Thriving Together

Here’s a bit of very good news. We just got some great support for “And Did They Listen?” from Foster Gamble, whose film “Thrive” has been hugely successful…with over 23 million views!

It’s extremely heartening that Foster’s willing to come forward and mention the many people he knows who have also long been intrigued by the Billy Meier UFO case.

Certainly, all of the millions of idealistic people who are already interested in consciousness, spirituality and environmental responsibility, would be enriched by becoming aware of Billy Meier, the Plejaren mission, the spiritual teaching and how we can really help ourselves to assure our own future survival.

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    1. Perhaps he will, let’s see.

      I haven’t corresponded with him directly, only this exchange on hi FB page:

      Foster Gamble Thanks, Michael Horn, for researching this all these years and putting it together in a way that those with open minds can consider it for themselves. This story has intrigued me and many of the brightest, most diligent people I know for decades,. The implications are astounding.
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      Michael Horn Foster Gamble, you are more than welcome! And I thank you for bringing this to the attention of your readers.

      And you’re absolutely correct, the implications are astounding, in fact I say that it’s the most important true story in all of science…and human history. Of course people have to decide that for themselves, which I passionately hope they will take the trouble to do.

      They may then discover that the whole “alien abductions”, claims of zillions of contactees, etc., is nothing more than an extremely well orchestrated disinformation campaign, dating back decades, designed to entertain, scare and distract people from the singular authenticity of Meier’s contacts, now spanning over 72 years.

      The Meier case has been suspiciously absent from any mainstream reporting on UFOS, other than to attack it as a hoax.

      Perhaps now many people will also come to the conclusion that the Billy Meier UFO case is really what the entire UFO cover-up is really about…and why the powers that be don’t want us to know about it.
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  1. That’s interesting because Thrive the movie had David Icke as a guest (who’s a fraud, according to PL) and there were many information contrary to what Pleiarens and Billy teach, especially in the context of spirituality and conspiracies…Nevertheless, it is a positive thing that the creator of ‘Thrive’ is open-minded to Billy’s case.
    If we add 2 and 2, that is the production of UFOs by the Nazis since the 1920s and then by the USA, CIAs endless list of crimes and impunity ( ), fake abductions ( ) the USA’s striving for global rule we’ll get the picture of where it’s going to. War on ‘UFO-terrorism’ would be a nice pretext for establishing a new kind of global politics ”in our interest” of course.

  2. Michael, I think it’s a great start that Forster mentioned your Meier film “And Did They Listen“ but I think if he really wants people to know the truth about the UFO situation, then he should mention Meier on his “Why are ETs such a Hot Topic?” page instead of the usual UFO stuff like “Disclosure Project, Larry King interviews, crop circles, ancient art and chasing UFO lights in the sky” which all only seem to distract from the Meier material. If Forster believes the Meier case is real then he should at least mention it there where he talks about UFO’s. Why not?

    I noticed on his UFO page that you and Meier (credibility) are getting attacked by a couple of idiots like “Sacramento Girl” and “Vasras” and others. Why doesn’t Foster help you out there with these dumb idiots?

    I noticed he’s only too happy to converse with this dumb Sacramento Girl there but not with you.

    ” Foster_Gamble Sacramento Girl • 6 days ago

    Good question, Sac Girl…I guess i’d be tipped off by no fingerprints, slimy scales or furry paws and of course only three fingers – two of which are crossed, and the wink. ;-)”

    I only hope the reason why Foster won’t back or talk more about the Meier case is NOT because it would take the lime light away from him and his film, as is the case with most other people who are in the lime light and well known.

    1. Hi Phil,

      I don’t know why Foster hasn’t entered the actual discussion about the Meier case. Of course I’m grateful for his supportive comment.

      But this should also show people just how rare and apparently risky it is for people in the public eye to “dare” to say something positive about the case. And of course the two people you mention have already done the typical thing, i.e. made negative and/or dismissive comments based on NO personal investigation. Of course one has instead chosen to refer to the skeptical idiot’s website and the other to unnamed “experts”.

      Oh well, what else is new?

  3. I really enjoyed some good news for a change, but this issue is becoming moot. We have strived and continue to strive for clarity on so many issues, and they simply do not solidify. The Human race here will either wake up or they will not. We must begin to use logic during this process. Not in 800 years will the Human awaken until the truth is thrust upon them lightly. Most level headed people could probably attest to this. I’m not being cynical, but it does sound that way. The real power structures in place are allowed to continue unabatedly, but in such secrecy that no one will stop it. The masses simply cannot stop this incursion. Finding the meaning of the spirtual teachings is one thing for one’s self, but the entirety of the globe MUST now take precedence or questionable results may occur. I have seen these things in various forms. We are not the only planet with these problems, but frankly I really don’t care. We are living here now and things need changing. With each passing year we delve deeper into a dark abyss. I quite frankly fail to see the logic in continuing these discussions. If our extended family truly wish to assist here, they may need to make things more obvious for the masses. This would be no more shocking than what Humans continue to do to each other right now. Simple logic MUST take precedence. I cannot tell you how imperatave this is in the following years. I have found the true meaning and purpose of love, yet it is seemingly impossible to impart this onto others. It has been a strange journey up to now to say the least, but I simply do not understand why we must wait for this simple transition. Many will know of what I speak. I simply do not understand how such atrocities in this age are allowed to prevail. It is beyond normal logical, cognitive processes and does not contribute to our overall evolution despite the conclusions new agers and disciples may bring forth. The Humans are ready.

