Skeptics, Copyrights and Proof

There seems to be some confusion among skeptics as to exactly how copyrights prove the authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO contact case. Naturally, skeptics are confused, especially whenever the Meier case is brought up because they’re so strongly invested in proving it wrong, a hoax, etc., that they forget that real scientists don’t approach extraordinary claims with special skepticism or prejudice because they know that scientific principles, properly applied, are quite sufficient to determine the authenticity of any claims.

Skeptics also love to offer specious, ignorant arguments that “copyrights don’t prove anything”. What they should say is that copyrights in and of themselves don’t prove the accuracy of the information that has been copyrighted. But, blinded by their determination to cling to their religious beliefs, facts be damned, they overlook the clear and simple beauty of just how the Plejaren used our own, terrestrial legal standard for ironclad proof of first and/or prior publication to answer all arguments.

In case it still isn’t clear, this is how one can know within a matter of minutes that the Meier case is authentic, true and real, etc.

I’ll use a couple of the many examples that I often refer to, i.e. the information about Mercury’s core causing the contraction of the planet’s surface and the information pertaining to the death of the 5,100 year old Iceman. Here we have credible evidence, in the form of copyrights, that the information was published long before “official discovery”. And the truly important point of course is that the information was later independently corroborated by the so-called new discoveries.

The copyrights established that the prophetic and predictive information was verifiably previously published by Meier…and the subsequent discoveries confirmed its accuracy. Really, can it be any clearer than that? Because it can’t, skeptics will try to obfuscate, quibble, deny, etc., etc., and avoid the unavoidable and otherwise inexplicable reality that this man, Billy Meier, somehow published the information before our vaunted scientists did. If indeed Meier didn’t just make a couple of “lucky guesses” (another skeptical assumption) then how else can one credibly explain all of the prophetic, impeccably accurate scientific information that he began publishing decades ago other than by what he, and the evidence, have been stating for decades: it was provided to him by extraterrestrial human beings?

The skeptics don’t dare go with the notion that maybe he’s just an astoundingly great…psychic, because they also “know” that’s “impossible” too. So they’re left with one of their favorite principles, Occam’s Razor. And in this case, since it’s so uncomfortable for them, they really don’t like adhering to even their own principles.

When Meier’s verifiable accuracy is simply too much for the know-it-alls, they turn to facetious challenges for “proof” that he published earlier information, such as from 1951, 1958, etc., in those years. Of course the easiest way to prove the 1958 publication date would ultimately rest with…copyrights! Even if such documentation was available the disingenuousness of the person who asks for it – but tries to dismiss all of the other copyrighted proof – is nakedly obvious.

People like this are also often quick to accuse Meier of lying and other unsubstantiated offenses. They obviously not only believe the lies they create but they feel no restraint in making such unwarranted attacks on his character. Since there is no evidence of Meier lying and, to the contrary, his verifiable record is one of truthfulness, we have no reason to ascribe to him the kind of dishonest behavior that such individuals are obviously most personally familiar with, i.e. being liars, and often anonymous cowards, frauds and phonies themselves.

(Of course using a screen name is a form of lying. But that doesn’t seem to trouble a lot people. The idea that a screen name protects one from the “powers that be” is nonsense in a world where we already know the government snoops in everyone’s computer, cell phone, etc. And what kind of a person doesn’t want to be known to their peers as open and honest and courageous enough to stand up for what they espouse claim, etc.?)

As I’ve also pointed out before, there is a fairly simple way to confirm the veracity of the dates of Meier’s earliest prophecies. While there are no remaining originals with copyrights for the prophecies from the 1950s, when specific events foretold within them occur after the earliest verifiable print and/or online publication dates, people will then have the irrefutable proof they want.

But since those people are the ones still effectively “holding out” because they can’t reason anyway, it will be both “not enough” and…too late.


