Keeping the Truth under the Radar

The irony of how even truth seeking investigative journalists must hide the truth about the Billy Meier contacts, the most important true story in all of science…and human history

Several things came to mind while watching this report by VICE. One was the fact that Billy Meier published even more specific, significant and far-reaching information about Fukushima within days of the event, more than three years ago. So as good as the report is, it barely touches on the real and full – global – extent and ramifications of the disaster. Without probably intending to do so, it keeps the problem “over there”, only affecting “those other people” instead of, well, are you still eating tuna and, heck, still…breathing the air?

Meier’s information was (repeatedly) sent to VICE, and to Michio Kaku who contributes to the report, but the very issue of news and information suppression accurately attributed to Tepco and the Japanese government is…exactly what they (among many others) are also guilty of knowingly doing.

I covered some of the reasons for this in my recent blog. But there are also other contributing factors that compel people to effectively do exactly what they blame other culpable parties of doing. Notice how flawlessly the Tepco and Japanese government officials act out precisely the kind of collective suicidal insanity that had, for a time, confounded the Plejaren about Earth humanity, i.e. our shameless, limitless capacity and willingness to lie to others and to ourselves.

The officials deliver flawless performances as cartoonish, over the top examples of how a species goes about exterminating itself because of institutionalized lying, also commonly known as “saving face” in certain Asian cultures. Any human beings who’ve not yet succumbed to the ubiquitous loss of common sense, the surrender of all freedoms and will to live may just be struck by the fact that they’re living in the midst of unequalled insanity and denial.

But while our friends at VICE try to awaken the world to the horrors of Fukushima, etc., they can’t quite yet bring themselves to see their own contribution to this collective suicide, since they too refuse to discuss the elephant in the room, the warnings (as well as recommendations) from Billy Meier and the Plejaren. They still must conform to certain standards, maintain the status quo and the collective consensus reality, or risk the loss of the most valued of all rewards, i.e. the…paycheck.

There are a very limited number of courageous journalists, such as Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, who report on truly heroic truth-tellers, such as Edward Snowden, who broke the story of the NSA spying scandal. (Never mind that, of course, Meier had already published basic information about it years before.) Keep in mind what Meier already forewarned about in number 40, from his 1958 letter, as well as all of the implications of the computer-like and computerized weapons he also foretold decades ago, now in the early stages, i.e. drones, etc.

Now that Snowden’s information has been made public, there are all sorts and numbers of journalists around the globe who can safely report on it and related information and developments. Since the cat’s out of the bag it hardly requires anywhere near the courage of the people who originally broke the Snowden story. So, while reports by VICE, WhoWhatWhy, etc., are quite welcome and helpful, they’re not usually of the same magnitude of importance as the original. And some of what’s covered on websites like these is much more than content catering to the consumers of the latest trendy, pseudo-edgy, time-wasting “news”, much of it about people’s sexual proclivities, problems, confusion, etc. (In fact, so easy is it to automatically marginalize the unfamiliar that the best response WhoWhatWhy could come up with to my blog was that it must be my “pet issue”, a term that I think would be more appropriate for Cosmopolitan magazine.)

To acknowledge the obvious, especially for some of the mainly politically focused people to whom I am also sending this blog: yes, I know, I get it. Anything connected to the topic of UFOs automatically triggers your predetermined opinions of hoaxes, sensationalized, tabloid worthy nonsense. It’s marginalized from the get go largely because some of the very people, whose machinations clearly already threaten our freedoms, have also dedicated much time to creating and promoting the caricatures that ridicule the possibility of intelligent human life outside of the Earth, as well as the possibility that any contact with it could or would be made by any “unofficial” earthly parties.

That this disinformation program has taken great pains, starting at the early part of the last century, to demonize and create fear about any such extraterrestrial life forms is not only completely unknown, but equally unimaginable, to you as well. And while you thought that the vested military-intelligence parties had gone to great – but predictable – lengths to subvert our freedoms, the fact that they would also be keeping from you that which you yourselves can barely (if at all) accept as being real and true may be, have made it nearly impossible for you to consider let alone investigate.

