Concealing Contact at all Costs

I think it’s safe to say that the “official discovery” of other intelligent life in the universe would be the single most important event in human history. If and when we “officially” make contact with those beings would certainly equal, and perhaps exceed, that primary event in significance.

But such discoveries could also pose huge problems for our world, especially for those rather primitive elements like our religions and belief systems. Additionally, worldwide recognition of such realities would also be the cause of colossal concern for the traditional power structures such as governments, economic, military and political establishments. After all, the reality that far more advanced and powerful beings exist that can freely operate outside of any terrestrial constraints would be viewed as dangerously destabilizing to all power and control structures. Such fears are completely understandable, if not actually fully warranted. Certainly to be approached by an outside race that would logically also have some pretty tremendous weaponry and technological power, etc., would arise primal fear in many people. Of course such fear would be all the more understandable in light of how we human beings of Earth would quickly assume that the approaching visitors were similarly motivated, i.e. were at least as irrationally violent, barbaric, bloodthirsty, brutal and aggressive as we are.

The Disinformation Agenda

Officially, there are no other intelligent life forms in the universe, friendly or otherwise. However, unofficially at least some of our governments have known about the existence of extraterrestrials since…1915. There have been various events since that time, even before the crash and recovery of androids at Roswell, about which Billy Meier and the Plejaren know infinitely more than any so-called “UFO experts”.

As part of the disinformation programs by the US and other governments, various groups were/are either formed, or assisted, by the respective intelligence agencies, as were/are certain individuals used to further the disinformation agenda. The parties themselves may be unaware of any existing covert connections and of course some groups and individuals may arise without any such assistance, solely through their own enthusiasm and, quite often, extreme delusions. Characterizing virtually all of the aforementioned groups and individuals is a delightfully blithe disregard for serious science and logical thinking, etc.

This isn’t to say that all sorts of bluster and lip service aren’t given to describing their concerns, theories and “investigations” into the UFO phenomenon. But since their so-called scientific standards are so abysmally low, and they have zero actual evidence of anything verifiably of extraterrestrial manufacture, resorting to pseudoscientific smoke and mirrors, dog and pony show “disclosure hearings”, “field investigators, etc.”, are substituted. All of this helps to marginalize the whole topic and, still, for the most part relegate it to, and regard it as worthy of, tabloid and fringe discussions. And it makes a bunch of people feel important.

Helping to keep things as stagnant as possible organizations such as the stupidly name Exopolitics group feature prominently, with a surprising number of international affiliates comprised of people who may have been convinced that they’re doing something of historical importance by babbling about concocted nonsense regarding non-existing “aliens”.  Exopolitics, therefore, has functioned as a prominent, attention grabbing disinformation entity, which like MUFON, has as a large part of its purpose distracting the public away from the contacts between Billy Meier and the Plejaren extraterrestrial human beings, ongoing for more than 72 years.

The Exopolitics group has so far, with the backing of people like Canadian philanthropist Tom Clearwater, managed to keep perpetuating the disinformation about the imaginary “alien” this and that. In fact the rumor is that Clearwater is the person who supposedly put up the $600,000 for the Washington hearings fiasco, wherein six US congressmen were reportedly paid (something like $20,000 each) to attend, give lip service to, and carry on for a while about all the completely unsubstantiated “alien presence”. Of course no mention at all was made of the Meier case at the dog and pony show. And in my brief online contact with Clearwater he made it clear he didn’t have the slightest interest in knowing anything about Meier.  Why would a very wealthy and seemingly intelligent person put up almost two-thirds of a million dollars to support a third rate hack like Bassett, who’s known for saying absolutely nothing of substance and even getting quite hysterical while doing it? (Doncha love my linking to a site that also attacks me?)

