Another Volcano that Bears Watching…and Immediate Human Action

In 1975, Billy Meier was given information about the Cumbre Vieja volcano in the Canary Islands. He was told that its eruption is a very high probability, with the magnitude of the ensuing damage being something within the capabilities of human beings to control. As Ptaah told Meier, “”Besides, the entire thing can be prevented if the correct measures are taken which consist of a systematic, ‘quiet’ dismantling of the part of the volcano, which is at risk.”

Here is a video from late last year about largely unreported seismic activity and some evacuations from the area.*

And here is an article from around the same time.

As many people know, there can be seismic activity that then abates for a time and long dormant volcanoes can, seemingly suddenly, come to life and erupt. However, as Ptaah had also foretold, we now have technologies that can help to foretell explosive volcanic eruptions.

Based on the accuracy of Meier’s scientific and environmental information, and the very consistent and dependable disregard for it among the profit prioritizers of the planet, it would be wise for people living in the areas most likely to be affected to take precautions and to certainly stay alert for any warnings signs, which at some point may be no more subtle than the complete eruption of the volcano.

Residents of the east coast of the US may especially want to be alert and, should such an event occur, already be well prepared to evacuate the specified areas.

*P.S. Since the imaginary “God” and “Jesus Christ” our friend advises people to put their faith in would, of course, be the same ones who would knowingly unleash, or at the very least allow, this devastation perhaps it’s wiser to take complete self-responsibility for one’s own safety, preparedness, etc. These non-existent deities have really bad tack records in terms of answering prayers, which also leads me to suggest that it’s time for all those who’ve credited them for winning anything, sports events, lotteries, etc., to start blaming the fictitious “Guy in the Sky” for every loss, especially when they’ve previously prayed to win the aforementioned.

Thanks to Gio Adavelli for bringing this to our attention.

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  1. “Residents of the east coast of the US may especially want to be alert and, should such an event occur, already be well prepared to evacuate the specified areas.”

    Micheal, I don’t live in the US but wouldn’t it be better for people to leave the coast well before it happens instead of evacuating when everyone else is? If it happens suddenly in the hectic congestion people may not make it to safety if the tsunami will indeed reach 10 miles inland. And the contact report makes no mention whether it will erupt at night or day. With a prophecy of 20-30 million people dying from it, it makes me wonder if it will happen at night. If I lived there, I’d be moving my family regardless of my work, friends, ect.

    1. Yes, of course what you’re suggesting is far more sensible. And we know how far we’ve gotten in terms of mass sensibility.

      1. Yes, I think the advice to people living on the East Coast should be to move out permanently before it happens because even if one is able to get out in time and survive the tsunami, they won’t have a home to go back too. And a disaster of that magnitude, insurance companies will go broke and the US government definitely won’t have money to rebuild all those houses. One only has to look at the recent tsunami disaster in Japan which left hundreds of thousands homeless, a lot probably for life because of their age. And the US coming disaster is supposed to be far far worse then Japan in terms of dead and property damage, but without the nuclear threat.

        Three years after Japan quake-tsunami disaster: 5 ways life has changed… or not.

        1. Reconstruction of devastated areas: A slow and difficult process.

        “The number of displaced people has gone down to 270,000, but about 100,000 still live in temporary housing. Others have found shelter in new cities or with relatives.

        Despite the government pledging billions of dollars in reconstruction aid, reconstruction in disaster-hit regions has been slow. Japan has so far built only 3.5 per cent of the new homes promised to disaster refugees in heavily affected Iwate and Miyagi prefectures.”

        1. Would this happening in the US be without nuclear threat? I’m not challenging that notion, only clarifying its truth. There must be many nuclear power stations in major cities along that coastline. Just curious.

    2. To be fair, the info does say it would take 8 hours for the tsunami to reach the American coast. But, yeah, night time could be problematic. And holy cow, 20-30 million! Wow. That must mean NYC bye-bye. Unbelievable (if I didn’t know how credible Meier/Plejaren information was). Frightening.

      A question though, Michael, I seem to be missing something; here you talk about the event three quarters way down the page and mention the 20-30 million figure, yet I dont find that figure in the conversation you linked at this blog. Where did you get the 20-30 million figure? Thanks.

      1. That’s a figure that I recalled seeing in a FIGU document that I’ve been…unable to find since then. I guess though that if you figure what the population is all along that coast (and various islands just south of it) a figure in the many millions is certainly possible.

  2. “I do not want to talk of a certain time in relation to when that can happen or will happen, as it does not lie in my authority to name dates about that, because this belongs in the domain of terrestrial scientists and governments who, in regard to necessary measures, have to make determinations which I am not permitted to influence.”

    “But the fact of the matter now is that an enormous part of the west flank of the Cumbre Vieja Volcano can slip, plunge into the sea and, within a few minutes, cause a gigantic wave of water, respectively, a giant tsunami, which can reach a height of up to 1,500 or even up to 2,500 meters or even more, and indeed according to the mass and speed of the falling material as it slips from the flank of the volcano.”

    Those two paragraphs tell me that this event will happen.

  3. I just noticed that in that contact report Ptaah is speaking about the different levels of severity of how it could happen. He said “This is the worst case scenario, if the entirety of the western flank of the volcano slipped all at once and plunged into the sea.”

    He is not saying that the worst case scenario is a prediction.

    I’d still be looking to relocate if I lived on the east coast I think.

    1. Right but I think that his recommendation was to vastly reduce the mass of the western facing side. Since that of course hasn’t been done…

      1. Correct! There are basically three scenarios:

        1. Huge mass, big tsunami, millions dead
        2. A naturally occuring, slow break-off over years, less mass, smaller tsunami
        3. Human effort to reduce the mass step by step over several months or years, no tsunami

  4. Another Prophecy Ignored And Another Catastrophic Disaster…………Which Could’ve Been Avoided…….Sadly this will be the result

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