Matthew Wieczkiewicz – who supported NASA projects like Space Shuttle, International Space Station, working for Boeing and Honeywell – endorses Swiss UFO contactee, partners with They Fly Productions for public presentations

Flagstaff, AZ (PRWEB) May 20, 2014

Matthew Wieczkiewicz, a career aerospace engineer, has publicly endorsed the authenticity of the Billy Meier UFO case, ongoing in Switzerland for over 72 years.

“I first encountered the Billy Meier case when I was studying aviation at ASU, in 1978. I was also interested in the UFO phenomenon, and when the Meier photos were first released, I thought they were intriguing. But I fell for the CIA disinformation campaign, which called them a hoax. So I paid no attention to it for another 30 years, though I maintained an interest in the UFO phenomenon in general. Then, in 2011, I saw an article on a news website that mentioned one of Billy Meier’s claims had come true. So I went back and rediscovered the case and was surprised to see how much information is available compared to 1978. I went in with an open mind and spent the better part of 18 months reading all the material I could find and finally came to the conclusion that it is real,” said Wieczkiewicz.

Because of his aerospace engineering background, Wieczkiewicz is convinced Meier’s UFO evidence is real, such as the newly authenticated 1981 photos of the controversial WCUFO and his 1975 film of the so-called “Pendulum UFO”. And he isn’t alone. Respected scientists like Michael Mailn (NASA, Mars Mission) and David Froning long ago recognized the authenticity of Billy Meier’s UFO evidence and the importance of his information on hyperspace propulsion. Recently, formerly skeptical physician and physicist, Dr. Sanford Weinstein also endorsed Meier’s information regarding Russian military movements that he published decades before they occurred.

Wieczkiewicz later became interested in Meier’s long history of publishing prophetically accurate scientific information. He agrees that recent reports from NASA and US government scientists corroborate Meier’s warnings, from as far back as the 1950s, about climate change, global warming and the catastrophic environmental and weather-related consequences already upon us.

“Humanity should recognize the valuable assistance offered by the Plejaren extraterrestrials through Billy Meier for solving the most serious problems facing our world today,” said Wieczkiewicz.

Michael Horn, the American media representative for the Billy Meier case, and Matthew Wieczkiewicz, will co-facilitate multi-media presentations on the evidence, information and documentation on the scientific evidence beginning this fall. Various venues will include colleges, universities and scientific forums.

The Higher Standard of Proof

Horn states that many examples of Meier’s specific, prophetically accurate information are ironclad, based on copyrights establishing his publication of the information long before “official discovery” and that this is the “higher standard of proof”.

Horn’s new film, And Did They Listen?, is now available internationally.

44 comments on “NASA Engineer: The Billy Meier UFO Case Is Real

  • Congratulations on the news. Keep up the good work, you seem very well motivated to keep presenting the case.

  • Great news! I hope that more and more scientists will finally come forward and admit that they have known the case is real but were too afraid to speak out. The ridicule-factor is still pretty high in the so called sciences. It always amazes me to see how otherwise intelligent people completely ignore the evidence in the Meier Case.

  • thanks to Matthew for having the cajones to publicly back and associate himself with the truth and the case … not to mention that Horn fella

  • Good to know that thinking people haven’t gone extinct yet. The guy’s got a Polish surname, I like him 🙂

  • This is exactly what this case needs, an injection of genuine scientific awareness, great job Michael. We have metal samples professionally analyzed, irrefutable photographic and movie footage which can NOT be disproven other than the materials that were stolen, Over 100 eye witntesses, professionally analyzed sound samples found to be almost impossible to reproduce with even several synthesisers not to mention the locals who live around the area who have heard and witnessed these things themselves. This is very promising. The more “science” hides from facts, the more trouble they will have explaining why they did not investigate the truth to begin with.

    • My thanks to you as well Mr. Deardorff for all of your hard work regarding all of the TJ research. It should be considered integral in comprehending the various issues surrounding the factual truth regarding the differences in written materials.

  • This is great news Michael! Hopefully now even more people with credentials such as Matthew’s can get on board and help spread this message to others like them. I hope you continue to stay safe now that this information is going to get even more recognition because we all know there are people that will stop at nothing to fight against the truth and the awakening of the people. Michael have you ever had any troubles with attempts on your life while spreading this information like Billy had on his? If not I really hope it continues that way because we need you out here spreading this message the way you do. I can’t forget FIGU and all the others that have contributed to this case also.