So, is Clearwater a well intentioned but extremely gullible, New Agey, UFO aficionado who wants to make a name for himself in UFOlogy…and is willing to shell out big bucks to do it? He’s also been associated in some way with Stephen Greer, who seems to actually have discovered perpetual motion and free energy, i.e. he’s perpetually hustling money from people to free himself from such trifling matters as substantiating all of his various claims, about free energy, “alien contact”, etc.

A Break in the Ranks

One member of Exopolitics, Mark Snider, has now quietly and unceremoniously broken ranks with Exopolitics, declaring:

“After reading many Exopolitics books and much UFO literature I am a little disappointed. Compared to the wealth of information in the Meier material these other texts just don’t have nearly as much to offer. There is a tremendous amount of useful data in the Meier writings and I want to concentrate my efforts in this area.”

Mark’s efforts are now focused primarily on disseminating information about the Meier case on his radio show. I couldn’t be happier of course because I’ve long been an advocate of bringing the entire, abysmal Exopolitics charade to an end and perhaps now more of the wide-eyed, misinformed and misdirected members will awaken to…reality.

The Main Shills

As I stated in this recent interview, to be clear, I am definitely calling Exopolitics, MUFON, OpenMinds, the Disclosure Project and people like Bassett, Greer and Michael Salla, etc., peddlers of gross, cynical disinformation. They are free to challenge me any time they want to but…I won’t hold my breath.

Going back to the beginning of the article, I mentioned that actual proof of extraterrestrial life, let alone its making contact with us on Earth, would be the most important and potentially disruptive events in all of human history. This is at the core of all disinformation and one of the most obvious tactics with disinformation is to surround the truth with lies. In terms of the various UFO organizations, the objective is to thoroughly drown and smother the truth; to so confuse, cover, cloud, obfuscate and corrupt it that those people who actually do want to know the truth will also most likely find, or be found, by these groups and get caught up in their dead-end, chase your own tail charades.

What the UFO Cover-up Is really all About

MUFON, Exopolitics, the Disclosure Project, etc., all do the same meaningless, cynical never-can-find-the-evidence dance, just as SETI and Seth Shostak do for the mainstream, so-called scientific community, media, etc. And all of this is effectively maintained to conceal and cover up the truth that actual contact with an extraterrestrial human race has not only occurred but has been ongoing for over 72 years. The Billy Meier UFO contact case is what the UFO cover-up is really all about. And, as one can discover for themselves, the irony is that it isn’t so much the so-called government that is the only, or main, suppressor and opponent of the truth but rather the UFO community/industry, which hides its cynical machinations and agenda in plain sight. It does so more and more by providing lots of…entertainment and illusions, relying on the ever-deteriorating consciousness and discernment that Billy Meier himself had foretold (number 127) in 1958.

In truth, the Meier case isn’t so much about UFOs and extraterrestrials. It’s about helping us to assure our own future survival. Its abundant information, spiritual teaching, prophetically accurate prophecies and predictions, etc., contain the means to accomplishing this. And it is exactly this real, selfless gift to humanity that these enemies of the truth – and humanity itself – seek to conceal from us at all costs…and we’re soon to realize just how high those costs really are.


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  1. Michael would it be important enough for me to not wait for others here to point this out to you by indicating that the hyperlinked perpetually hustling money returns whoops 404 error or has someone already done so?
    Just thought Id ask

      1. this artical in the section where you talk about Greer you hyperlinked perpetually hustling money. It returns an error 404

    1. Well, as one youtube video I came across pointed out, ANYONE with enough money can buy a night vision goggles these days and watch mysterious things flying in the sky without having to pay for some Ambassador UFO CE-5 training course that Greer does going around in small controlled groups hundreds of miles away that seem to constantly guide the viewer from making their own judgement calls on what’s happening.

  2. I read this many years ago, and nothing has changed in regards to Humanity in general. Of course, some people have made some spiritual progress, but 99.99% of the world’s population have not changed at all, in my opinion, maybe they are worse.