    1. Unfortunately if they make their presence known to everybody without the greater mass of people being prepared in their own thinking for the possibility that they might be wrong in their religious beliefs and so forth (which ask that somebody else takes responsibility for our actions), then it is valid to expect that they would be expected to solve our problems for us.

      Our problem is not a technological problem or else they would gladly oblige I’m sure in sharing that. Our problem is a problem stemming from bad education or lack of education/understanding of the laws of nature and the role that our own self responsibility plays in our problems. Until people realize that, I know that the Plejaren will not be interested in “helping” us in the way where we would learn absolutely nothing about our role in our prevailing bad results. We know what happened with atomic energy. The last thing we need is technological help. What we need is the apply the basic solutions of population control, self control, thinking for ourselves and taking care of the environment. We can do that without any more of their help. We must help ourselves but we must first be ready to help ourselves. Making gods out them hoping they’ll solve all our problems is a pipe dream.

      I have family members who would explode if they were forced to acknowledge the existence of alien contact and to drop their religious views. They would probably die from nervous breakdown. And they are relatively mild compared to some baptists I know and so on. No no… This is going to take time. And I’m damn glad that the Plejaren have done things in the way they have. They are very perceptive and kind to have included that aspect in their campaign.

      1. And don’t forget, learning to think for oneself takes time and personal effort and cannot be forced. There’s no two ways around it. Especially for those who are very much not in the habit of thinking for oneself. It must come from each individual from inside out. Not outside in. That is something that is uni-directional. There is only one way on that street. And each step must be taken by each individual on their own path of evolution from themselves.

        1. I fully comprehend the points you are asserting and they are indeed valid. Having said that, if you also understand the instinctual components of evolution, one will clearly see that experiences that may be shocking are also necessary. This is no different for consciousness based evolution of a Human. Sometimes old behaviors must be eliminated and replaced with other patterns of thought and cognition. Simply stating that religious peoples are unable to properly digest certain experiences is inconsistant with proper evolutionary processes, especially when they concern consciousness evolution. The Human of this planet can no longer hide behind feeblemindedness as an excuse for their intellectual and emotional shortcomings. It is these very limitations that continue to limit the current consciousness evolution on this planet. Progress can be and often is unpleasant. The doe who is killed by the wolf does not have a choice in these matters, nor should the Human. It is a natural progression of life. If the Baptist or Catholic cannot accept their circumstances, they must adapt as all life forms must. All life forms are connected, both instinct and consciousness based, and all are of the creational spirit or Universal consciousness. To continue making excuses for the religious among us is illogical when it pertains to the truth of existence. All beings must eventually come to terms with the truth. There will never be a perfect moment of enlightenment, it simply must fall upon you. This is the natural order of things whether we like it or not.

          1. Religious behavior is not limited to one’s affiliation to an organization. Also, the “religious” solely are not the sole problem that would instantly solve the problems of the religiously minded folks. Do you honestly think the servant is greater than the master and that replacing the servants would somehow accomplish all the things in your post? Sounds more like a red herring to me.

            The Meier material (and all previous prophets) do not leave the explanation of the “religious” influence ambiguous but rather has explained it in depth but only for those willing to see things for what they are and not their own held bias and beliefs coming in. Creation will NEVER leave anyone behind, so there is no need to have examples that suggest such as in the “wolf and doe” which I’ve never read from the Meier material as it seems too much like an old religious thought-base.

          2. Duke:

            Religion on the whole requires no centralized affiliation in order to do damage. Further more, I fail to see any significance to the servent/master model you have proposed or its validity to anything within a concrete sense. The essential problem lies within the methodologies of how to spread the truth. If Humans can not do this in an effective way, it’s pretty useless for us to continue discussing these issues, unless of course the main focus is upon hearing ourselves talk, which Humans are all to willing to do. The Creation is impartial and neutral and plays no immidiate role in anything, so I’m unclear as to your stance regarding its alleged contribution to said issues. Sometimes one can surmise things on his/her own based on the spiritual teachings even if said conclusions were not specifically quoted by Billy. It’s called logical deductive reasoning. The issues at hand will either be addressed or they will not, period.

          3. Tony:

            It’s Nokodemion. The ‘Being-Neutral’ is not the same as political “neutrality” which is what you mistaken the concept here as being a bystander to events. Here are your words … “The Creation is impartial and neutral and plays no immidiate role in anything”, which is flatly wrong given WHO Billy Meier claims to be and what his mission is and is ‘ENTIRELY (stress added here) IN ACCORDANCE TO CREATIONAL LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS’.

            Let’s hear it from Billy & Ptaah from CR 238:

            BILLY: “But his return meant for him that a new evolutionary course of 60,000,000,000 to 80,000,000,000 years was ordained, entirely in accordance with the creational laws and commandments, with all the suffering, pain and need and all things which also, through the creationally-determined given course of evolution, belong to every other human life form.