    • Thanks J,

      Perhaps more people will muster up the courage now that Matthew’s come forward. Of course one other good thing is that it effectively demolishes the pseudo-scientific skeptics and their inane attempts to discredit the case.

      So far I’ve been okay, probably because I post photos of myself looking like an old bald headed guy on my bio, etc., when in reality I’m almost the spitting image of…Brad Pitt. Now that I think about it, I hope that he hasn’t been getting harassed and threatened to stop talking about the Billy Meier UFO case. All I need to add to my troubles would be angry phone calls from Angelina Jolie.

      But I digress, or hallucinate, or something…

  • Hello Michael,
    (1) I am interested what he thinks about the skeptics’ myopic view points, their superficial reasoning and their pseudo-scientific methods of research. (sorry I gave it all away). For sure he came across them in his search.

    There is a VIP Syndrome when talking about ET landing. Politicians and other so-called leaders consider that they are important and think that other important beings (ETs) should want to talk to them (landing on the white house lawn). Because ETs would love to talk to our leaders who are voided of sincerity and integrity. On the other hand there are scientists and other thinkers that consider that they are the actual important and/or smart people and that ETs should want to talk to them.

    I have watched Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage”, where he gave his famous claim “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, and I saw a reluctance to even contemplate the idea that ETs may not want to talk to us and/or may not give us the evidence that we expect. He thinks that ETs would be interested in talking to us, but he doesn’t even touch the social, political, military and religious consequences of them interacting with us. Scientists like to have fantasies that ETs would share scientific knowledge and technology with us, ignoring the fact that we would pose a high risk to ourselves, to them and to others if they did so.

    (2) I am also interested what he thinks about the thinking, rationality and mentality of his peers with regard to this case.

    Thank you.

  • Of course this is great news. But it is about time. If you and me nobodies can see the value in Billy Meier, why has it taken so long for our so called scientific experts to see the value? This case has been public for nearly 40 years.

    I would hope that you would assemble the footage from all your appearances in a DVD movie release. This could be one of your most important films yet. Whatever you do, I’m sure it is all going to be marvelous.

    • “why has it taken so long for our so called scientific experts to see the value?”

      I think it’s because of Social Bias. I tend to think that scientists are people that are seeking the truth, but their thoughts might be influenced by their peers. In the same way that a young impressionable girl dresses based on how her girlfriends are dressing, so do scientists tend to think like their peers are thinking so they feel accepted by their peers. This phenomenon masquerades behind words like “credible”, “official”, “professional” or “respectable”.

      These are my two cents.

      • Dear Prunc,

        I totally agree with you. These so-called experts are certainly like “…young impressionable girl(s)…” who will go against their own observations and reasoning to fit in. The public world needs to GROW UP! I am confident that a trend in the future will be for professional people in the public eye to be truthful rather than impressionable. This will look hot someday, being fresh and smart rather than a brown noser regurgitant. The truth phase is coming, people. I am sure… because people want to be more and more efficient each time. No matter how bad humans become, they are being effient little buggers. Even though people right now are only efficient at certain things like sex, drugs, over eating, polluting, consumerism, worshiping, making money, fighting, warfare, etc., once Man turns his thoughts and feelings on to more advanced daily pursuits like interpreting and creating prophecies, taking responsibility for ones’ own happiness, health, spirituality through controlling ones’ thoughts, and pointing our technology not as a sword but rather to better mankind in peace, truth will win out over nonsense because it will be considered dorkey then to fall on nonsense dogma like religion and be wrong. Especially the more technology and information that is available to the common man/woman, the more that truth will win out over being bull shitted. Scientists 75 years from now will look back on 2014 and think that these people in charge were morons just following the herd. And they can no way hide in stupidity with the power of imformation all over the place today and into the future. By then, hopefully, the people that we rely on to stand before the public and be a roll models, teachers, truth seakers, etc., will put the truth first, and that will be attractive to the people.

  • Right on man. Punt that ball into the DAL f***ing universe! lol Ps. (I actually did laugh out loud there).

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