    “Truly the Earthling has developed and “splendidly advanced” to the turning point of the approaching year 2000. He has taken himself to the brink of a deep abyss and placed himself before the fangs of the beast of lunacy – driven by false doctrines and religious cults of malicious degeneration, which brought forth hatred, greed, vice, misery, lust, and bloodshed. He, the Earthling, self-appointed “Crown of Creation”, who rules or wants to rule the world and the universe, who has conquered the air, water and fire, has long ago forgotten how to be a true and sincere human being, and how to think, act, and live by pure spiritual standards. Hence he has essentially forgotten how to live as a valuable person in communion with other persons. All his forms strive for pure material and materialistic objects and concerns, and he badly disregards all matters of the spirit, progress, love, truth, knowledge, logic, and wisdom.”

    This is just a small portion of a message, given Meier by the spirit-form which is really nameless, but introduces itself by the Sanskrit name Arahat Athersata, which is beyond time and space, and which is recorded in OM and in the book Arahat Athersata as having also advised past prophets. The Arahat Athersata delivers this important book – a message to the Earthly humanity explaining circumstances of the human condition in regard to religion, politics and sciences and so forth – with strident admonitions that the message never be falsified again! (Some of it, including the above excerpt has been printed in the English language booklet Life in the Spiritual and Physical, which is therefore required reading for any sincere seekers.”)

  3. Did Linda Moulton Howe somehow fell out of favour with the Billy Meier case
    Why isnt she of all people who had visited Billy, who also knew very well Wendelle Stevens and Bob Brown going out there on various conferences and TV shows supporting the Meier case?

    1. She had the opportunity to bring scientists to examine the seven-fingered handprints…but she never followed through.

      She may have figured that she too couldn’t really profit from it, etc. It;s just easier to keep on chasing lights in th4 sky, cattle floating in the air, etc.

        1. No doubt. Or she’s being financed by the military industrial complex which are the true cattle mutilators. I mean someone had to pay for that boob job…did I say that out loud? In 2008 a mutilated cow was analyzed at a Las Vegas lab and wouldn’t you know it had high amounts of military grade tranquilizer. Does she assume that ET is stealing the military grade tranquilizer from the military? How dumb is that? Did she ever wonder why nothing would touch the corpse? Maybe it’s because scavenger animals and birds have a innate sense of not eating something that might kill them. My own research into the subject (and only because I know of 3 families whose lives have been effected by such shenanigans) has uncovered the fact that veterinarians and law enforcement will always tell the owner that it died of natural causes no matter how many parts are missing, they just skip right over that or give some retarded version of events. How natural is the military industrial complex? So Linda Moulton Howe’s book was for nothing and the fact that she could disregard something so true (Billy Meier) and she could carry on with her disinformation makes me think she is part of it. If you can’t be part of the solution there’s good money(breasts) to be made in prolonging the problem. Maybe Michael Shermer can grope that.

  4. if the reasons are as simple as that then the UFO industry as a whole is reflective of the decay it tries to point out about government secrecy abeited by people who least have the character nor the necessary self awareness to at least have the decency to step aside out of respect for the earth shattering importance of the subject matter they are least qualified to handle instead their presence in it makes a mockery out of it with their profit and fame greediness such intention being the worst reasons of all reasons for people to get into the field as it represents antithesis to what it should be all about and that is the ultimate unblemished truth or at least an endeavour to uncovering it.

    1. I try to make an attempt to see things from different directions and try to take some guesses if certain conditions are met. Take for example Ptaah’s comment in CR 251:

      “You alone made it possible to promulgate this subject matter worldwide and provoke the controversy to the extent that it is not only religious and pseudo-esoteric sectarians, fanatics, gullible individuals, madmen, etc., who preoccupy themselves with the subject. Finally, for some time now, a great variety of scientists, governmental agencies, military services and governments have also begun to seriously preoccupy themselves with this subject, a fact that could not have been accomplished without your help and great resulting effort. Actually, alone through your efforts was this successful launching of the worldwide UFO controversy possible, for which we all express our appreciation to you – a recognition you had to really struggle for, when I think of all the harm that came crashing down upon you.”