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22 Replies to “Skeptics, Copyrights and Proof”

  1. Michael, for some strange reason it seems that people rather get information from the skeptics than to get it straight from the “horses mouth” as they say. I was talking to someone the other day and he seems to have dabbled into the Meier case and said he was requested to investigate this case at Cape Town I don’t know if that’s true or not. He seemed to be more interested in what the skeptics had to say than the evidence I was referring him too from your website, theyfly. One thing he said that I found very hysterical was that theyfly is no better than TMZ, but he seems to get his “facts” about this case from Youtube videos and Wikipedia. Then he brought up the WCUFO and the Dean Martin dancers as you might very often have to go back and forth with skeptics about. Another thing I found very funny was him saying that he can’t take the case serious because of the lack of interest from mainstream scientist and “UFO experts”. Is it safe to say that I got a feel for what you go through every time you run into a skeptic? I can’t imagine it being any worse than this.

    1. J,

      Welcome to the strange and stupid world of the…skeptics. If you really want there’re easy answers to the questions he raised. But then again, is it worth your time? Do you treasure your sanity?

      1. Well Michael I love my sanity it brought me this far! No, its not worth my time I just had the conversation on my mind and thought I would share it and get your take on it. Thought maybe you would find some humor in the stupidity like I did, but then again it might be frustrating for you by now after so many years of dealing with this. I know it would get to me after some time when the information is right there for free observation and people continue to ignore it. I used to say that “It’s a crazy World we live in” now I realize its just the people in it!


        1. J,

          It’s better to laugh than let it get to you, agreed. Of course I know that their questions are not based on really wanting to know because such people have already ruled out the possibilities in their own minds. really, it’s just the way some people are and we do have to accept that.

      2. A key to ‘retaining one’s sanity’ when talking about the Meier case, to anyone, is; lower the bar of expectations sooo low that one can only be pleasantly surprised … iow, expect the absolute worst; the most illogical, irrational, unscientific, belief-based, biased, prejudged, agenda-based hate/ridicule, and so on and so forth, all of which has been well documented here.

    2. As for those skeptics who fancy themselves intelligent atheist types, you can point out the fact that these skeptic websites are mostly made or sparked by religious people whether it be from mufon or whoever else that’s associated with religions and therefor can’t accept the meier case. So they play right into the hands of these religious organizations by not doing their own research right from the horses mouth as you say.

      I had this exact same experience you describe three weeks ago. He looked at the skeptics website and that was his “research” and didn’t look at the actual case or analysis. He just believed them and that was it. And he had the gall to accuse me of not having any credentials when in fact, if you stack up the credentials of those in support of the case vs those who make up these skeptic websites, you have to really scratch your head and wonder just where do these people come up with their “facts”? The best of the best in science vs total and complete nobody’s in anything. And they always always fumble badly when it comes to pointing to methods used to support their claims.

      But that’s the belief. Just because it has to do with UFO’s, it’s automatically bunk to them. They don’t have to think about it because they are somehow above that. Oh the religious mind… When will it ever end?

      1. Very true, dm. Hopefully it does end, but people are too busy waiting for the mainstream “experts” to give them answers when Meier has beaten them time and time again with his information. People are too comfortable in faith even though it does nothing for them.

  2. All world religions are disengenious, not a one of them has brought universal peace, they are flawed. Billys’ prophetic information and predictions on the other hand have yet to bring world peace,because very few are listening. It seems most people would rather be saved and remain as children to a god, that cannot be proven to exist. Copy rights and other substantial proof, only serves to kick their crutches out from under them, I am refering to believers in religion and science. The death of the personality can be very scary if you do not have all the relevant information. People are not able to see the bigger picture, yet. There is another reason people reject truth, it is called pride, no one wants to be as a child with an open mind, when they think that they are educated and want to get the approval of their peers.

  3. Breaking news as reported by major news networks and media outlets, climate change is real! we on this blog could have definitely provide an accurate source that reported this many years before today.