            Nokodemion himself was entirely conscious of this, yet in spite of that, he decided to take this step, accordingly therefore, because his sense of duty was so pronounced that he knew the obligation which he took upon himself with the engendering and creation of his peoples, who he had to again bring onto the correct path of the recognition and fulfillment of their duty to creation and its laws and commandments, and regarding all life.

            Therefore Nokodemion now lives a second series of material lives and reincarnations, in order therein to resolve a material part of life into purely spiritual form for a second time and enter into the Arahat Athersata level, which appeared to him more as the real homeland the longer he was in a material life.

            698. It has been clear to me for a long time that you know much more about these events than I myself or indeed any one of us.
            699. And your allusion to the Arahat Athersata level as Nokodemion’s homeland, that I can fully understand.
            700. Nokodemion must feel very foreign and uncommonly lonely on the worlds and through all the times which have passed, in our coarse-matter universe, even if humans from his own peoples, engendered and created from him, who he loves and who love him, stand at his side.
            701. But he will certainly remain a stranger for all times, and lonely as well, which will only be alleviated when he returns again to his real homeland in the Arahat Athersata level.
            702. For my part, I do not, and would never, want to have to take up his position, which also certainly no reasonable person would ever want, if he knows Nokodemion’s history.
            703. Also with our people, who are likewise indeed the distant descendents of Nokodemion’s engendered and created (ones), you would never find anyone who would want to take his position, of that I am absolutely certain.
            704. For my part sometimes feelings of sorrow move inside me for him when I think about him and recognize that he must be arranged into yet almost a further 50,000,000,000 years of his self-chosen duty, and uncountable reincarnations, before he again has the possibility to return to his real homeland which he constantly misses.


            Don’t shoot the messenger!

  4. Slightly off-topic:

    Discovered and kept secret in the year 2000, the book contains the Gospel of Barnabas – a disciple of Christ – which shows that Jesus was not crucified, nor was he the son of God, but a Prophet. The book also calls Apostle Paul “The Impostor”. The book also claims that Jesus ascended to heaven alive, and that Judas Iscariot was crucified in his place.

    A report by The National Turk says that the Bible was seized from a gang of smugglers in a Mediterranean-area operation. The report states the gang was charged with smuggling antiquities, illegal excavations, and the possession of explosives. The books itself is valued as high as 40 Million Turkish Liras (approx. 28 mil. Dollars). Man, where is the Thieves Guild, when you need them?

    Is this part of Billy’s memoirs?

    1. As you may know, there was no “Jesus”, “Christ”, etc. And so this certainly is in no way a part of Billy’s information. I haven’t yet read the article so I can’t comment about it specifically.

    2. Prophet is believable since that’s what he was. The crucifixion is believable as well, but resurrection and coming back from the dead is unbelievable. I would think that Jmmanuel went into a coma from the crucifixion and was revived by the Indian healers. Sounds much more logical than rising from the dead.

  5. Nice Michael… Glad your hard work is paying of in some way. Your patience and diligence is something to be highly respected!

    Seems those intelligent enough to find the information(and actually do their ‘homework’) are at least beginning to come forward with it in some small way. As all roads within ‘ufology’ end with Billy Meier(if they like it or not). As it is by far the most important authentic(truthful) case to be found within the subject.. and beyond.

    Thrive. When I watched the film back when it first came out it was intriguing. Though it is lacking in some truths it is none the less on the right path, as far as I remembered it?
    Why are we not ‘thriving’? Though most here already know the answer!
    Good show of support none the less and glad to see that the movie/press release is getting some of the attention it truly deserves.
    Seems many see the truth within yet are afraid to let it out in any big way… one more thing partially suppressed by illogical degenerative ‘religious’ thoughts and actions.

  6. That’s really encouraging Michael. Getting support by someone with the credentials of Foster Gamble for your latest release And Did They Listen could be pivotal in many ways. The record breaking views alone on YouTube of Thrive brought immense recognition. That same audience may be induced by Foster’s support to seriously consider your latest film. The fact that he mentions that many people he knows are intrigued by the Billy Meier case sounds to me like there many still out there that just want a chance to sift through the facts and evidence to make up their own mind. Now that’s a switch, and its about time.

  7. I watched the movie Thrive last night. Very intriguing. If I didn’t know about the Billy Meier information beforehand, this movie would be a good starting-off point. I do know about and have been studying the Meier material for the past 5 years, having stumbled upon it inadvertantly while searching for a deeper meaning of life. This movie Thrive and Mr. Gamble’s research, I hope, will lead many more to the Billy Meier information, to the Truth and beyond. Even if this movie get’s into Concperiacy Theories (so to speak), it is a great conversation starter and a place to say “What they are saying is great, and here (the BEAM info) is something that goes much deeper into the truth”. Hopefully people will listen, open their eyes and grasp the real truth of everything and begin their own spiritual journey. Maybe people can stop asking “Is there life beyond Earth” and instead say “Yes, there is life out there, now what do I do with that information.”

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