      So, at least in English, some key points made by Ptaah that also reflect no the UFO Movement as a whole. **IF**, we read it another way, Billy was *NOT* successful in demonstrating controversy in the UFO Subject, then clearly the realm of UFOs would have been the subject of ‘only religious and pseudo-esoteric sectarians, fanatics, gullible individuals, madmen, etc.’. Therefore, the ‘New Agey’ folks would probably, and I say probably as we’re just taking an educated guess on an approach from a different direction, be going around and obtaining converts to their new religion trying to make contact with the ‘UFO, angels, spiritual brotherhood, etc.’ as if they were their own ordained ministry just because of lights in the sky. The whole subject would probably have been worse off being singled out to folks that presume to know-all and word things in quite frankly stupefying terminology we’ve come accustomed to with the New Age, now with the backing of lights in the skies and dropa stone shaped objects. Not to mention, those folks Ptaah mentioned, specifically ‘only religious and pseudo-esoteric sectarians, fanatics, gullible individuals, madmen, etc.’ are not the type that allow for differing opinions or educated investigations.

  5. Michael you said:

    “It’s about helping us to assure our own future survival. Its abundant information, spiritual teaching, prophetically accurate prophecies and predictions, etc., contain the means to accomplishing this. And it is exactly this real, selfless gift to humanity that these enemies of the truth – and humanity itself – seek to conceal from us at all costs…and we’re soon to realize just how high those costs really are.”

    No better words can be written. But there is no substitute for intelligence. How stupid is it when People/Humanity conceal, cover-up, and write-off the Meier material. They’re signing their own death warrant. They’re rejecting the one thing that can save them.

    I always have good and positive thoughts concerning everyone and everything. I’m never a pessimist, but I am a realist. In my judgment, there’s very little hope that Humanity can survive, especially since the vast majority either don’t know the Meier information, or reject it due to extreme stupidity. As long as these current anti- Meier Religions and Governments control the minds of Humanity, realistically, there is very little hope. What can we do? Our efforts are a drop in the bucket compared to what must happen. Something or someone big has to happen to cause Humanity to wake up. I think the huge Earth changes that are coming very soon might be the ticket. After those catastrophes, where millions are killed, maybe people will start asking the right questions, which will lead to the correct answers.

    I’ve been involved in getting truth of all kinds out to the people for many years, as you have, and very few have listened. Nevertheless, I will continue to do so, as I’m sure you will. I couldn’t care less about detractors, skeptics, slanderers, liars, morons, and generally ignorant closed-mined people. They have no real effect on me. I will always wait for the few open-minded sincere seekers to come, as they have come in the past.


    “Progressive hero Noam Chomsky is terrified of the surveillance state that has developed during the tenure of President Barack Obama, calling it a grave threat to our fundamental civil liberties.

    In a column published Monday, Chomsky writes that the documents revealed to the public by Edward Snowden show a system that is flagrantly violating the principles of the Constitution.

    “It is of no slight import that the project is being executed in one of the freest countries in the world, and in radical violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, which protects citizens from ‘unreasonable searches and seizures,’ and guarantees the privacy of their persons, houses, papers and effects,” Chomsky said.

    Read more:

    1. Okay, especially with news stories, etc., again, let’s limit the post to a few important, introductory lines, or perhaps a quote form the body of an important story, accompanied by links to it. I edited the above post for the sake of brevity.

    2. If Tony’s attempt at posting long quoted material (which he’s been REPEATEDLY asked not to do) represents another misguided attempt to slander Obama, let it be known that — as Meier published in 2007 — the gross intrusions of privacy were set in motion before Obama even took office.

  7. I was aware of rifts in the “SETI” (for want of a shorter word) scene. But I would have never thought there was criticism of Greer’s Disclosure Project (and I had the feeling he was genuine, no matter what the credentials of each of the witnesses he presents might be).

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