So let me spell it out as succinctly as I can. For the past 72+ years, an extraterrestrial human race has been in contact, mentored, tutored, educated and worked with one man on Earth. Their contacts with him have been for the purpose of bringing information to us that is critical for our future survival. They have proved their existence not only through still controversial but expertly authenticated, still irreproducible physical evidence (UFO photographs, films, video, sound recordings, metal samples, etc.) but more importantly by using our own terrestrial standard of proof of prior, or first, publication, i.e. copyrights. This means that they provided him with volumes of what we call “prophetically accurate” scientific information, with a sufficiently significant amount of that information published by this man up to decades before “official discovery”, in copyrighted books and documents.

You can be sure that even the best of you, dear journalists, don’t really understand the true scope of the already existing damage from manmade climate change, unnatural global warming, the BP disaster, Fukushima and all atomic contamination, etc., etc. You don’t yet know that very specific recommendations and advice accompany the warnings, since the people who’ve provided this information have themselves gone through similar challenges on their worlds, long ago. You can be sure of it because you haven’t researched the Meier material, with its already established impeccable accuracy. Yet.

Now all of you to whom this information has been sent have the choice to either continue to ignore or marginalize it and focus on your far more familiar, oridnary concerns, or to do the really politically incorrect thing and actually investigate it. The truth won’t go away because one doesn’t (want to) know about it. In fact, I’ve now burdened you, the more conscientious of journalists, with the awareness of it.

All of the answers to the predictable questions about “Why didn’t they contact our leaders, major scientists, ‘proper authorities, etc.?” and “Why don’t they land and show themselves, etc.”, should be more than obvious to those of you who’ve already dedicated large parts of your lives to discovering just how insanely corrupt, fearful, power-hungry and diseased our system and many of its leading proponents and revered “experts” actually are. It’s something that, fortunately, didn’t ultimately escape the notice of our more advanced, off screen “advisors”.

And, dear journalists, prepare yourselves for something else quite unexpected in this day and age of ubiquitous deceit, greed, aggression and violence, i.e. an absence of lying, self-contradictory information, profiteering, self-interest, etc., from those who, though far more powerful than we can imagine, actually neither want anything from us, nor have harmed us, during the past 72 years…or over the many centuries of their ongoing observation of us.

Yes, the Plejaren have kept themselves almost under the radar while freely providing every imaginable kind of useful information that reasonably intelligent, survival-oriented human beings could ever want. Beyond that, they won’t “save us” form ourselves and the consequences of our own ignorant actions. Nor will they jump through any hoops to prove anything to us, including their existence if we haven’t had enough sense to deduce it now for ourselves. So, now that you know, what will you do about it? Despite all of the illusions of these times, foretold by Meier with painful accuracy in number 127, the inescapable fact is that no one will remain untouched by the coming events, should they be allowed to come to pass because of our indifference and lack of true love for ourselves and all that exists on our planetary home.

Will you dare to buck the tide, face the predictable ridicule and heat, fight to overcome the institutionalized suppression of the Meier case and help wake up this sleepy, overly entertained world, or will you allow – and thereby assist – in keeping the truth…under the radar?


See how Edward Snowden’s recent, in-depth revelations further validated Billy Meier’s information in Contact 544, from two years ago, as well as from 1987 and 1989.

Please also see an example of the kind of interview that our great and heroic champions of the free press still haven’t had the courage to conduct.

Thanks also to Matt Knight.

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  1. Note: The last paragraph above is also a quote from the Henoch Prophecies – quotation marks were accidently omitted.

  2. Anthony,

    First off Billy doesn’t make MH do anything, MH’s quest is a free-willed self chosen obligation to help bring out the truth. Among other things, MH is trying to minimize, and prevent casualties from the upcoming, pending, negative events that are just around the corner, and coming due to us earth worms for violating the laws and recommendations of Creation. Minimize casualties from conventional and nuclear war, desertification, food and water shortages, hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons, super storms, snow, tsunamis, resource over consumption, collapse of countries, economies, and societies, destruction of life-forms, and flora, and fauna, civil wars, unrest, and anarchy etc. We are all in this together, the popes and religions, the big-wigs, secret services, and the non-intel based common person, on this blue home planet called Terra. And furthermore, MH is quite good at it, in a logical manner. Eventually he is bound to discover some rational and intelligent human beings who will give this case an honest consideration, and hopefully MH efforts will bear some fruit, materializing great changes to this planet, and to the masses, who are self-centered, egotistical, and blind, kept this way so they can be subjugated by the powers that be.

