The Religious Atheists-Skeptics on the Sam Harris Forum

This article is for the benefit of any readers interested in the thread I started on the Sam Harris forum. It pertains to information that I posted and linked to that clearly shows that numerous examples of specific, prophetically accurate information were published by Billy Meier long before “official discovery”.

The veracity of claims of prior publication are established by copyrights, our internationally recognized and accepted, legal standard of proof of prior and/or first publication. While copyrights establish the date that something was first published, the content itself must then be evaluated for accuracy and relevance.

In the case of Meier’s information, its specificity and accuracy can be determined by any interested person. Some specific examples, with relevance to challenges posed on the Harris forum, are listed below.*

The fact that a court of law would recognize that the copyrights constitute the existence of ironclad, irrefutable proof that Billy Meier’s information was published prior to the foretold events, is intolerable to pseudoscientific skeptics because of their rigid, religiously based belief systems. They will go to great lengths to still try to discredit that which they simply cannot tolerate. And make no mistake about it, many of those who consider themselves atheists-skeptics are among the most fundamentalist in their behavior towards, and rejection of even the possibility of the reality of, Meier’s evidence and information.

They possess an irrationality and fervor that is second to no evangelical of any other faith and in fact it can be every bit as much – if not more – blindly irrational in attacking what they’ve presumed to be so easily dismissible.

In the case of documents where the originals are no longer available, such as for the 1951,1958 and 1987, etc., prophecies and predictions, all one has to do is to ascertain when the documents were first published in German and/or when they were first published on the internet. Then, if one is patient, they will start to find evidence in the form of information that is corroborated even after the relatively more recent online dates. Such was the case for Dr. Sanford Weinstein, the formerly skeptical physician/physicist for whom Meier’s information, from 1987, regarding Russian military movements (and subsequent Canadian activities) compelled him to call Meier’s information “astonishing and amazing” and that it warranted the serious attention of our own military.

What is actually revealed in the persistence of skepticism to Meier’s prophetic information – especially since there can be no doubt at all when staring in the face of the various copyrighted books and documents – is a cynical, fearful inability to accept anything that lies outside of the primitive materialism of the skeptical reality. First, character assassination and derision will be employed. Since the skeptics automatically assume that Meier is some country bumpkin who (magically, of course) “hoaxes” everything, and they assume themselves to be far superior to him, they have no trouble trying to laugh him off and dismiss him as lacking any credibility.

Point to any of the numerous credible scientific experts who’ve analyzed and authenticated Meier’s evidence and the catch-22 argument from the skeptics is that you’re “appealing to authority”! I’m sure you can appreciate the irony of so many anonymous online “experts” trying to attack the various scientists they would themselves be citing if they’d disproved Meier’s evidence and claims.

Naturally, the skeptics will move goal posts; avoid admitting their factual inaccuracies, wrong assumptions, etc. A great case in point is the anonymous skeptic on the Harris blog who came out guns blazing as he tried to state that Meier’s claimed prior contacts took place in 1975, when it’s long been documented that they occurred in 1942 and even 1964. The very fact that such cowardly wannabes are so insipidly spineless as to anonymously attack and try to assassinate the character of others is an indication of societal decline, the real magnitude and significance of which is not even barely understood in this and every other crumbling society in which it finds acceptance.

Because of my respect for Sam Harris’ intellect and eloquence, I had hoped that opening a discussion about the Meier material on his forum would bring it to the attention of some real freethinkers and, ultimately, Harris himself. I even asked the moderators to bring the information to Harris’ attention. I have a feeling that Harris wouldn’t approach the Meier material, its evidence and claims with anything resembling the denial and religiosity I encountered from some malcontent who’s ineptitude leaves him/her with no other options than trying to bait and insinuate, while avoiding every single specific answer and example that substantiates the accuracy, authenticity and honesty of Meier’s evidence and claims.

Should someone of Sam Harris’ stature decide to engage in the discussion I think it could produce an outwardly rippling wave of increased interest in, and awareness of…the truth.







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Philip Cutter

Hi everyone,

I can’t comprehend, that people, when shown amazing evidence of high resolution photos of UFO’s, that have been proven that Billy couldn’t have faked, the typical response is “they’re fake” or “that can’t be real” so I ask, how do you know this, and the answer being…. “they just are, UFO’s don’t exist”
Well the mind boggles, I ask what information and evidence they have to support this claim, absolutely nothing.
Some people love to have opinions claiming this and that without ever having a real foundation with which to draw their conclusions from, and not having done a single shred of research on the matter.
Pure ignorance and laziness seems to be a common character trait these days.
I feel I would have a more fruitful discussion with a lettuce.