    Along with the climate change news, are several reports that climate scientist were downplaying the negative impact that climate change has and is still causing. the world

  4. Ignorance is just pure bliss.
    If I no nothing about anything, I don’t have to take responsibility for anything.
    This seems to be a fatal epidemic common everywhere.
    “They have ears and yet they do not hear, they have eyes and yet they do not see”

    1. If ignorance were so bliss, then we should be living in a pretty blissful world right now. I disagree with that saying completely.

      1. Yes you’re right, the saying is flawed, it’s completely illogical, and yet masses of people live this way, it’s like people don’t care about anything important anymore,
        Truly very sad

    1. Yes, I think that was John Mack, who Billy and Ptaah said was basically an idiot with all of his alien abduction nonsense. There’s also David Jacobs who fancies himself some kind of expert on the same imaginary stuff.

  5. yep, exactly … John Mack .. but the relevant & interesting point was that he ‘almost’ lost his job at Harvard .. which points out the hazards of taking an opposing point of view to the conventional wisdom of the ones who pay the bills, or if that POV is deemed a threat to powerful special interest groups, religious, governmental or otherwise

  6. It is ‘interesting’ to live in a world of such great liars. Not of any specific person or group but as a general statement to our planets human gathered understanding of reality. Who better to lie to if not oneself. Religion(amongst many other things) at its finest. No wonder WE need so many ‘crutches’. We have created an utter delusion within a delusion on top of a delusion surrounded by one. Almost every aspect of our existence is based on unnatural lies.
    There are too many different sources to begin to list, which allows the human of earth to succumb to obscure views of the truth of this material/conscious world. When one is bombarded by the utmost unimaginable amount of lies subconsciously, mentally, physically, interpersonal y and en-mass.. how does one ever find a way out and towards the truth. Will there ever be any truth at the hands of our own self induced lies. When we are willing to leave the mind to its own demise and illogically run from the self within(and nature without), how will this kind of mind come back to reality within and will it ever within that stricken life. Seems for most the answer is as only our own existence can explain.
    Though most within these subjects cant even come out from behind their screen names! By day a regular earth human… by night a ‘hidden true human’?

    Its like the minds subconscious way of fighting with all these beliefs created by oneself. To many illogical thoughts/beliefs to the point of no true thought at all. The minds -might- to search for the truth is utterly masked and eventually lost. Stricken tell death with this horrible mental disease. Yet, will the truth ever be obvious again to those stricken so heavily to traditional/hereditary illogical, diseased, degenerative mental and physical ‘actions’.

    There is no words to explain what this world is up against within our collective conscious minds! When we live within an utter lie will we ever see past them truly. Does the truth in turn vanish as there will never be? If only people would stop looking for the lie in everything and look for the truth within the self instead. How simple it sounds in writing. The truth. Is it found in copyrights and our fellow humans? Is it not ours collectively, individually to have within creation. How much verification of the truth of our world do we need! As we are just animals as any other connected to creation yet, able to manifest our own reality and degenerative lies based on anything but reality.

    When I first read Billy’s information it was as if I had found what I had always been looking for… It was if I had returned to what I had always basically known within myself.
    Because and for no one else in the end.
    At that time, at the age of 22 and in college, it was unlike anything most around me were looking for. Though here I am, one human slowly working on this earth existence fathoming the very meaning of this life when most have not even thought about it beyond our planet… let alone truly within themselves and further, beyond the disease ridden beliefs spewed forth from all corners of our world.
    Though the lies we all create are right here in front of us all to face if we like it or not. There is no running. Only changing to be the true humans we were always meant to be.

  7. Michael,

    Regarding iceman, were you aware of this?:

    “A recently discovered craniocerebral trauma with major bleeding in the back of the brain along with a skull fracture, indicate a fall or attack shortly before his death.”

    See page 7 at Harris blog. You, sir, have a fun job.

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