    Your comments where impulsive, negative, and borderline ridiculous opinions that indicate perhaps some of us are glad MH is courageously doing this free-willed self-obligation and not you, or others.

  3. Furthermore: I wanted to say that MH follows his impulses in how to best bring out the mission, and reach the unreachable. As the recipient of those impulses, it’s MH’s right to follow those impulses for how to do this in the present day, as well as how he can envision following those impulses in the future, and that right should be respected. Being creative is evolutive, can bring evolutive cognitions, and is a life-affirming affirmation that can give true purpose for living by learning how to live in accordance with the laws and recommendations of Creation as a true human being.

  4. The earth seems to have a mind of its own, and perhaps is able to defend itself against the plague of evil humans that is infecting it at the present time. . . . Just an opinion. Every car I meet whilst driving on the highway seems to have a personality and a mind in it, far superior to the fragile flesh and blood creatures behind the wheels.

  5. Here are two posts that Anthony tried to submit but that didn’t for some reason show up:


    I just tried again to post something under Tony Asro and your response where you call my two jokes “nonsensical rant.” I submitted and then it moved me to the top of the page instead of looking at the pending post. It is not there. So here is my reply to you and Tony astro:

    Are you two serious? Those lines were meant to be jokes. I had no idea when I posted this that so many people would think I’m trying to attack MH and Billy. I thought people would get a laugh. After many, many, years posting with you people I should have known this was going to happen. You have taken my comments/jokes out of context. Of course you and I and all the other Meier supporters here do not think Billy is a “UFO clown.” But put yourselves in the shoes of someone who does NOT support Billy; this is just about everybody who encounters the Meier case and then runs away, these people think Billy is some sort of UFO clown. They think he is a joke. Get it?

    And as far as the Meier case being overwhelmed with “baggage,” prove me wrong instead of calling me “nonsensical.” You have trash can lids. You have so called tampered photos by so called MIB, like the Asket ones. You have both Meier’s ex wife and son Methi coming out against him. The subject matter not only contradicts popular belief, but it often offends peoples on religion, history, science, extraterrestrials, Jesus Christ, etc. I could go on and on how much baggage the Meier case bestows. But for us nobodies here it is easy to raise our hands and say, “Yup, that there Billy Meier Swiss farmer is the real deal. The most important story in Earth history….” But for people in the mainstream public eye, like the very rational Dr. Kaku, it would be dangerous for him (career, health, life) to publicly come out for Billy Meier in a mainstream environment that is so HOSTILE still to Meier. Remember the clown joke? In other words if Kaku came out and said “yeah Billy Meier is the man; he has better understanding of physics and astrophysics, for example, than all us scientists, he has been right for 40 odd years and we should be listening to him instead of me.” Do you think things would go well for Kaku the next morning? The important thing is that Dr. Kaku, although not Billy Meier, has and is informing people of the Fukushima disaster. AND, he will reach people who would not listen to Billy in the first place because they think he is the UFO clown.

    “Are you still in high school?”

    No Mr Lee, but thank you for recognizing my youthfulness. When MH brought Billy’s words, “Many humans do not know better and are of the wrong view that differences of opinion are something negative. Many, thereby, as a result of not having better knowledge, are also of the truth-opposing opinion that they fail themselves if they enter into a difference of opinion. Truly, however, exactly the opposite is the case because differences of opinion can be very enriching – and, above all, they have nothing to do with quarrel…” I thought that you saw what I was doing. Because, dear friend, I have tried to do exactly this as Billy is referring to in this passage; and I thought that you got the jokes. But I can see that instead you have gone to just attacking me instead of attacking MY IDEAS. This is weak and shows that you should be saying MUCH less (posting less) on these boards.

    I am not going to agree with everybody, even if it is just for a mental exercise. We can all just kiss MH ass or we can look for improvement. That is the way for the Force. That is how things improve with the friction that is created between opposing ideas. The trick is that all parties have to be rational and participating with a neutral-positive-equalized mindset, to avoid a conflict. I am ready. But how about you, Figu old timer?

