May I Suggest SIL and ILS?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s always being disturbed by the cacophonous sounds of constant laughter online, as one after another email rolls in with the gratuitous LOL (lol) included. As we all know by now, this stands for Laughing Out Loud and I suggest that we could do a lot to reduce the noise and racket bombarding us by switching to SIL (Silently I Laugh) or ILS (I Laugh Silently).

Sure, it’s a simple suggestion and there will still be those who think they need to subject everyone to their uncontrollable ripples of laughter, as well as let us know that they’re also rolling on the floor while doing it, etc. But I think most of us will actually welcome the peace and quiet that this simple act of consideration can bring.

I may not be the one who can bring an end to the epidemic of absolutely inane self-preoccupation exemplified by the relentless texting, tweeting and selfie-ing but I can at least sound the call for some sensibility here.

And if you want to tell me that you agree, a simple SIA (Silently I Approve) will be sufficient.


P.S. TIA (Thanks In Advance)

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  1. As I read the comment on this I could not stop laughing (SIL). I actually just discovered these abbreviations (if that’s what you want to call it). It’s very interesting phenomenon to find all these symbols and abbreviations appearing everywhere that my question is : Where did it all started?

  2. To stop the inane deafening “lol” Michael, I absolutely SIA. Also I have to tell everyone to avoid caps since that’s equivalent to someone yelling instead of talking in a normal voice, which would force me to turn down my hearing aid if I had one. Thanks for OME (Opening My Eyes).

  3. Well, I have fell to this level abbreviating things when there especially is no texting limit. As I grow older, I may only use lol, thx, plz, and appt to name from my memory. Usually I do this when actually texting on a cell phone when characters count. I mean thats the only reason I understand why abbreviations would make sense. Also as reason I text or type emails instead of phone calls is because for some reason I am able to concentrate or whatever. For the most part, fixing, reviewing, then posting or sending. I mean I didnt grow up with these devices either as I didnt own a cell phone till… I dont know, I think after high school. Im not tearing down on your blog. Maybe I didnt get the joke, and yes I actually lol just now, but I am simply telling my point of view. I enjoyed watching your newest documentary “And Did They Listen?” twice and tried spreading the word on Facebook. I have watched the two previous documentaries and enjoyed those as well. I think the overwhelming amount of information you have presented from Billy Meier and making skeptics try to prove the information false, really makes me a believer. So maybe some of this is obvious to you and I am misjudging your wisdom or point but my intentions are not to offend you. I am also assuming you have more insight on the contact notes than the normal public? Like the text from the documentary “And Did They Listen?” where it says something about 2020 and you say something about civil war at the same time of the text. Where can I see future contact notes like provided to you? Is that crossing the line? I mean anyone I have talked to has told me that they don’t want to hear another thing about Billy Meier from me and I just dont want to be a part of the catastrophes of the USA and am really concerned from that documentary. It has me worried to the point I dont want to find a women and have kids if this indeed is going to happen… if I could do that. Maybe the downfall of society is indeed this technology and has prevented me from building social relationships. Obvious? Also to kind of share a secret, maybe I really have schizophrenia or I am daydreaming to the extreme, but I seen a picture of a alien that came in detail in my mind as if it were being downloaded, for 2 to 3 seconds. Was not me man, I don’t force images in my head like this and was not remotely thinking about aliens. Only reason it went away is because I snapped out of it mainly because I was afraid. Second time it didn’t even get in for a second because it spooked me that fast, plus I knew what was happening unlike the first time. I know the second time it was flashing in. Other than my brother, you and the people who may read this, know about this. So you could be a skeptic yourself and tell me to prove it, which I can not, or you can trust me and take my word for it. I said it before and I will say it here “schizophrenia may be a disability in one sense but an ability in another”. Quite frankly no one believes this theory. By the way, I think I am pushing my luck with “them”, sharing that secret here.

    1. Hi WIllard,

      Thanks of your comments. Actually, everyone has access to the latest translations, thanks to this site:

      You’ll find links there to all three categories of the contacts. As for things to do with extraterrestrials, and/or unusual phenomena people may experience, we actually don’t focus on it very much. In fact the things that caught your attention and interest are more important, especially the spiritual teaching.

      We can all only do our own part, fearlessly, in terms of contributing positive things to the world. While I certainly post a lot of Meier’s information, and corroboration for it, about rather unpleasant realities in the world, I hope it serves to motivate people to realize that we are in a rather big, expanding mess and there’s no time like the present to start assisting in making course corrections, as best we can.

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