New Billy Meier Book with 617 newly Digitized UFO Photos!

Yes, it’s a real book.

And it’s not only an antidote to too much online reading, it’s also a skeptic’s nightmare, as the clarity and reality of Billy Meier’s UFO photos, dating back 50 years, are brought to life through digital enhancement. For the first time, you’ll be seeing the details of the UFOs in Meier’s original 35 mm film photos – taken long before the digital age, PhotoShop, etc. – with stunning clarity. Of course we’re also grateful for digital tools such as PhotoShop, for what they’ve already revealed about some of Meier’s most unusual UFO photos.

The new book will also further substantiate the revelations, from Garrett Moore, about how attempts were made to falsify Meier’s UFO photos by Kal Korff.

Here’s a lose translation of the description from the FIGU site about the new Photo-Inventarium book, with 617 of Billy Meier’s newly digitized UFO photos:

“Views on the person BEAM. Photographs of Plejaren beam ships, landing tracks and visitors, etc., photographed by Billy Eduard Albert Meier and some of its witnesses. May 17, 1964 to February 5, 2004.

In order to understand why the issues identified in this photo book of images, by Eduard Albert Meier “Billy” – called BEAM – of beamships of Plejaran origin could be made, it is necessary to briefly describe the circumstances of the conclusion of the photos. But it is also essential to say something about the person BEAM, as a man and as a harbinger of the modern era and as a contact person, to understand why he was singularly commissioned to take the most, best ever pictures of extraterrestrial beam ships that are controlled by the people of the Plejaren Federation and have come to Earth.”

Please also note that the text is in German, not in English.


Please send me an email for more information on ordering.


Cover of new book of Billy Meier's 617 newly digitized UFO photos.
Cover of new book of Billy Meier’s 617 newly digitized UFO photos.
One of the 617 newly digitized UFO photos.
One of the 617 newly digitized UFO photos.

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  1. I read the book “Light Years” by Gary Kinder. It was an amazing introduction into the lives who researched Billy and got me interested in knowing more, so Your book sounds like a natural to delve deeper!

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