    1. As far as we know, Billy Meier is the ONLY earth person to have actual physical contact with the Plejarans. Why is this? In America there are lots of groups calling themselves “Starseeds”, “Indigo children”, Pledaians, Sirius-Arcturians, Mount Shastites (my name), etc, etc. I have a lot of these people on my Facbook newsfeed, so I am well aware of what they’re talking about. Interesting, that only recently, when I was randomly perusing “UFO” videos on You Tube, did I come across Billy Meier and Michael Horn. Now, all these other UFO-groupies are talking about all kinds of things. . . . how there’s an ET city underneath Mount Shasta, how America is really the lost continent of Atlantis reborn, how the grey aliens are mutilating cattle and abducting people out of their beds at night in order to perform experiments on them, etc, etc. We also have a magician in Las Vegas who is gifted at impaling himself on iron fences and splitting people in half (I think you must know who I mean. . . . ), and performing feats out on the streets that we only read about in science fiction. However, American U-fology seems bereft of any actual “sane” contact with any real alien (as in extra-terrestrial) people. Many Americans claim to be “channelers” and “mediums” for extra-terrestrial beings who are trying to communicate with people on the earth. Many Americans claim to be incarnations of extra-terrestrials, who incarnated here to try to help to resolve earth problems. However, again I must emphasize, that as far as I know, NONE of these people have had actual physical contact with either extra-terrestrial people or their ships.

      Billy has told us (and documented with photos) some really significant factual information, not only about the Plejarans and their history, but the ancient history of our own planet. He has explained to us how their ships function, and he has given us glimpses into our distant past as well as our distant future. If we dismiss Billy, we also dismiss the advanced people with whom he is in contact. If we ridicule him, we also ridicule them. Why on earth would they wish to communicate further with us???? To tell you the truth, we don’t deserve their time and attention, if we’re not willing to pay attention and to think logically and rationally (and without hysteria) about the information presented to us! The Plejarans deserve our respect! Only if we respect Billy, who is their mediator, will they respect us. Final point: the pictures look real to me. . . . I don’t see any deception.

      1. Sfath, through Billy, has shown us “the way”. We need to learn to walk the path less travelled, as it seems the only safe way into the future.

      2. I just happen to be writing another blog about an underlying problem with UFO groups, etc. Instead of waiting until tomorrow, I just may post it when I return from lunch.

        BTW, in regards to Meier’s photos, you can also consider both the past and recent professional analyses that authenticate Meier’s UFO photos and other evidence.

  6. Anthony is a childish imbecile who doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about and all his so called contributions are worth jack feces.

    Oh by the way just joking

    As Billy said “Many humans do not know better and are of the wrong view that differences of opinion are something negative. Many, thereby, as a result of not having better knowledge, are also of the truth-opposing opinion that they fail themselves if they enter into a difference of opinion. Truly, however, exactly the opposite is the case because differences of opinion can be very enriching – and, above all, they have nothing to do with quarrel…”

    Anthony I just thought that we needed some ‘mental exercise’ to ‘look for improvement’ because this is ‘the way for the force’ ‘with the friction’ ‘to be rational’ ‘to avoid conflict’ with what I jokingly said about you above.

    Did you get the bad joke Anthony?
    Do you get it?
    Do you realise what I am trying to get at here?

    Well I didn’t think so
    Not only haven’t you qualified your original post to indicate that it was a joke but now you have made it all the more worse by treating people here as if they were born yesterday by expecting us to swallow hook, line and sinker your twisted rationale with ‘oh btw I was just joking’.

    From FIGU forum Posted on Sunday, June 01, 2014 – 05:20 am:
    Post 1112

    I wrote in reference to what you said about Michael ‘Unless I am the one not getting the so called bad joke this whammy doesn’t even count in my opinion as one of those supposed intended for ‘learning experience’ just as a way of testing ‘you’ to see how you deal with it thingy’.

    Billy and the Plejaren never taught anyone nor is it in any of their spiritual teaching texts to put people down and demean their hard won efforts just to create ‘differences of opinion’ for learning purposes.

