Astronomer Discovered Pluto…but MUFON Can’t Discover the Meier Case?

It’s true, back on February 18, 1930, Clyde W. Tombaugh discovered Pluto (although it actually was there long before he discovered it). While Pluto’s a mere 3.67 billion miles away, and the telescopes of Tombaugh’s day were primitive compared to today, he still did a better job than MUFON has in discovering the Billy Meier UFO case, which is one finger click away on a computer.

I bring this up because I had a call from a very sweet woman at MUFON who informed me about this year’s symposium and invited me to buy vendor space there. I was a vendor at last year’s event and had some interesting interactions there, which also included my successfully “pleading the Meier case” to a judge, as I describe in And Did They Listen?

I informed the young woman on the phone that I no longer buy vendor space at events at which I’m not speaking and, of course, I explained to her that I represented the Billy Meier UFO contact case. She hadn’t heard a thing about Billy Meier…despite the fact that she was working in some capacity at MUFON. This wasn’t altogether surprising since MUFON had, remarkably since its founding 45 years ago, been unable to find, and therefore avoid drawing any attention to, the Meier case whatsoever. After all Meier’s UFO information first made the news in 1964 and in fact Asket had foretold MUFON’s existence in 1953, 16 years before it was created. As you can see she told Meier:

70. But the fight for the truth will be very hard because you will have to fight against the lack of understanding and lack of reason of sectarian ufological groups, and so forth, who are strongly anchored in the religious and in pseudo-sciences.

71. In regard to that, take note especially of the coming worldwide organisation for ufological work, MUFON, because – along with various pathological know-it-alls and slanderers of truth – it will be your greatest adversary.

Of course today there are other equally truth slandering, adversarial groups and individuals, such as Exopolitics and its hack disinformation agents Stephen Bassett and Michael Salla; the once hopeful Disclosure Project and its huckster, Stephen Greer; the ironically named OpenMinds, which purchased Wendelle Stevens’ collection of information, documentation, etc., including a lot of the Meier material and, on one hand sells his UFO photos while, on the other hand attacks the case as a hoax. I think the term bottom feeders is appropriate.

One of the reasons why the UFO topic is marginalized is because the UFO industry is busy saturating the media with delusional claims from frauds and charlatans that “open-minded”, gullible, unthinking, non-discerning, unscientific, illogical people uncritically believe. It’s not an accident either. Look behind some of these organizations and individuals and you’ll find a lot of money, vested interests and connections to parties that profit by keeping people confused and in the dark, often while appearing to be supporters of, here it comes…”disclosure”. But the only thing really needs to be disclosed, the one thing that the UFO cover-up is really all about is…the Billy Meier case.

So for all the good folks in MUFON, and everywhere else, who really do want to know the truth please know that it’s freely available. And today you don’t need a fancy telescope that can peer deep into space to find it. All you have to do is start reading all of the information, evidence, corroboration for Meier’s tons of prophetically accurate scientific and environmental information, spiritual teaching, etc.

Why it’s now so easy to find the truth that even the dedicated Lights-in-the-Sky-Chasers-in-Chief can do it and share it with all of their constituents…if they really want to.

As for the MUFON event, it features 12 speakers – not one of whom knows the first thing about extraterrestrials and their UFOs – nor of course will any of them be speaking on the Meier case. In fact, one of the speakers, James Fox, has offered a $100,000 reward for proof of an extraterrestrial UFO. Despite my having sent him the information several times, including the latest proof, Fox (who produced a film called “I Know What I Saw”) apparently doesn’t know what he’s looking at…or where his checkbook is.


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  1. As long as Media is in hand of power hungry beings plus majority are blind, are not able to see the truth except to believe whatever controlled Media show them, there is no hope unfortunately Billy Meier’s teaching to be any help for earth humanity!

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