dictate over us…unless we are so foolish as to allow it.

      As for the term Creation as opposed to Creator, I suggest you really study the information more carefully. And, of course, regarding coming to this info on our own, history has taught us that we actually resist and fight against the truth. If left completely to our own devices to find the spiritual teaching, most likely we would have first succumbed to our own very human specialty, i.e. self-destruction, long before the teaching would have been discovered…let alone implemented.

  6. We humans have never got a chance to evolve, so how could you say all those bad things about us? We never got a fair chance, the history you speak of is all “after the fact” when we were influenced by ET’s..
    Maybe your right partially about the iron fist but under whose order is it going to come down…

    I hope we are not that foolish again to allow something to rule over us .. Except if its for good, right ?? LoL..

    1. I think you’re missing the essential meaning of self-responsibility. The ET influence was very long ago, for the most part, and – as Meier and the Plejaren have also stated – it was, and is, our responsibility to make intelligent, well thought out choices.

      But since most people don’t know how to think, it’s been harder. And what has Meier himself written about voluminously, things like The Might of the Thoughts and the Psyche, which are intended to help us learn how thinking actually works.

      So, as per your other comment, apparently just doing it all completely on our own hadn’t been effective in itself and we received some assistance, which still leaves it completely up to us to utilize or not.

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