As for copyrights, what do people not understand.

The mind truly boggles.


Baffling to try and wrap your head around stupidity isn’t it. That’s because stupidity is incomplete and contradicts itself by its very nature. You’re better off trying to figure out the color of fairy farts. That’s why I stopped trying. Just accept that there are people with bigger mouths than brains which is also necessary for the evolvement of everything, including their own consciousness. Better to say hello to the lettuce as you say seeing as it has absolutely no use for such drastic contradictions in its existence/being. Nature is the best battery charger and mind de-f***er available. Spend time there. Enjoy it all friend.

I can never forget the fact that it took me three months of research before accepting the facts in this case, and I predicted this case and much of what was in it ten years before. However I knew that I was certainly in no position to knock anybody over it or to even discuss it openly with anybody while doing initial research until enough of the facts were in to make an objective decision. I just had to examine the facts for myself. It took me more than a year before I even found a forum or discussed it with anyone. This is all about the individual learning process.

Philip Brandel

What a world to live in. The utter jumble of a mess we have created within our collective thoughts and actions. So many illogical beliefs to the point in belief of nothing at all. As all Religions(atheism) are within themselves truly a degenerative disease… One that if not understood and comprehended can alter the consciousness drastically. This disease seems to have the unique ability to infect like no disease ever known to most. As it mutates to fit whomever it has infected like nothing else! To the point within, that any other thought instantly shuts the whole human down. At one extreme it is a total shut down within ‘belief’, nothing is ‘known’ because all is shut down due to ‘religions’ utter presence. All the way to chopping your head of for even speaking such religious words altering ‘theirs’. One of a almost materialistic as well as mental sway of actions to both extremes. These opposing views almost seem to come full circle back onto themselves in an odd way? Yet, always and totally because of the human… nothing else. Human(humanoid) is in the end all we are within the very broad defining word creation.
Within its sway of energy I can not blame atheist for running for the hills… Yet, have they run to far? Almost all the way to becoming animals within themselves. Void of all direction within and only instinctual-y(illogically) driven to irrationality within the fabric of reality. How wrong they truly also are! At least as I see it! One truly in the end doesn’t have to run anywhere but within. A slow crawl would do just fine at this point in the whole process:) WE are destine for so much more

Some how people must have a chance and as we are all the same as one human to another. We must forge ahead together in someway, anyway. It is partially our obligation(if we want it) to spread ones knowledge with anyone in that it may grow and or be corrected… Together as humans we can change in many ways only if we try beyond these illogical trains of thought(religion)…
Yet, nothing will be of use if the self is not ready for the thought. This time will come for us all.

Philip Cutter

So true dm,
I told myself over a year ago, that it’s pointless discussing the Billy Meier case with these kinds of people, as laughter and ridicule are all I’ve received.
I suppose some people just aren’t ready to hear certain truths.
I’ve yet to meet anybody in my town who has even heard of Billy, and or willing to discuss the case, lifes trivialities and entertaining oneself are all they focus their efforts on.
I guess I’ll just continue studying this wealth of information and maybe someday it will rub off on them


That’s the ticket. I have been lucky to find people in my area who I can discuss these things with openly, but it took time. I grew up in a religious environment and could never get myself to accept it the way they did. I was always the rebel. The thinker who saw the obvious contradictions in their BS. I was labeled the bad person and I was lonely for a long time as a result. No support from anywhere, teachers, parents, neighbors, friends… They were and mostly still are all into the religious stuff.

It took a long time for me to separate from that crowd who made me feel worthless and to find a crowd that made me feel good about myself just for who I am. It’s hard because people like us don’t have churches we can congregate to or anything like that. We just have to rely completely on ourselves. But, that’s the key to this Silent revolution actually. Thinking for ones self. It isn’t always easy to stand up on ones own two feet, separate from the comfort of the crowd and rely on ones own legs and mind, but when you get knocked down and nobody is there to help you (apart from the efforts of those trying to convert you and then calling you a nobody for not accepting their “help”) you have no choice but to stand up on your own or die. And dying just doesn’t help anything. So I might have been lonely, but I’m confident and strong and only get stronger as I continue to learn. And now I’ve managed to meet others of like mind or similar enough that we can discuss this openly and intelligently. We’re all on a different path, but eventually, this separation from the comfort of numbers has to occur which is for many, a very difficult step to take indeed. It comes in academic circles too which reinforces its religiosity as well. So they just prefer to do what’s convenient or comfortable (or so they think) by not taking that step. I like to challenge the notion that it’s convenient or comfortable at all.

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