    Obviously it doesn’t take Billy nor the Plejaren to gauge for ourselves your neat little sophistry and your bad attempt at casuitry

    What you have essentially done with your original post that sparked this controversy is instead given impetus towards a ‘quarrel’ because from the way you came across in that post there was never a noble intent nor sincere logic based reason behind your words but a brute impulsive and compulsive rant which you now try to disguise as a well meaning exercise.

    I really mean it when I say ‘I wasn’t born yesterday’

    Now to qualify your actions further to put it into some context I noticed from previous post of yours here that you got the ‘Dyson’s treatment’ so I am wondering if at all it may have something to do with your habitual impulsive and compulsive outbursts and caustic childish remarks that in the real world setting would definitely end with a broken bloodied nose or worse.

    On the other hand its still a positive sign that you are here at least dealing with the spiritual teachings and that overtime you will grow out of that infantile stage like everyone else on this earth when with some years and life experiences stacked up behind ya, you will finally get it.

    This as a fraternal brotherly advise even if you didn’t ask for it.

  7. Hello Michael, I like to thank you for the hard work you do to educate people on what’s happening around the world and the advice you offer. I have probably gain more knowledge here on these sites then in school on how to live right and not to be scared knowing the truth I am very greatful all the effort you put through the information and video’s you do. At times things were alittle stressful to know things but I started to realize it was the truth please keep doing what your doing because you are making a big difference in people’s lives because you made it your mission to do very important work and I am very thankful….

    1. Hi Armando. The fact that our efforts succeed in reaching people and that there are people like you who then educate themselves and derive benefit form the information, etc., is enormously gratifying. Thanks.

      1. We need to thank Michael for his efforts. If not him, then who???? Billy is getting old (and probably tired. . . . ) Will our contact with the Plejarans cease when Billy passes away? I hope for all our sakes he lives a few more years! Bless you for your ongoing efforts! Some of us will grow into a greater understanding of our lives and our roles in shaping the futures because Billy, Michael and friends have dedicated their lives to enlightening the rest of us.

  8. You are totally correct Matt. The comments in question were not jokes. But let’s say they were jokes, if they were, they were very bad jokes, and bad jokes have nothing to do with, and have no place in, spirituality, learning, or progressing. The individual in question should refine his behavior, and show the utmost serious respect for the great work of the Ps, Billy, and Michael. In my opinion, we are in a very serious time of history, and individuals might consider getting dead serious about the spiritual teachings and The Henoch Prophecies, if they choose to survive.

    Also, in my opinion, Dr. Kaku, and other such “scientists”, and their information and deductions, are insignificant compared to the Ps and Billy, and their information and far-reaching truth. Getting the Meier material out to the world is the only thing that can save us from total destruction and death in the billions. How serious is that?

  9. Hi Tony nice to be talking to you or rather writing to you for the first time
    I must say we do need the Anthonys of this world who are a diametrically opposites of what the spiritual teachings exemplifies but also readily reveals itself as self evident by the opposing examples that Anthonys of the world sets and for those seekers of truth to bring out the Creational within themselves from the challenges that these people inadvertently presents.
    So really in a way I don’t mind him as I reckon that he will eventually grow out of it after playing that role for us to feed off from
    So I do agree with what you said

    1. Hi Matt,

      Same friendly greetings to you.

      Yes, I think anyone can learn and change towards the spiritual life if they study and accept the REAL truth. But I must admit, that it is very difficult task with all of the distractions and nonsense individuals are subjected to in this world.

      Have a great day.

  10. Expect a few noticeable small quakes in both northern and southern California in the next five days. This is the last warning related to the mega-quakes coming to SF(approx.9.2), and LA(approx.8.9), in September.

    1. How many radio shows, interviews, politicians, activist groups, etc. have you contacted to warn the good folks on the Coast about the gravitas of the information you have provided? Also, did you manage to get a website up?

      1. Hi D.,

        How are you? Here’s the reminder – I predicted there would be 3 small quakes between approx. mag. 3.5 and 5.0 in the LA area after the 5.2 and the swarm of small quakes I predicted, on March 17th, would hit LA.

        The 4.2 that hit that area, Sunday June 1st, was one of the three that will hit before the 8.9 in September. September is the month that I have decided is the correct month. Specifically, between Sept. 14th and Sept. 30th. I have also predicted that a 9.2 quake will hit the San Francisco area during that time period.

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