Here’s my latest audio/video interview on the Billy Meier UFO case, conducted by Rick Scouler on his show, “Topic: UFO”.

I couldn’t thing of a better title for the blog; maybe I should have held a contest?

8 comments on “In Your Face

  • Another great interview , Michael .I like Mr. Scouler’s set , very professional looking , and he gave you an honest , respectful 51 minutes .

    I would call this one ” On Your Plate ” ; serving the truthful truth .

  • Another excellent show, great job Michael. I wonder if the History channel, Science channel, etc. might consider doing an expose on this material soon. That would seem to be the next logical step. There’s simply too much evidence to ignore anymore.

    • Thanks Mark and Tony. Please remember that the vested interests that control the media have demonstrated a truly super human capacity to ignore the truth. Unless you’re trying to set a Guinness World Book record for holding your breath, I wouldn’t count on it.

      • That’s so true. I don’t put much credence in the “History” channel either, but I bet your presentation of the Meier case would blow their minds, right smack dab into reality. I really feel that things are indeed opening up a bit as time progresses. I see more and more people coming to the truth via your presentations. Thanks for all your tireless efforts.

        • The truth is that we’re all in this together, which is something that even the so-called “enemies of the truth” (who are represented in large numbers in the UFO community as well as in the obvious place) who will ultimately also be affected by and must come to realize.

          I’ll have more about it in a forthcoming blog.

    • The “History” Channel probably has less history than the “Science” Channel. Both tweak their programming shows to be primarily entertainment to fit within the constraints of 1 hour with commercials and media buzz.

  • Nice interview! Mr Scouler seemed blown away by much of the truth offered by MH. He gave MH an honest platform to say his piece. I’m glad MH touched on the cattle mutilations as a negative action of the earth-based secret Intelligence/military services, which was also revealed as tied into Bafath plans (contact 563) and all part of a residual, deliberate, controlled action to keep the masses in hysteria about extraterrestrials.

    I liked the bit where MH expressed gratitude for discovering the spiritual teaching. In sameness, I feel the same gratitude for discovering the spiritual teaching within this lifetime, and hope I can find it in my next, looking to find a self-obligation I once had if the impulses hit my consciousness like I hope they will. Learning to fulfill the laws and recommendations of Creation is a relative self-perfecting journey of accumulating wisdom and knowledge and love, and I am grateful to be on that journey at long last.

  • The media and journalists which hide the truth and promote degeneracy are even worse than politicians. What should be changed first, are the mass media and journalism, since many do not believe ‘the internets’, but trust the generally broadcasted info. Only the mind revolution can bring a revolution in reality.

    Btw., MH, did you consider TV-broadcasting a documentary on Billy Meier? In case you were, I think it’d be worth asking the Planete channel, they are open-minded to alternative topics widely discriminated in other media(Zeitgeist, 9/11, surveillance etc.).

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